Reminder About the Rules

When comments were opened, these rules were posted:

Comments are turned on.

Rules of engagement:

1. No personal attacks on other commenters. Heated argument is fine. If the ad hominem gets carried away, your comment will be deleted

2. Watch your language. Extremely offensive, foul-mouthed language will result in the entire comment being deleted.

3. No “outing” anonymous posters. That includes guessing at someone’s real identity

4. Read the TOS – no slander, spam, copyright violations, pornography, threats, or illegal activity or content

5. Everyone is welcome to post as long as rules are not violated. The comments do not filter through a moderation cue. All viewpoints are tolerated.

6. Be respectful of the site and each other.

I have had to delete a lot of comments lately because some of you are having difficulty following the rules.   Be mindful of the rules and be respectful or comments will be moderated.

– The Management 


~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “Reminder About the Rules”

  1. Flds, sorry, about some of my language, I will make it a point to watch it.

  2. I guess you’re serious. There are fewer comments on the call center post than there were when I left the other day.

    BTW, I see you’re up to 35K visitors. Whoever you are, Texas FLDS, you’re doing an awesome job.

  3. ad hominem


    what’s this?

    if i was rude to or about billm or hugh, i apologize.

  4. Thanks.

  5. I wonder if I have been bad yet. I am a bad toad. It happens. Sometimes I am a doodeehat.

  6. Ok, well it’s a new day so everybody behave and it will be just fine and dandy. 🙂

    I don’t remember you being bad but if you had a post deleted, chances are there was some sort of violation of one of the rules listed above.

  7. I would like to send you the proposed settlement agreement being pushed by UT AG Mark Shurtliff and the FLDS. It is a 14 page PDF document but I do not know how to get it through for you to post. Thanks

  8. Sorry it is the UEP Agreement.

  9. Oh GrannyToad, you are so cute and funny! You little doodeehat.

  10. Yes, anon, we really do want to see the proposed UEP trust settlement agreement. We’ve been waiting 3 weeks for news on the discussions/fights. By all means, please send that our way. I don’t know how to contact the owner of this blog, but you might try sending it as an attached file to:

    those are typical email addresses that are default accounts to receive emails. One of them will probably work.

  11. You may send mail to

  12. Have not received anything yet, but I will post it when I do if I have permission of the sender.

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