State’s Response to WSJ Appeal

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~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 29, 2009.

13 Responses to “State’s Response to WSJ Appeal”

  1. OHHHH thats good! I like the last sentence of this book:


    For the foregoing reasons, the Court should affirm.”

    Guess its gonna cost Warren another million or so to flail away and lose an appeal here, too.

  2. Do whatever’s best for that misguided stepchild of an illegetimate camel.

  3. You know I’ve decided not only does warren have a screw loose, but so do his attorneys…

    Especially when it came to HIS trial, and the alternet juror was put in during deliberations… And warrens lawyers said basically, Let it Ride!!

    Maybe Budgen was drunk that day???? LOL

  4. I really like that this site posts the actual court documents so we can read them for ourselves and form our own opinions. Thanks to all involved with texasflds.wordpress for respecting us enough to provide us with the information needed to decide the facts for ourselves.

  5. I agree Ladysadie,, I appreciate whoever is doing it to!

  6. This is a long read, and there are a lot of legal arguments that are pretty technical … but if you read nothing else, read the STATEMENT OF THE CASE. It does an outstanding job of describing life in the FLDS for young girls and the lack of choice and the coercion that a young girl experiences when she is in the position of having to choose between God’s commands (as she has been taught) and her own free will and happiness. It is very powerful … and very sad.

  7. Yes it was FLDS Texas, it really was sad 😦

  8. What I find so sad is not only is this statutory rape but she begged out of it.

    The cases where they think they are doing the right thing by hooking up when 14 are bad enough.

    But to force a child to accept this and give your “mind body and soul” to your cousin is rank and worthy of a couple life sentences.

    Warren is a menace to society!

  9. And yes its great we have the document. So far, so-called experts on the issue, namely Brooke of the SLTRIB, hasnt even written an article on it.

    So Utahn’s stay ignorant, regardless their government just affirmed the conviction of its most notorious Fundy sex offender criminal.

  10. I was fascinated by the explanation of why WSJ is guilty of being an accomplice to rape regardless of whether Allen Steed is guilty. This makes great (common) sense, since WSJ occupied a position of absolute authority that Steed did not. Elissa could have shaken Allen off but never Warren.

    The explanation demolishes any arguments that Steed needed to be guilty for WSJ to be guilty—Jeffs had “party responsibility” regardless of Steed’s responsibility, so the jury was correctly instructed to consider only WSJ’s “conduct, mental state, and status.” After all, only Jeffs’ guilt was being decided.

    The opening narrative is terribly sad. I hadn’t realized how close on the heels of her mother’s reassignment the marriage happened. (I’ve not read her book.) What a cataclysm; what abuse. The bad news for WSJ is that his judgment is just beginning; unless he repents he will face a far more terrible judge.

    One thing puzzles me. Why did Rulon object before the marriage but sit through it when it happened? (It’s not relevant to Warren’s conviction, but an interesting side-question nonetheless.)

    Thanks, Texas FLDS!

  11. Im still waiting for Brookes answer to how the Parley Dutson case and warren correlate???

  12. Worth re-reading in light of this brief:

  13. dd

    Parley is was FLDS

    Warren is was FLDS

    Hence the connection

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