Affidavit of Sam Brower


On May 13, while attending the Motion to Suppress hearing in San Angelo, Sam Brower, private investigator, was served with a notice to take his deposition by Barbara Jessop’s attorney — in connection with Merrianne’s CPS suit.    By all appearances, this was the FLDS’ way of retaliating for Merril having been served with the child support petition.   I have been told that Barbara’s attorney is requesting that the deposition take place in an attorney’s office in San Angelo even though Sam Brower lives in Utah.

In response, Brower filed a motion to stop the deposition, and wrote an Affidavit that was attached to the motion (see below).  It seems the deposition notice is not the only trouble the FLDS served on Sam while he was in town.   This is alarming. 


Pages from Affidavit of Sam Brower


~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 20, 2009.

65 Responses to “Affidavit of Sam Brower”

  1. All I can say is Wow.

  2. I am actually speechless I think. Just when you think you’ve heard just about everything there is to hear, something else pops up that is just as shocking or even more so.

  3. That’s a damned shame to stalk with intent to intimidate. I hope that deposition notice by Barbie is tossed, and in fact I would like to see her popped with some sort of criminal action for her stunt.

    Any chance of that?

  4. O yeah all the piffle they put on about tracing phone calls, the calls to that hotel claiming to be Dee Jessop &c would be good ones to track.

  5. The FLDS are just dying to start it up with the Feds. Sooner than later.

    Glad your safe, Sam, dont put up with their bullcrap!

  6. If it wasn’t so darn serious, I would call this intimidation tactic
    childish. It just put them in the limelight of the law enforcement.

  7. I have said this many times before and the answer keeps coming back YES. Can the FLDS get any more stupid?

  8. Also glad Sam is currently safe.
    Can Sam file stalking charges? Not at all sure what that entails, but damn, I’d take every course of action I could. (p.s. It confounds me that Barbara hasn’t been brought up on charges for handing her 12 year old over to Warren. ?)

  9. Holy Moly!!!!! Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!
    I can’t say as I blame Mr Brower

  10. Yes I think they can dig a deeper hole. There are a few not yet under indictment, maybe they all want to be..?

  11. Well,some of these people are very brazen to pull a stunt like this. Dee Jessop made a HUGE mistake this time, giving his driver licscene and Identification.

  12. This is another reason it is better for Flora and I to stay with individual families while we’re on the road, instead of hotels.

    You will notice I asked for a “safe” clean place.

    I was hoping we could make it through the tour without threats, now I seriously doubt it.

    If anyone would like to help, please read this post.


  13. Slitting a steer’s throat and letting the poor thing bleed out in front of school-age children is abusive, deranged and psychopathic behavior—I am not surprised that Sam Brower finds this person distressing.

    It’s the kind of thing I’d expect from a sadistic storm trooper. What is this Dee Jessop’s real-world job (besides scaring the breath out of children)?

  14. Dee, like his brother Willie, is “FLDS security”.

    Flora owns two flack jackets, because she’s had so many threats.
    On one trip we took to Colorado City I think we brought enough firepower in the back seat of my truck to let us hold out for at least an hour under constant fire, lol.

  15. And I’m still confused as to why anyone here would be surprised by any of this.

  16. Boots isn’t Dee Jessop affiliated with the AUB?

  17. Nope. Funny thing about the polygamists, they hate each other almost as much as they hate outsiders.

  18. Sam was scheduled for a deposition at 1 PM today in Cedar City, Utah (his home) on Warren’s Arizona case. The Deposition Order was signed by Judge Conn on May 4th.

  19. Apparently Sam Brower did have his interview with Picarretta today.

  20. The affidavit says that Dee is facing charges for harassment of ex-FLDS in Arizona. Does anyone know anything about that? I have never heard of Dee Jessop.

  21. Warren is pulling all stops to prevent himself from getting flushed.

    But its hopeless.

    And they could have built another identical YFZ right next to the current one Temple and all with all the money they have wasted on legal fees.

  22. Wonder if this stupid stunt was Dee Jessop’s idea or if he was following Willie’s orders. The flds seem to not have a consistent strategy for dealing with their various problems. It seems to be knee jerk reactions by different people who are not coordinating and planning with each other. Like Willie going to the Texas county officials and telling them the flds want to be good neighbors, followed by this intimidation stunt in Texas. Great way to show that they are nice people and just want to be good neighbors. No consistency and no overall plan. Who is on first?? Who is calling the shots?? Seems to be every man calling his own shots as he sees fit.

  23. duaneh1, Speaking as a hunter, you make me sick. Hunting is not about needless killing or a deplorable lack of compassion or mercy for animals.

    Your father did you a disservice, and this little revelation explains a lot about you.

  24. Boots, if it makes you feel better, My dad nor I hunt anymore

  25. Boots, are you a hunter? What is the “compassionate” way to kill an animial?

  26. Boots: I agree. I can see hunting for meat, but to just slaughter animals for “sport” of it is beyond the pale. Dee Jessop performing this killing of a steer may have been intended more for intimidation than as a survival practice.
    duane’s post does reveal a lot about his character. Kind of like posting a link in his posts that gave your computer a viris when you went there. Be forewarned, never follow a link he posts and do not use any url he posts.

  27. duane

    You werent a hunter, you were just out to blast away little animals. Did you eat the squirrels or the tortoise? The latter highly illegal to kill BTW.

    You give hunters a bad name. Just like the FLDS give Plygs a bad name.

  28. Yes, I kept the squirrel but my mom never got around to cooking it. Dee Jessop killing the animal was nothing more that a survival lesson on how to butcher an animal for its meat. That is a skill that would come in handy if you are ever lost in the mountains of Utah, CO, or other remote area.

  29. If they kill and eat beef, then why was such a fUSS made about their diet??? They gave the impression they didn’t eat beef.

  30. “Kind of like posting a link in his posts that gave your computer a viris when you went there.”

    I never posted a link to a virus-that is a lie, you are just mad cuz you got “rick rolled”, I only did that once a long time ago and even apoligized for it.
    ole hag, you should learn to be more forgiving like Boots is after she shoots and kills a deer.

  31. duaneh,

    I’ve never put a bite of wild game in my mouth that I didn’t thank G-d for the life the animal lost, to nurish me. I don’t even allow store bought meat or fish to go bad or to waste, because I have so much respect for the life the creature lost to sustain mine. I have Cherokee roots.

    As far as your excuse that this was a survival lesson…uh, yeah, cause there are so many wild steer loose in the wilderness, or a deer is going to let you just catch it and slit it’s neck.

    At your best, your comments, here and elsewhere, reveal you are ilogical and nonsensical.

    Now we know you’re cruel to top it off.

  32. duane

    What Boots said – and that “Rick Roll” url locked up your computer which even you admitted could make you lose computer data a person was working on.

    Your handle “duane” was permanently banned from the Tribtalk boards for that little excersise.

  33. So not only are you a bully to innocent animals in the woods you are an internet bully too.

    What a good reputation you have going for you now! duane the Bully!

    Too bad you arent FLDS so they could bully YOU around some!

  34. So that is why he came back as skinwalker; he then probably did something silly after that and had to come back as deci on the trib talk boards.

  35. “What a good reputation you have going for you now! duane the Bully!”

    Aw shucks! Stamp, you have been banned many times from the trib for posting offensive and lewd remarks and you tell me I have a dirty mind and a bully…what a hypocrite.

    Boots, killin’ is killin. It is not a crime to blow away animals whether for sport or food, excluding endangered wildlife and out of season poaching. Why was my first post banned? Ya didn’t want to confuse readers when associating survivalist buthering animals for food as another of those dastardly deeds that those dern plygs do?

  36. correction “survivalist butchering of animals”

  37. duane,
    I really take offense at being called an ole hag. I am not that old and am considered fairly attractive by the people who know me. How would you know how old I am or how I look?

  38. ole wife, I don’t know what you look like, I was just jokin’.
    You shouldn’t be so sensitive…sorry

  39. Boots, what kind of gun do you use when you are out huntin’ & killin’?

  40. Boots, what kind of gun do you use when you are out huntin’ & killin’?

    duaneh1 said this on May 21, 2009 at 5:24


    You truly give hunters a bad name. Its a good thing you no longer hunt. As I recall your wife doesnt trust you with guns anyway right?

    I can see why.

    BTW yes I have had a handle banned – after I emailed the Trib and got them riled up about their poor reporting skillz.

    NOT due to dirty tricks.

    Which remeinds me, have they picked up DEE yet? I wonder how this is going to look during his upcoming harrassment trial?

  41. Duane, I am an advocate of hunting and I don’t object to butchering and eating animals. I do object to doing it out of bloodlust.

    If he had been interested in teaching them survival skills, he would have taught them to hunt, trap and fish, make tools, and which plants are edible and which are toxic. After all, the chances of a child wrestling a steer to the ground and succeeding in slitting its throat are laughably small. Young Theseus probably could have done it, but no one else.

  42. Greets

    And they call this “Home Schooling”..?

  43. Next thing you know this site will get the FLDS settlement proposal.

    Oh wait they did!

    Funny thing – they want to give all those residents who left the creek their home back, which in turn will be given to the FLDS.


    But I thought they moved to Texas for the end days and all that?

    NAAAHHH this wont fly.

  44. Brent Jeff’s book states that Dee Jessop was the “zookeeper” at a small children’s zoo in Colorado City. Brent writes that most of the children were “vomiting and crying when Dee killed the animals by slicing their throat. He also tried to have them pull the heads off of live chickens with their bare hands and demonstrated this several times. Most of the kids refused to do so, sat down and cried.

    I truly can’t imagine how terrible it was for these children to see this kind of thing. Anyone that supports this sort of survival training is as sick as the FLDS and you should go live by them and stay off this board.

    I guess since Dee could kill an animal in cold blood in front of young school age children, they thought he might be successful in intimidating Sam Brower? What a joke.

  45. It is no coincidence that the very first child welfare case in the U.S. was brought to public attention by the American SPCA.
    If you’d like to know more about the story I have it posted in my blog under the post “Dead Children in Mohave County”.

  46. Thank you Boots, I read it. And it is truly sickening and extremely frightening statistics regarding all the deceased children. That it’s been allowed to go on for so long is a testament to the politicians and their “stick my head in the sand” mentality all these years.

    People like you are their wake-up call, and I fully support all your endeavors. I feel frustrated I am here in Mississippi and not there. 🙂 I would love to help.

  47. Thanks darlin’,

    Did you get a chance to open the nine page PDF cemetery list on the website under the Child Deaths tab?

    With the exception of Buster D. Johnson, who is now the president of our organization, every politicial and law enforcement representative in Mohave County brushed me off with the following explanation, “There are more dead children there, because they have more children”.

    One county supervisor almost chased me out of the supervisor’s chambers when I interviewed him on the subject. He started screaming and waving his arms in the air, “You’re just trouble! I knew it the minute you walked in here! You’re just TROUBLE”!

    I was walking away, winding up my microphone cord, muttering under my breath, “Yeah, well, you’re not the first bubba to ever say that, and I bet you won’t be the last either”.

    One thing you can do is visit our Friends and Survivors page and ad yourself to our friends list. That at least lets the world know you care and you’re not going to simply walk away from the issue.

    Thanks so much for your support. These kids deserve it.


  48. It amazes me that government agencies have enabled these crimes for so long.

    Its time they take the bull by the horns and earn their pay. Maybe the predecessors let it get this bad – but someone has to have the backbone to stop it.

    Or, get fired or not get elected. We should ensure its a political talking point in further elections.

    THX for your work Boots.

  49. Boots can I post the cemetary list here?

  50. Roger that FLDS Texas! The more Texans that see it the better. Something about polygamy is unsafe for children, and they should know that.

  51. Stamp, if I thought there was a snowball’s chance of getting the public in Utah and Arizona to vote for representatives that would enforce the laws, I’d have stayed up there.

    But I knew Texans, and many others would, so I came home to get the job done. They were laughing at me as I left the state, especially the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department.

    Oh, and FLDS Texas, I have a huge list of companies owned by the FLDS in Arizona and Utah, if you would like that, too.

  52. Here’s one I found yesterday.. Barlow Builders Hildale Anthony Barlow and Carl Barlow.

  53. deputydog,

    They own literally hundreds of them. One of the first things I noticed in the Oprah “exclusive” was the shop they were standing in, turning out yard furniture with Texas stars on them. It almost made my stomach sick to think of retailers buying that stuff and selling it to Texans who had no clue where it was made, or by who.

  54. Oh Lord, I know Boots…. is sickening for sure.

  55. For instance, did you know that every time you take your kids to a certain child oriented pizza place you are supporting the FLDS? They own the company that leases the game machines to the corporate establishment.

    That means every time your kid drops a token into the games, you are funding the FLDS, and ironically enough, the rape of children.

    I’d rather not be sued, so if anyone wants to know which one it is just shoot me an email and I’ll give up the name.

  56. what’s your email boots? i’d like to know.

  57. Email contact with me is readily available through my website at, or you can send me a facebook friends request. There are plenty of ways to reach me.

    Tell me who you are and I’ll be happy to talk to you.

    I don’t hide anywhere but in plain sight.

  58. Let’s try to stay more or less on the topic of the post – y’all don’t forget there’s the Open Discussion thread for general topics. Thanks.

  59. Roger that FLDS Texas. Guilty as charged, and noted. I’ll try to be a good girl now.

  60. it was not directed at you … it was generally to all of us, me included. It’s easy to get off on tangents. I mostly just wanted to remind everyone that there is the area for general discussion.

  61. The Open Discussion section gets buried and you have to go back through the archives to find it. Is there a way for you to “sticky” it to the top somewhere? Maybe list it under the “Pages” section? I know that would make me more inclined to posts my off topic comments there. Sometimes, I am lazy.

  62. I just saw Sam Brower’s interview on CSPAN2 re Predator’s Prey – I’m extremely curious and exasperated as to why this guy at no time says the word “pedophile”. Call Warren Jeffs and his followers what they are. They don’t “abuse” underage boys & girls. They sexually abused them. That’s called pedophelia.

  63. While I think that Warren is a pedophile, I’m not sure that most in the group are. Most of the others only took underage brides because they were told it was God’s will. Also, most only have 1 bride who was young. Warren has multiple 12, 13, and 14 year old brides, not to mention those who were 15, 16 and 17.

    His followers broke the law and should therefore be punished for breaking the law, but I”m not sure the term pedophile fits the majority of them.

  64. Technically they are hebephiles.

  65. All of them or just Warren?

    My word for the sheeple who participated in the underage marriages is mindless idiot. I wonder if they have any remorse now that they are in jail.

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