Outcry: Dale Barlow

Pages from JESSICA CARROLL AFFIDAVIT April 2, 2008


Pages from ALISA THOMAS Affidavit Exhibit


Let’s set the record straight about something.   It’s been widely reported that the shelter worker supplied the name of Dale Barlow to the outrcy caller.   For example, the Trib today printed the following:

“Once the caller identified her husband as Dale Evans Barlow — selected from a list of men associated with the FLDS Church, read to her by hotline worker — Long decided against contacting the man’s Arizona probation officer.”


Yesterday, the Trib printed:

During that call, the hotline worker read a list of names of men associated with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, asking the caller if the list contained her husband’s name. The caller picked Dale Evans Barlow, who along with other sect members was prosecuted in Arizona on charges related to underage marriages. 


But the Trib got it wrong …. twice.   Read the affidavits of the shelter workers who took the calls.   The outcry caller alerted to the name “Dale” from a list of names read out loud by the shelter worker, and the outcry caller herself supplied the names BARLOW and JESSOP and even spelled them out for the worker.    Nothing about the outcry caller or the shelter worker about “Evans.”

I told Sarah that I knew she could get in trouble if she told me her husband’s name, so I asked her if I had a list of names, could she state yes or no?  Sarah said yes.  I began with a few random names and when I said the name DALE, she said yes, how did you know?

. . .

I asked her what her last name was and she told me that it is Barlow; B-A-R-L-O-W-.  I asked her what her name was before she was married and she told me Jessop; J-E-S-S-O-P.



~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 17, 2009.

14 Responses to “Outcry: Dale Barlow”

  1. Thank you Texas flds group. This is great information to have available. It shows that you cannot rely on news reports to be true and accurate. It also blows a hole in the arguement that Texas LE should have contacted Dale Evans Barlow’s probation officer in AZ before the raid.

  2. Chemist said it very well. Thank you very much for all you do.

  3. Yes, thanks! Its a good thing to make the media honest.

    The TRB BRooke included has been accused ou Yellow journalism – taking shortcuts or inventing ways to float a “Different truth” just makes the Trib’s credibility that much more suspect.

    AS of last night there was no update at all except for a twitter thet the State didnt want Angie Voss on the stand.

    She wants to prop them up – I guess because its JOB SECURITY and yes I do think she is THAT SHALLOW!

  4. “The Trib’s Brooke’ reporting style who was noted above has been accused ou Yellow journalism – taking shortcuts or inventing ways to float a “Different truth” and just makes the Trib’s credibility that much more suspect.”


    I suppose I should get my coffee now!

  5. To the blog owner: Thank you so very much for sharing all the information that you have. It is truly appreciated and needed.

    The last four days of testimony doesn’t change the fact that a call was made and Texas followed thru accordingly.

    Many of the wagon jumpers have not a clue as to what the wagon ride was like.

    Everyone hang in there and post away. Many are reading and appreciative.

  6. If I had known it would have been this easy posting here, I would have posted 2 days after I noticed you removed BillM from your blog list. 🙂

  7. You have to remember Brooke Adams is a Utah FLDS supporter, so anything she is able to twist or turn, first chance she gets, that will happen. See the actual affidavit is much clearer then get a “glory” seeking reporters view…

  8. I appreciate being able to read the shelter workers’ accounts because they give me a better sense of the credibility of the caller. I have no doubt now that I would have taken the calls seriously; they were consistent and credible (whether or not they were true).

  9. One question—if the caller wasn’t on the ranch, how did she know about the helicopter which regularly overflew it? That’s hardly anything a casual observer would know.

  10. Greeting from New York my question to you IS HOW DO YOU KNOW a helicopter flew regularly over the ranch?

  11. I don’t know for sure. I was surmising it from the fact that J.D. Doyle took pictures of the place from 2005-2008. I assumed he used a helicopter but am now unsure about it.

  12. i think it was from a plane, not a helicopter.

  13. JD Doyle started taking pictures in early 2004, he has an album of pictures from then till early May. You can click the pictures to see them up close…. Ive being going through the album of and on for a week… I still haven’t seen a picture of ANY children in his pictures. There was NO way anyone could have known how many children were on that ranch at Any one time.

  14. Hi Pliggy! Trolling again are we?

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