The FLDS Fake Photo Fiasco

Photo by Justin Cook, hyperlinked (click on thumbnail)

 The photographer of this award-winning photo, Justin Cook, is understandably protective of his      work, and for that reason I am posting only a small thumbnail that links directly to Mr. Cook’s  website and portfolio.  Please do see his work, as he is very talented.

 Attached to the FLDS defense Motion to Suppress was this photo of a uniformed, armed officer and a  little boy.   It was represented as being a photo taken during the YFZ Rescue.   In the hearing today, Assistant Attorney General Eric Nichols had a Perry Mason moment (as reported by Texas Blues Man) when he revealed to the Court that the picture the FLDS lawyers were trying to pass off as YFZ-related …. was actually a picture taken at a SWAT raid/event a couple of years ago in Durham, NC. It had nothing to do with the YFZ Ranch. How it came into the hands of the lawyers and attached to a legal pleading is unclear.

For some reason the AP and Trib are not reporting this.  Go figure.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 15, 2009.

35 Responses to “The FLDS Fake Photo Fiasco”

  1. brooke adams was supposed to be in the courtroom today. i wonder if she’ll post something about it happening.

  2. This picture is priceless!!! It’s actually cute…

  3. Oh its going to be reported allrighty, all the hell over the blogoshphere!

    This blows a big hole in the FLDS storyline.

    Goldgass earned a new nic ” GoldFraud” I am sure his future clients will be impressed when they learn of his misdeeds mid case.

  4. Yada yada. You think this is what will be remembered as news today? What a bunch of rubes.

  5. This is sick now this little boys face is all over the internet for all the sick pedophiles to see. It might have been up already but no attention was being brought to it. I am getting shivers the FLDS is about to make me vomit.

  6. Hugh

    Your claim to fame is aa a frustrated wanna be plig stalking Rozita and Goldfart now has a new reputation too.

    But since you dont make a living stalking, is Goldfraud ahead, or behind you?

  7. Attention was being paid to it long before the FLDS lawyers stuck it in their pleading and tried to fake out the Court and the public. This photo has been the subject of much controversy already because others were misusing the photo for purposes the photographer was not happy about.

  8. Are the FLDS lawyers really this stupid?

  9. Wonder what the photographer has to say about the misuse of his picture.

  10. That’s what I was wondering C-M…did lawyer have permission to use this photo?

  11. I followed the link – this is a really talented photographer!

  12. He IS a great photog –

    ANd note – he has it all copyright noticed – if they picked it up from an internet search on NBC as attributed to the FLDS rescue and it was mis-noted, this photog would likely have caught it and notified them.

    What I am saying is I think they are lying a convenient lie – even if it was the truth it was mis-noted, they just cant take someones mistake and put it in a court case as fact.

    Thats a good way to lose your case, your credibility, your clients, as you say bye bye to them as they go to prison.

  13. I’ve sent an email to one of the SAST reporters covering the story, asking why this information wasn’t given to the general public.

    I think the public has a right to know that the group accusing Texas law enforcement of being deceptive, has themselves, in open court, attempted deceit.

  14. Beth Karas reported on it today on TruTV. That is the only place I have seen a report other than on blogs.

  15. Its a footnote flds style that will be remembered and here it is documented!

  16. Is there a link to the Beth Karas report? Thanks

  17. Stomp,

    If I was trying to find Osama Bin Laden, would I be stalking him? It’s only a difference of degree.

    Brooks Long lied under oath. David Doran had Rozita’s number during the raid and called it. Everything they’ve admitted to lying about, they pretty much have been forced to admit. This means they’ve been lying about a lot more than that. We’re just waiting to find the proof so that we can force a confession out of them

    At this point we have a full blown, as define in law, conspiracy. The only questions? How big is it? Who’s involved? When did it start?

  18. mr mcbryde, let everyone know when you get your law degree, or a degree in law enforcement, then maybe, just maybe people might listen to some opinion you may have. LOL

  19. Hugh try tuning up the Tin Foil Hat. And reading some REAL evidence, not what Pliggy and others tell you.

    There is a lot here. But perhaps you arent worthy maybe we should BLOCK you from viewing!

  20. No Swinton is not a public figure. Yes you are stalking her.

    Say, have you got a better source for FLDS documtmenst than this one?

    I took a look at YOUR website, really, nothing there but bloviating. Same thing over at teh Mad Crapper website.

    So, you gotta a source, post it, otherwise you arent doing US or ANYONE any favors and hmmm yer just LYING to YOURSELF.

  21. Hugh you’re wrong.

  22. According the Gerry Goldstein there is No concrete evidence that LE or CPS knew more than what they have told all along. I understand that pisses you off Mr McBryde, but its Fact. I’ve always loved “arm chair” experts who set at a computer making up evidence as they go along. Your very adept to it, but its comedy instead of interest in your blog. Calling people names is nothing on earth but a defensive tactic when you have no evidence or proof to back up something you say.
    But, its your right to continue doing so. LOL

  23. No, I’m right.

  24. hugh – i don’t think you’re right, but if you are, why don’t you get the evidence you supposedly have to someone who can present it to the court. if you or billm had anything that could have been used the attorneys for the flds would have it by now and have presented it to judge walther.

  25. btw hugh, i just read your blog to see what you were talking about and i think april 8 is after the raid, not before.

  26. Your right Anonymous, The raid was April 3, 2008

    And Anonymous where do you think the FAKE photo presented as evidence came from?? I would say either BillM or Hugh McBryde

  27. i’m guessing one or the other. could be from both of them. i also think that hugh is stalking and harrassing rozita and shouldn’t be allowed to. maybe natalie could file and obtain a cease and desist order on her behalf.

    correct me if i’m wrong, but neither hugh nor billm have a stake in this and they both act like they themselves were publicly attacked.

  28. i can’t speak for others, but i post anonymously so that you and billm can’t stalk me.

  29. All the children were removed by April 5 mr mcbryde, the search of the ranch was over April 10.

  30. If Hugh and Bill M had even half of the power and authority they think they have they could move mountains. As it is, they type on their computers and are basically no bodies. That illusion of grandeur must give them a high. Unfortunately it is self delusion.
    At least Hugh won’t have to look for a new job right away. The car dealer ship he works at in VT was not on the list to be closed.

  31. McBryde the conspiracy began with Joe Smith. Any of these men who carried it forward thinking they had some right to sex with children furthered “the conspiracy” to this day. It’s going to end, in Texas.


  33. DD



  34. Motion to Withdraw Exhibit

    Oh my, the clean up costs. KaaChing

  35. FLDS

    Fake LDS / Fake Prophet / Fake Wives / Fake evidence

    Now we know what the “F” stands for!

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