Ex/Non-FLDS Protest Illegal Proposal

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A group of former FLDS members living in the Short Creek area on UEP property protested today in Salt Lake City.  Attorney General Shurtleff on two occasions continued to hammer out “back room deals” with FLDS leaders after the other parties to the mediation had declared an impasse.   Most recently, on Friday May 22, after a full day at one final attempt to resolve a global agreement to the UEP litigation and issues, the “parties” were unable to reach a settlement.    Bruce Wisan explained in comments to the media that the sides were not close to an agreement after he had left the mediation with Arizona Assistant Attorney General Bill Richardson.   Nevertheless Mark Shurtleff continued to meet with FLDS leaders and has stated that he will be circulating a “Letter of Intent” that he hopes the parties will sign off on or the Court will approve.  

Apparently no one has seen the mysterious “Letter of Intent” but if it is anything similar to the last UEP proposal, it casts out non-FLDS members from the twin cities, and relegates them to a veritable refugee camp based on their religious beliefs and practices.

Not only would such a result be unacceptable to a large number of beneficiaries, it would also be:  1. a taking without due process, and 2. a government and judicial establishment of religion — both or which are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.

Brooke Adams from the Salt Lake Tribune was apparently present and spoke with Katie Cox, widow of Don Cox.   When Don passed away recently, Don’s life estate on UEP property terminated.  If the Shurtleff deal were approved, Katie Cox would be one of the first people kicked out of their homes and banned from the community simply because she is a does not practice or believe in the FLDS religion.   It has been reported to me that Brooke was not interested in talking about religious persecution against Katie Cox — Brooke wanted only to talk about whether Katie’s position on the UEP advisory board was in jeopardy for speaking out against Mark Shurtleff.

A special note to Katie Cox from the Administrators at FLDS TEXAS – we support and applaud your position in opposition to AG Shurtleff’s attempts to force an illegal and discriminatory settlement in violation of your rights.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 27, 2009.

39 Responses to “Ex/Non-FLDS Protest Illegal Proposal”

  1. See the Fair Housing Act of 1968. I can’t believe a modern-day Attorney General seriously wants to be on the wrong side of this landmark legislation.

    Not the brightest crayon in the box, is he? Y’know, Eliot Spitzer was a good Attorney General before he went on to be a terrible governor. We would let you borrow him.

  2. It’s unbelievable isn’t it?

  3. THey can’t legally do this can they??? This just isn’t right!!! They are setting a precident of Religion over Constitutional rights to own and keep your home.

  4. I really don’t think they can legally do this. They’re just buying trouble. Really can’t imagine the judge will approve it. There’s a status conference tomorrow.

  5. Ah yeahhhh I remember, rentals and job listings in newspapers LDS ONLY NEED APPLY up until 1968 this isn’t any different, is it.

  6. Not any different.

  7. Welcome to Utah!

  8. Sounds like Shurtleff has a tiger by the tail, wants to let go, but is unable to. Oh well, he grabbed the tail when he did not have to.

  9. i thought short creek was in arizona. how can the utah ag make any decisions for them? he has no power outside of utah. he dang sure better not come to texas and try this kind of crap!!!

  10. An: Short Creek consists of two towns, Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona with the state line going though the developed area and diving it into the twin cities. Therefore both AZ and UT attorney generals are involved.

  11. Behind Closed Doors seems to be common practice for AG Shurtleff.

    I am impressed with those that stood out and up for themselves. Very impressed.

    Shurtleff seems to think that he has everyone’s best interest in mind. Once again Shurtleff is wrong.

    He has forgotten the tax-payer. http://thehopeorg.org/taxes.html

    When Judge Liindberg first looked at this situation she set up some guidelines as to how this should go about. For instance people had to pay the taxes on the property, had to have the home registered in their name and list all occupants, could not be breaking any laws etc.

    Did Shurtleff toss those guidelines by the way-side?

  12. thanks alchemist – sounds like the utah ag needs a lesson in the law.

  13. See also the establishment of religion clause of the First Amendment, which counterindicates an official theocracy in Short Creek.

  14. I hold judgement on him till I see what he floats – though it sounds terrible, I am not sure he went along with the Non-FLDS ghetto idea.

    Hopefully we will find out today. I would hope to think he is too smart to go for such a foolish idea.

  15. Another thing he has to realize – disaffected persons can and probably WILL sue if there are still harmed bene’s.

    I dont care what deal they make someone is going to feel left out, if they moved to YFZ too bad though ha ha!

  16. FLDS Texas

    I am glad you support Katie Cox in her position in opposition to AG Shurtleff. These are the issues we have been trying to get the media to address for quite some time. Wisan wanted to remove Katie from her home and give it to someone else because he said that she didn’t need such a large home. She helped build that home, but if Shurtleff and the FLDS have their way, she and others will be homeless.

    Greetings from New York said:
    “See the Fair Housing Act of 1968. I can’t believe a modern-day Attorney General seriously wants to be on the wrong side of this landmark legislation.
    Not the brightest crayon in the box, is he? Y’know, Eliot Spitzer was a good Attorney General before he went on to be a terrible governor. We would let you borrow him.”
    In response to this comment, all I will say is he was re-elected. Hate causes people to make a lot of stupid mistakes. So he has many others who agree with him. One of the things I have learned in my life is that what you wish on others will come back to haunt you. If people were wishing good on the FLDS, such as that they would open their eyes, then good would come back to them. If people are hateful and wish for their destruction, watch out for it will come to them, also. (Karma)
    Alchemist said:
    “Sounds like Shurtleff has a tiger by the tail, wants to let go, but is unable to. Oh well, he grabbed the tail when he did not have to.”
    This has been one of the things I have been trying to say. He didn’t need to grab onto that tail in the first place and he has been trampling on people’s constitutional rights ever since. Especially those who aren’t FLDS.
    Some of those who are most effected have been fighting from the very first. Even before the state took over. Katie is one of them. We are in this group. None of us went to YFZ. Our eyes were too open and we were too great a threat to Warren. Now the state just tramples on us. They don’t care one whit about any of us. “We are the unwanted, red-headed orphans” so to speak. Do you have any idea what it is like to be in the middle of a field and have a fire lit from both ends?

  17. Trampledon

    I – and I’m sure many here – have empathy for your plight and wish the best for you.

    Its just a no-brainer that Warren has brought destruction upon the FLDS Church, its men, women and children, not to mention the finances and RE holdings.

    Warren forced the State, just like a road rager driving 100 mph in the city on a police chase.

    The State was forced to act, and they chased him, and there were many Collateral Damages.

    Bruce was tasked with solving problems that probably took him months to even grasp.

    He would probably do much of it differently.

    I thought this morning, if the deeds were given out fairly to residents, with a three or five year hold on reconveyance, (except in a sale to a personal, non religious entity) then in that time, the Warren issue will have matured and many people will in a better position to decide the fate of their homes and lives.


    Good luck and I hope you are restored.

  18. Shurtleff was quoted on


    Saying that no non-FLDS will be removed from their homes.

    Kinda jumping the gun isnt he, since that agreement hasnt been signed sealed and delivered?

    Best of luck to that group and others in the creek whom need protection from being kicked out.

  19. trampledon
    Some of the problem are within the non-flds, why did they wait 4yrs to speak publicly? Those who were kicked out or lost their homes, should of been protesting daily on the capital steps.
    None of us are naive, we know many of you were thinking Warren would allow you back in. The State originally came in to keep Warren from selling off everything in the twin cities trampledon!
    You realized he had sold portions of Apple Valley? Then law suits started, had the State not stepped in, NOT ONE OF YOU or any other FLDS would have a home.

  20. Aint it odd – The State saved the FLDS from themselves.

    Stranger than fiction, it is! In the meantime everyone is still unhappy. Remind me not to join up for that!

  21. What you people don’t seem to grasp is that a lot of people don’t what to be accepted back by Warren Jeffs.

    As far as waiting pulicly for 4 years to speak out, the non-FLDS that I know did not wait. The media just didn’t feel that what we had to say was important enough to listen to.

    Warren was selling some of the Gap properties before the law suits started. A few of us tried to contact the AG department, but they wouldn’t give us the time of day. We were about to try some other avenues to stop him, but the state stepped in and we mistakenly thought that they would help. Nope, they just took the land back and re-sold it themselves. They did this even though some people had a valid claim on some of those properties. You see, the pieces in the Gap were turned in when they were planning to build a sewer lagoon. They were going to build it down in the Gap and asked for people to turn their property in for this purpose. My understanding is that if property is turned in for a utility and then the location is changed, people have a right to have their property back or receive compensation for their property. No one has received either.

  22. want, not what, sorry.

  23. T,

    I cant disagree with you at all. Which shows that you cant trust anybody when you sign your deed over. Thats why my hope is that all residents get a deed and it doesnt go straight to “the FLDS”… Whomever that may or may not be. Today, even the question of who is the leader cannot be answered.

    The FLDS is a leaky ship up a Crick without a rudder – and hopefully the proper decisions are made.

    That everyone will be happy or made whole, seems impossible, I expect lawsuits of one kind or another to continue, unabated, for another 5 years or so.

  24. T,
    What land was the sewer lagoon finaaly placed on.

    Warren Jeffs and most of his trustees voted to sell the Apple Valley property back in 2005, and choose to use Willie Jessop as the man to do the job for him.

    I suppose Wisan knew this back then, that is why he negotiated with Willie.

  25. Wisan was part of the Gap deal back in 2005. Of course he knew about it. I dont think he understood at that time exactly who and what he was dealing with. He knows now.

    I’ve heard that Shurtleff’s “Letter if Intent” was rejected out if hand by Wisan and AZ prior to the hearing today.

  26. The FLDS know what they need to do. They would rather litigate it to zero. So be it.

  27. Trampledon

    I can grasp not wanting to be accepted by in! I also can see why non-FLDS want to stay in their homes that they built. I have one question. When everyone turned their deeds over to FLDS, were they told in writting that they may be moved from one home to another?

  28. anonymous98
    I doubt very seriously if there was anything in writing to the those who gave land. I know Parley Harker was promised HIS property would NOT be put in UEPtrust by Warren and Rod Parker,,but guess what,, IT WAS!

  29. No one had a deed to houses Anonymous98,,, you see, unless you buy the land, the house belongs to the landowner(UEPtrust,Warren JEffs) Warren got loans against people’s houses on the land, and then left them high and dry. Warren left the twin cities owing 1.5million dollars in loans.

  30. Trampledon said this:”“We are the unwanted, red-headed orphans” so to speak. Do you have any idea what it is like to be in the middle of a field and have a fire lit from both ends?”

    I don’t know about fire Trampledon but I do know how it feels to loose a home. Flood waters took my home. First the basement then the entire first floor and 1/2 way up the walls on the 2nd floor.

    Tore everything out and I mean everything and rebuilt after working a 10 hour day. Got it done though only to lose it all again to black mold. Lived in a no flood zone so Fema couldn’t help. Homeowners insurance didn’t help. All gone.

    Packed up what I had and moved hundreds of miles away to drier land. Started all over with a different home. Rained like never before in the new area I moved. No rushing water would get me. But the ground water seeping into the basement did.

    Caused enough damage I had to hire a contractor to come in and do the work. I didn’t hear him when he said ” See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.” The man took my money and ran.

    I am not the first one that this has ever happened to nor will I be the last. But I did as what many others have done. One step at a time, one day at a time and moved on.

    What happened to me was a Natural disaster mostly. The stuff your going thru is a man-made disaster.

    Starting over isn’t always so bad. We were lucky. All we lost was stuff. We didn’t lose our pride, we didn’t lose our work ethic and we didn’t lose our family nor did we lose our Faith.

    One step and one day at a time Trampledon and your future is what YOU make of it. Not Warren. Not Willie. Not Mark Shurtleff. Not Bruce Wisan. You.

  31. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/6444223.html

    Ap report on the meeting today

  32. Bless your heart, Walton.

    I had no idea about the awful trials and tribulations you have endured.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. And for your constant strength to persevere.

    And thank you for consistently caring about the victims of polygamy. And also for working so hard to make others aware. And for keeping the faith.

    Love, your cyberspace friend. I hope you know who I am.

  33. I just want to thank all of you for your comments on this thread – they are so genuine and sincere, and very clearly come directly from the heart. Many of us feel very strongly about these issues – from a distance. Others of us live in the midst of these issues orvare directly impacted by them. We are not always going to see eye to eye or agree, but what I see here is a group of people who all really care very deeply, and despite differences everyone has been respectful of each other in this discussion and I believe honestly tried to appraise the situation from the perspectives of others and you’ve all shown a great deal of heart In the discussion of this
    emotionally charged issue.

    Thank you for coming to this site and taking part in the discussion.

    – From all the FLDS TEXAS Administrators

  34. There isnt an agreement and I’m not sure of the sticking point but I have a feeling that the AG is willing to allow the FLDS to take bulk deeds.

    I really hope Wisan is fighting that, they should go to the people first, at least as far as the residences go.

    Otherwise it cuts a line – anyone like “T” who quit some time ago gets their house, but if you quit after the agreement, and the FLDS own your house, you are up the Creek.

    What protection is the court affording the current member class? Lets remember them, Warren says many are falling away, and common sense tells us they will contiue to.

    I’m not sure the FLDS women and children whom are “owned” by a jailed sex offender are protected properly by the court if their abode is given to this man.

  35. Lindburg said that ANYONE can comment? thats interesting.

  36. The best thing that ever happened was changing the trust from Religious to secular. That does away with discrimination of people, or should. And maybe thats what Lindberg was emphasizing.

  37. If the UEP trust went back to the ORIGINAL document, it wouldn’t go to Warren or just the FLDS, it would be owned by all of the beneficiaries. An elected board representing each group could be voted in by ALL of the interested parties.

    Warren changed the trust so that he could mortgage property and sell property. Yes, most of the FLDS elders voted to accept this. If they didn’t, they were kicked out and their families taken. The fact that many of those individuals who did sign signed “under duress” and the fact that those who refused were kicked out should invalidate this revision of the trust.

    The FLDS don’t want it to go back to the original document because they would lose control of it. There are too many beneficiaries outside of the FLDS for the FLDS to continue to have complete control.

  38. Exactly trampledon!

  39. […] Ex/Non-FLDS Protest Illegal Proposal « FLDS TEXAS […]

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