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Brooke has a recent post up where Blaine Jeffs denies having ever sexually abused Brent Jeffs.  Blaine claims to have left the FLDS in 1981 and claims he was not around at all in 1988 when Brent alleges the abuse happened.

Is Blaine being truthful?  Judge for yourself.


On December 12, 2003, in the Record of President Warren Jeffs, Warren writes:


I also need your faith and prayers today, brethren, as the Lord has sent me to handle three more men and tell them they hold no Priesthood and their ladies do not have a sealing. Two of them are my brothers, Brian Jeffs and Blaine Jeffs. Another is my uncle, William Steed, Woodruff Steed’s son. Two of them will be told they cannot exalt their families. They are unworthy. The other one, the Lord has not named his final position.

Also on December 12, 2003, Warren records:

12:10 p.m. p.m.

Talking to Blaine JeffsOver the Phone

Hello, this is Warren. Are you in town? Okay.  I have a message from the Lord for you if you will listen. The Lord has revealed to me, in cleaning up this people, you are a man among us that does not hold Priesthood and that means your sealings in marriage are released; and for now you need to separate yourself from your ladies by seeking another place to stay. Inform them of what I am saying to you, and your ladies need to come talk to me. Now you need to be in a path of repentance beginning with a letter of confession of why the Lord would withdraw Priesthood from you. This is the Lord’s message to you, and I am sure yearning after you, dear brother. He has told me to clean up this people, and I ask you to be humble so you don’t fail this great test. God bless you. Stay in contact. Have your ladies call me. Thank you.


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  1. It was noted that he rejoined in 1993 and yes was exed in 2004.
    The above description is quite chilling – Why would a man, so exed, tell his “Ladies” to go talk to Warren because he gave them a divorce 15 minutes ago over the phone!?

    Only a spineless, clueless man would pass this message on. Blaine comes out proving to be a failure. Perhaps there, perhaps not there, regardless, he cot his clock cleaned by the FLDS Tarbaby WSJ.

  2. Please answer me this? How could Blaine Jeffs know how services were handled in 1988 if he wasn’t there? Yet in Brookes piece, Blaine tells Brooke , “Well in 1988 Warren Stood so and so and Leslie took care of the sound????

  3. Where was Blaine between 1981-1992? He married a gentile woman but he continued to live plural marriage and the gentile woman was admitted into the FLDS in 1993 indication that Blaine actually left but if he was able to take a gentile wife in that time it does seem likely that his ties with FLDS were not very tight at least for a little while.

    I believe Brent, but I would like some more information. Initially there were allegations from Brent and his two brothers against Warren, Blaine, Brian, Lyle, and Wallace. I am not sure which ones were alleged to have abused which boys and which uncles were alleged to have been the lookouts.

  4. Sounds to me that they are still trying to do whatever to get back into the fold, even if it means to distort the facts.
    I believe Brent, read the first chapter of his book, very enlightening into the ongoing’s of the FLDS. However, I want to read the whole book before I make a final judgment. Just because he might make some money from this book does not mean he invented the whole thing, his accusations came much earlier than Carolyn’s, Flora’s, Elissa’s books where published.It does speak volumes that Warren did nto show up for the court date to clear his name.

  5. When you read his book, Brent clearly explains that because Warren didn’t meet his legal obligations towards the trust AS A TRUSTEE that it could be taken over by the state. Because the trust was land-rich and cash poor, and because Warren would not answer any court summons, it made the trust vulnerable to a default judgment in their favor.This would almost certainly entitle the Lost Boys in the suit ALOT of money. However, it would mean that property in Short Creek would have to be sold which would potentially render some families homeless. They did not choose to do this, it was a unanimous vote among them to accept the alternative.

    Brent did not know about his brother Brandon being abused until right before the suit. Brandon told him he had important information that could help the case. Brandon then gave a deposition detailing what had happened. He did not have to be put under hypnosis at all.

    I think it’s ridiculous to assume because you need therapy and or hypnosis that memories are more than likely false.(as they are saying on Brooke’s blog) Anyone that has lived in an extremely abusive situation (during childhood) knows that as an adult you will have large holes in your memories. That’s how you SURVIVE , by not thinking of them. The down side to that is that you also lose good memories too because there are large chunks put away to never be thought of again.

    I don’t believe a word of Blaine Jeff’s comments.

  6. These kinds of heartbreaking things were going on according to folks I met in the 1980s in SLC.

  7. But. Just like the article at that other place: insufficient information.

  8. Sex-Abuse Lawsuit against 2 of Jeffs’ Brothers Dropped

    Associated Press, carried in
    April 15, 2006

    SALT LAKE CITY – Two brothers of fugitive polygamist leader Warren Jeffs have been dropped from a sexual-abuse lawsuit because they have gone through bankruptcy proceedings.

    Third District Judge Stephen Roth on Monday dismissed Leslie B. Jeffs and Blaine B. Jeffs from the lawsuit, which also names Warren Jeffs, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the church’s property arm, the United Effort Plan Trust.

    Brent Jeffs, now 23, a nephew of the three men, filed suit in July 2004 alleging that Warren Jeffs sodomized him and the other two men watched and participated in the abuse in the late 1980s. He said they told him the actions were a way to make him a man.

    Brent Jeffs, who was around 5 or 6 at the time, alleged he was abused in the Salt Lake area.

    Leslie Jeffs and his wife, Carole J. Jeffs, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July 2003. The case was closed later that year. Blaine Jeffs and Julie D. Jeffs filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in April 2003. Their case was closed last September.

    Federal law automatically stays many types of court or enforcement actions against those filing for bankruptcy.

  9. Blaine is lying. Brent is telling the truth. There will be evidence of this. Read the book.

  10. Deputy Dog—that leaves a different impression than saying “Brent Jeffs dropped the suit against his uncle,” doesn’t it?

  11. Wow. Seven of Brent’s mother’s siblings had fumarase deficiency and died before they reached adulthood.

  12. Anon

    Just posted is the Cemetery decedent list – Why do you think there are no FD deaths listed?

    ODD huh?

  13. “Please answer me this? How could Blaine Jeffs know how services were handled in 1988 if he wasn’t there? Yet in Brookes piece, Blaine tells Brooke , “Well in 1988 Warren Stood so and so and Leslie took care of the sound????

    deputydog1 said this on May 22, 2009 at 8:07 PM

    And they never took breaks!???


    Those soundmen are important, they never leave their station, not all day!

  14. For anyone who didn’t catch the Brent Jeffs interview on Hannity – the video is now on youtube: .

  15. Am I reading that right, 7 FD in one family, all siblings?

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