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~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 29, 2009.

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  1. I wish I hadn’t just eaten dinner before I read these, I feel like I am going to loose it and it ain’t because of the flu.

  2. I know 😦

  3. Sick, this just makes me angry !
    What else do those young girls have to suffer through?
    What else is going on in that house we don’t know about?
    Trading their young children off to an early marriage alone is sickening and CPS is getting blamed for taking kids out of that environment???

  4. Jesus, That woman is EVIL!!! Kicking achild in the stomach!!! Someone should do her the same way!!! Is the Maryann the same one that is married to Warren???

  5. Same Merrianne married to Warren. Dan is her brother. Dan is married to Louisa .. they are the ones who got a restraining order against CPS in San Antonio when Louisa had a baby while the kids were still in custody.

  6. Well Danny Boy should be in JAIL for molesting his sisters. And probably other little girls on the ranch. And barbara should be locked up right along with him!

  7. Well I read this and wish I hadn’t and I also wonder about the propriety of posting. I think that it is important for the world to know, but it is pretty obvious who is who and shouldn’t it not be public? Unless flds texas got an ok from the kids and mom?

  8. It is posted with permission.

  9. This can’t be the same MJ that was married to Warren Jeffs at 12. The one “married” to Warren Jeffs is full-sister with Dan Jessop (their parents are Merril & Barbara) and her birtday is July 3 (see:

    The MJ that Garry Engels is interviewing says Dan is her half-brother (her mother must be one of Merril’s other ‘wives’) and says her birthday is June 17.

  10. Joey reread the interviews, one is from a daughter of merril with the initials MJ, dan exposed himself to her. Another interview talks about a half-sister to the child being interviewed named “Maryann” (Engels spelling of the name) that dan used to take into his bed and he made her rub his penis, butt and back, it also says this is his full sister and that she is now at “wfz” in Texas. So yes if is the same MJ.

  11. The MJ Gary Engels is interviewing is not MaryAnn at all. It is anothe girl who Dan exposed himself to. In the other interviews the witness speaks of Maryann, Dan’s sister who told her that Dan had molested her – that’s the merrianne who is married to Warren. Two different girls who Dan molested or exposed himself to.

  12. edit *is* the same MJ

  13. Sharing a comment from another blog, the poster reads here but can’t post???

    walton says:
    April 29, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Sadie I’ve seen a lot of stories that involve child abuse. What I haven’t seen before is a group of people (adults) consistently cover-up, hide, lie and make up things to justify their actions.

    And then to make it worse, when it has been reported nothing done. Time after time.

    I am hoping that the next story I see isn’t about Willie and Shurtleff having any more Peace Talks but a group of men and women sitting in a Texas courtroom facing a Judge.

    Sadie I can’t post over at that site but please if you don’t mind tell them I appreciate them sharing.

  14. Anyone can post here. You don’t even have to register.

  15. It’s pretty clear who the mother is of the MJ Gary Engels interviews. MJ says she is living in Salt Lake City, and is in counseling, and that Dan is her half-brother. She says also says that she has since told her entire family what happened to her, “except for [name blanked], she’d get mad at me and would just say you just don’t want to go back.”

    The “Maryann” mentioned in another interview is NOT the same MJ as the one Gary Engels interviews. “Maryann” has most likely not received any help or counseling.

  16. Joey the MJ is Merrianne Jessop. I know you don’t want to believe that, but it’s true.

  17. Unless there is a quanity of MJ’s just like there is a quanity of Sarah’s.

  18. deputydog1, I don’t want to post names of abuse victimes but the MJ that Gary Engel’s interviews is very cleary [edit] third daughter.

    Merrianne Jessop is a full sister of Dan Jessop (not half sister), is not living in Salt Lake City, has probably never been to counselling and doesn’t have a family member who would want to “go back [to the FLDS]”.

  19. Maryann is LJ’s half sister, and Maryann’s mother is Barbara Jessop and she lives in Texas.

  20. Gary Engels just spelled her name wrong, instead of Merrianne, he spelled it Maryann.

  21. Yes, the girl LJ talks about is “Maryann” (possibly Barabar’s daughter Merrianne, spelled wrong).

    The MJ that Gary Engels interviews is [edit] daughter.

  22. MJ who Engels is interviewing is not Merrianne. The “Maryann” referenced in the LJ interview is “Merrianne who is married to Warren. Merrianne is Dan’s full sister. MJ, who is being interviewed, is Dan’s half sister.

    MJ is reporting about Dan exposing himself to her and telling her to touch it.

    LJ is reporting that Merrianne told her about Dan molesting her. Engels spelled the name wrong — of course, at the time no one knew that the girl had been married to Warren. They were talking about her being molested by her brother when she was 6 or 7 years old.

    Dan molested Merrianne and exposed himself to MJ. Both girls were very young when it happened.

  23. Does anyone know why dan jessop is not in jail for this abuse?

  24. Why he’s not in jail:

    1. Merrianne wouldn’t testify against him and apparently didn’t really know it was wrong or illegal

    2. Too difficult to prove on the other girl because it happened 6-7 years ago and there were no witnesses and the only evidence was the statement of a girl who was 4 or 5 at the time.

    3. Dan Jessop was long gone to Texas

  25. Well lets hope Texas can do what Utah and AZ have always failed at doing!

  26. BTW is that the Dan that Deb Lee is enamored with? Boy I cant wait to hear her cover up the testimony of his child molestings.

  27. Dan and Louisa are living in Merril Jessops house with probably 30 other people, including children, he is a pedofile, he shouldn’t be around ANY children.

  28. There is a lot wrong with those people, Merril and Barbara Jessop and her pups.

  29. How old was Dan at the time these acts were alleged to have taken place? About 15?

  30. Figured duane would try to excuse child abuse. If Merrianne was 6 or 7, Dan would have been about 17 or 18.

    And even if he had been 15 at the time, we’re talking about molesting a 4-5 year old and a 6-7 year old. I hope you wouldn’t chalk that up to normal childhood behavior.
    What makes it even more disturbing is that there was not a safe environment for those little girls to seek protection from an adult. MJ didn’t even know it was wrong and LJ thought she’d get in trouble if she told about Merrianne. Do you not have any feelings at all for what these little children suffered? Boys will be boys, is that all this is to you?

    And how are you going to defend Barbara brutalizing a four year old child?

  31. duaneh1

    I don’t know what you are referring to when you said the word COUCHY. But if that means to you a “private part” (which I think you or most people would understand) then yes, you WERE molested.

    It sounds to me, from your post, that child molestation is just the norm in your culture if you have to even ask this question. And the children don’t understand it or know what to do about it.

    YES, you WERE molested and yes, you should or should have reported it.

    Your sister’s actions were wrong. It was not a childish thing.

    That is what needs to be understood and taught to every child. Improper touching is WRONG.

    Especially when it is done to children and especially when it is a sibling or other close family member.

    In the real world that is known as INCEST. Take a few minutes and look that INCEST word up in the dictionary. Then look up the word MOLEST.

  32. I think it was very brave and heroic of the children and mother to give permission for these documents to be made public.

    It made me wonder if they did this because the AG’s office had done nothing to bring them justice for the abuse they suffered and this is their only outlet to make the facts known. Most times it is very therapeutic for the victim when the abusers is finally brought to justice. Since the UT and AZ attorney generals have for decades turned a blind eye to the abuses perpetrated by the flds, making the abuses known publically may be the only justice these victims ever see.

    Since these documents were published with their permission, this may be the only way they can finally start the recovery process and heal from this horrible abuse.

  33. duaneh, you should of known better, and so should your sister, you were as much a pervert as your sister. Are you a pedofile to? I wouldn’t doubt it. I hope to God you never have any baby girls.
    You damn pervert!!

  34. Sexual fantasies with children are sick! And you better clean your computer of all the pictures of the little girls you have to satisfy your fantases.

  35. duaneh if you read the dictations and you read the convictions of other men in Flds, you would know, evidently having several sister wives didn’t satisfy many of the men, they sexually molested and raped thier daughters.

  36. Dawg, How could I have known better? I was only a child.

  37. Maybe because you are an idioit duaneh, any child knows right and wrong. Even the little girl in the document knew. Why wasn’t her mother checking on her??? She was in her brothers bedroom for God’s sake.

  38. She was afraid to tell her father, because they weren’t allowed to speak of things like that…… Merril was off “pleasing” the prophet! while his son molested his daughter… Upstanding parent’s for sure,,, NOT!

  39. Exactly duaneh–you were a child–you did not know it was wrong–however..that does not make it right. It’s up to parents/schools to teach children about their bodies–what’s right–what’s wrong.

    when my kids were in elementary–they had programs that taught them it was wrong for someone to touch them..and as a parent–I did the same.

    However…these kids were not allowed to talk of such was not allowed..but..there again…it does not make it ok..

    Dan was an “older” kid and by that age–he knew better..nothing was done, so, what’s to say he is still not doing it or even doing it to his own children? He’s sick and needs help.

  40. They are ” Wolves in Sheep’s clothing! Their own children are afraid to tell on each other when they are sexually harmed.
    No state anywhere in this country should allow this to continue.

  41. No matter how heinous the crime of polygamists duane and the AAA / PPSG will fork over excuses.


    Its about time they started going to prison, they’ve deserved it for a long time now they get justice in Texas.

    How fitting!

  42. Has anyone thought of how these children will feel now that they have been discussed here and all the world knows or can know their secrets? Those children did NOT give permission to be publically humiliated.

  43. Why would this be publicly humiliating for those children? They were victims, they did nothing wrong, they understand that now. It’s people like you who makes victims feel ashamed and embarrassed by trying to silence them.

  44. You might also notice that the childrens names are nowhere to be found.

  45. FLDS TEXAS said this on April 30, 2009 at 11:51 PM: “You might also notice that the childrens names are nowhere to be found.”

    But, but, but-

    FLDS TEXAS said this on April 30, 2009 at 1:13 AM:

    “MJ who Engels is interviewing is not Merrianne. The “Maryann” referenced in the LJ interview is “Merrianne who is married to Warren. Merrianne is Dan’s full sister. MJ, who is being interviewed, is Dan’s half sister.

    “MJ is reporting about Dan exposing himself to her and telling her to touch it.

    “LJ is reporting that Merrianne told her about Dan molesting her. Engels spelled the name wrong — of course, at the time no one knew that the girl had been married to Warren. They were talking about her being molested by her brother when she was 6 or 7 years old.

    “Dan molested Merrianne and exposed himself to MJ. Both girls were very young when it happened.”

  46. Yes that girl’s name is available far and wide, largely because her mother posted a video of her on the internet and Bill Medvecky has hosted a very public campaign in support of her perpetrators – her name is all over the place.

  47. I do find it interesting that this poster is pretending to be concerned about this girl’s name being posted, yet they re-post the very passage that is supposed to be so humiliating to this young victim. Casts doubt on the sincerity of the concern for an abuse victim.

  48. I find it interesting that Bill Medpuky and Truth will not Prevail has posted all kinds of crap about xflds, and women and children who have left or been kicked out, as truth.. ITs ALL Garbage what they have told and said about this crap!

  49. It really is a bunch of lies, and that becomes clearer and clearer.

  50. Duane seriously can you make your point without personal attacks and name calling? I don’t want to delete your post because you make some good point but I would appreciate if you would leave out the ad hominem attacks.

  51. I don’t trust this interview as being legitimate. There’s a documentary, Witch Hunt, where multiple innocent families were jailed for child sexual abuse in Bakersfield CA. The reason was that children were interogated for hours denying any abuse, but were worn down and finally confesed to something that didn’t happen just to be able to end the interrogations.

    This interview means very little- INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY.

  52. MJ says the year is 1960, yet you all have destroyed people’s reputations based on everything else that was said as truth.

  53. Duane –

    You can put out a nice rant out when you become unravelled! LOL you are a joke!

    First you dont believe they marry 12 yr olds.

    Then you see the pics.

    “No sex proven”

    Then we will give you DNA.

    Look – its been shown that child abuse is systemic amongst the FLDS – from the TOP DOWN – and the incidences detailed on those reports were in the Bishops house, HIS WIFE AND SON.

    And no one is saying this happens in “EVERY” Polygamist house – but it happens plenty at good old YFZ – 12 men going to trial and Fed charges loom.

    These testimonies are just more anecdotal evidence of child crimes and how widespread, and unfortunately, unprosecuted, they have been.

    If you want to bury your head, have at it, but I warn you its dark in there!

    The light shines down on these crimes and they are coming to a screaching halt and perps are going to prison.

    So relax and let the law do its job.

  54. WC

    DONT trust the testimonies. Thats not YOUR job.

    YOUR job is to watch the Dirty Dozen go to prison for various sex crimes, and if you are a partaker in similar crimes, YOUR JOB is to quit it.

  55. Duane “No matter how heinous the crime of polygamists duane and the AAA / PPSG will fork over excuses.”

    “Stamp, you are a a nasty hatemonger and race baiter.”

    Lets look at this. I’m a hatemonger because I note that the AAA will defend whatever heinous crime is uncovered? Do you not fork over excuses for each and every glaring crime?

    And “race-baiting”? I dont even know where that comes from. Probably the bottom of the bong bowl.

  56. And duane as far as “POS Hatemonger dirtbag” is concerned, the SPLC officially named the FLDS that title, you cant copy it to use on other people!

    You’re a day late and a dollar short!


    PS I got a linky!

  57. Everyone – this discussion is deteriorating into personal attacks on all sides. Discuss the issue, not each other.

  58. WC these do not appear to be situations where children were interrogated for hours and changed their stories. I believe the children are telling the truth – no one was coercing them to try to get a conviction – these matters were never brought to trial.

    If you don’t want to believe them, that’s certainly your right. I’ve seen nothing to indicate they’re not trustworthy statements of truth.

  59. FLDS TEXAS, Deputydawg called me a pedophile and told me to clean my HD of all the porn, is that not ad hominem?

  60. Children, children, children, go sit in a corner and write “I will be nice and not personally attack another poster” 1000 times. Then come back and attack the issues.

  61. OK that took a while!

    Back to the issue – trials in a few months – Like some of these guys

    Barlow, Lloyd Hammon
    Dutson, Jr., Keith William
    Emack, Michael George
    Jeffs, Abram Harker
    Jeffs, Lehi Barlow
    a/k/a Leroy Barlow Allred
    Jeffs, Warren
    Jessop, Raymond Merrill
    Jessop, Merril Leroy
    Keate, Allan Eugene

    * List not complete

  62. duaneh, you who have NO children at all, are telling people who do, what definitions of child abuse are? You who have never raised a child, are deciding other children are liars.
    Forget Carolyn, Flora and Elissa for ONE second. There are plenty of other women and children who have left flds, and it wasn’t because they found another faith to believe in. Every single story Ive read, and the ones I’ve talked to, left because of abuse by sister wives on them personally, or on their children, or father sexually abusing their children or them, or other people’s male children abusing their daughters sexually.
    These 3 documents are only 3 of HUNDREDS, where women went to authorities to get help, and NOTHING was DONE!!!

  63. Here is a note thats on point. Barbara Jessop, mother of alleged pedophile Dan Jessop and MJ, appears to be a child beater if you read the testimonies.

    There is no denying that the testimony was given, it was given to LEA, however no action was taken.

    So the mother wrote a best selling book which uncovered alot of the crap LE and the FLDS like to hide form society.

    Too bad sooo sad look now the FLDS are PWNED!

  64. DD

    You are talking to the hand I fear. No admittance of any wrongdoing has yet to be uttered.

    But, thankfully for TEXAS, things are gonna be changin!

  65. Didnt Carolyn tell LE in Texas basically “My children and I have been abused and UT aand AZ wouldnt do a thing about it! Here is what REALLY goes on and why!”

    So guess what the rest is history. I wonder if Carolyn knows Rozita?

  66. fldstexas:
    What has saved this website from angry and libelous attacks is the fact that is based on documents, not on reports about documents. That notwithstanding, I’m impressed that the conversation has gone on this long in such a civil manner. To maintain the quality and integrity of the site, you may wish to consider the extra burden of moderation. Some people find scrolling past the insulting comments that are beginning to appear here distasteful, so they are likely to come here less often, thus reducing traffic, and reducing the number of productive contributions they may otherwise make.

  67. Productive contribution? Maybe not, but hilarious! I got this in an email:


    > Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
    > A tale of a fateful trip
    > That started from this Desert town
    > Before the town got ripped.
    > The Prophet was a mighty horney man,
    > The Bishop a brown-nosing fool.
    > 10,000 passengers set sail that day
    > All their money, they did pool.
    > The weather started getting rough,
    > The tiny Church was tossed,
    > If not for the courage of the fearless few
    > The fundies would be lost, the fundies would be lost.
    > The fundies set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert raunch
    > With Groundskeeper Gilligan
    > The Bishop too,
    > The brown nosers, and their wives,
    > Willie The movie star
    > The Doctor and Marianne,
    > Here on Groundskeeper Gilligans raunch.
    > So this is the tale of the castways,
    > They’re here for a long, long time,
    > They’ll have to make the best of things,
    > It’s an uphill climb.
    > The first wives and the Bishop too,
    > Will do their very best,
    > To make the others comfortable,
    > In the deserted fenced up nest.
    > No TV, no Internet, no motor cars,
    > Not a single luxury,
    > Like Robinson Crusoe,
    > As primative as can be.
    > So join us here each week my freinds,
    > You’re sure to get a smile,
    > From seven hundred stranded castways,
    > Here on “Groundskeeper Gilligan’s Isle.”

  68. I find it phenominal that all these people filed affidavits on Dan Fischer’s life in Flds, to the Senate Committee held last year. And FLDS and those supporting FLDS believed those affidavits. But, these documents aren’t believed because they are from an XFlds member????
    These are the people from FLDS still in FLDS who filed affidavits

    Alma Broadbent

    Alvin E. Fischer

    Carla Jessop

    Donna Bauer

    Jennifer Fischer

    LaRena Bistline

    Marcia Barlow (Broadbent)

    Melinda Fischer Jeffs

    Miryam Darger

    Miryam F. Holm

    Orlin James Black, Jr.

    Rolene Fischer

    Whether your IN FLDS or your OUT, Abuses happened, and are still happening.

  69. They are like a pack of wolves, ONE tries to leave, or left they eat their babies!

  70. BTW to the tune of “Gilligans Island”

  71. DD

    The war aint over yet. It’ll rage till Warren is ousted. In the meantime, reports such as these above should behoove LE to make the FLDS impotent, in light of the FLDS and LE failures to control rampant crimes in this jurisdiction.

    Its just a matter of time till he is out, the might as well do it now instead of when he has destroyed everything within his reach.

    But perhaps the FLDS deserve this fate as a group? This is a good question. I actually dont believe they do deserve losing everything. I think LE is doing a disservice to women and children if they allow it to happen.

    But on the other hand maybe they need a full blown scattering. I dont know, But I reckon there are many many good people there who have been forced to go along with bad situations, but I dont feel like they should be punished punitively.

  72. Judith thanks for your input. Unfortunately this site is not easy to moderate – I don’t think I have the ability to ban IP’s or usernames and I don’t want to exclude anonymous comments. That being said, I will delete comments that are nothing more than ad hominem attacks on other posters and I will close comments if we can not maintain some level of decorum. This is not the trib and it’s sure not Medvecky.

    Focus on the issues and not on each other, and all views are welcome. I encourage everyone to at least try to see things from a different perspective.

  73. The Flds who filed the affidavits against Dan Fischer, prove abuses happened in homes. Even though fischer is no longer Flds, if he took part in abusing his children, he is as guilty as Dan Jessop and Barbara Jessop.
    However, the people who filed those affidavits, are adults, which tells me,,, why didn’t they go to the prophet when all this was going on and tell him what was happening?
    It seems to me the major problem in FLDS, is Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, regardless the age of a child or woman, or the family they are asscoiated with in Flds.

  74. There are 10,000 or so members, nearly 1000 households. No doubt abuse goes on and has gone on in the past in some of these households. However the FLDS does not condone abuse and they have exed members who are alleged to have done so.
    Carolyn Jessop’s experience in her house does not apply to other households. Also whenever an FLDS’er leaves and claims abuse-and it may be true. All of the haters in the media latch on to it, makes big news and then make sure everyone knows they were FLDS to send the message that “they are all like that”.
    Well abuse happens everyday in all communties. In my town with a pop of about 10-12,000, we have 20 registered sex offenders, recently a cook at a local restaurant was arrested and charged with sex abuse of a minor female employee. Made big local news but the media wasn’t sending the message that our town is full of molestors just because of this one perp. If an abused wife left my town to escape her husband and tried to write a book about it, nobody would buy it because who cares about what goes on in a “normal” small town.
    Most of FLDS families are innocent of any crime other than polygamy, are honest hard workers and doing the best they can to raise their families and make it in a world where everyone hates them.

    These lists of names are not impressive when you are talking a about minority numbering in the many thousands over the years.
    They won’t scatter, even if you strip these thousands of people of everything they have in short creek and attempt to reduce them to homeless paupers, they will regroup, band together and purchase property elsewhere, start new businesses and prosper till the next pogrom and pillage. They seem to be a very industrious people.

  75. duaneh, there is evidently a real problem with sex abuse in Flds. Registered Sex Offenders just from Flds.
    Lets take a look at the Utah Sex offender List.
    On the list are the following.
    1. Lymen Barlow
    2. Haven Barlow
    3. David Barlow
    4. Jerry Allred
    5. Cameron Allred
    6. Allen John Allred
    7. Jerry Allred
    8. Jack Cooke
    9. Jason William Cook
    10.Robert Merrick Cook
    11.John Ellsworth Cook
    12. Steven Lyle Cook
    13. Merlin Dutson
    14. Ethan Fischer
    15. Dennis Jessop
    16. John Roy Jessop
    17. Marcos Lynn Jessop
    18. Jack Jessop
    19. Warren Jeffs
    20. Christopher Jeffs
    21. Joshua Mackert Johnson
    22. Abraham Leroy Knudson
    23. Benjamin Jeffs
    24. Bruce Chatwin
    25. Moroni Draper
    26. Jason Holm
    27. Rodney Holm
    28. David Legrand Draper
    29. Merlin Samuel Dutson
    30. Michael Dutson
    31. Ethan Fischer
    32. Parley Parker Stubbs
    33. Abraham Leroy Knudson
    34. Brandon David Nielson
    35. Dale E Nielson
    36. Eric Mark Nielson
    37. Bryce M. Nielson
    38. Clint Jeffery Nielson
    39. Darin Nielson
    40. James G. Nielson
    41. Mark Evans Nielson
    42. Michael Nielson
    43. William Nielson
    44. Brent Nielson
    45. Gerald Nielson
    46. John Nielson
    47. Philip Nielson
    48. Tanner MIchael Nielson
    49, Michael Roy Richter
    50. Ephraim Woodruff Steed
    51. Jeffrey Marvin Steed
    52. Joseph Timpson Steed
    53. Rulon Johnson Steed
    54. Derek Lloyd Wayman
    55. Jeremy william Wayman
    56. Winston Fischer

  76. Duane – I do agree that abuse in one household does not mean it is encouraged or tolerated or perpetrated in other households. What does appear to apply community wide, however, is the fear of reporting abuse or even the lack of education about what constitutes abuse. I also think the problem of sexual abuse in that community is rather systemic in the sense that the teachings and practices create an environment that is more conducive to sexual abuse than in the general population, and the fact that thete is no recourse for victims just creates more opprtunity.

    When you have a prophet marrying 12 year old girls and teaching that marriage is for the purpose of procreating — when you have a culture where strict obedience is equated with virtue — when you have a culture that suppresses the natural exploration of male/female relationships– and when you have a culture that specifically teaches that females are subordinate and are to submit to their male priesthood head–when you have a culture that is taught to keep quiet and protect secrets and practice “oneness” for the good of the community …all of those factors create an environment that is fertile for the type of conduct reported of Dan Jessop.

    That is not scientific data, it’s intuitive. I don’t have hard data, but it is my belief that these kinds of abuses are far more common among the insular FLDS than in “mainstream” America. And it is also my belief that the abuses are tacitly encouraged by virtue of the factors I listed above. It may be true that individuals would globally frown on such atrocities and even voice their disapproval among their own family or trusted confidant if they knew of them, but no one is calling for changes within the group that would expose these abuses and no one is calling for global changes in the community that would put safeguards in place to prevent the abuses. In allowing he culture to remain as is — in failing to make changes and take actions to prevent the abuses and bring abusers to consequences, in my mind that is the same as encouraging the abuse and allowing it to continue.

  77. duanah, it wasn’t uncommon, Rulon Jeffs married underage girls to. In fact he married a pair of twins who were underage. Get your crap together and research before you open your mouth.

  78. [Sorry duane, you won’t come on this board and encourage illegal acts or encourage obstruction of law enforcement — Admin]

  79. Rulon Jeffs was like 90 years old when he married those twins, I believe they were old enough to consent at the time or at least extremely close…I’m not worried as surely he couldn’t have sex with them anyway. Reports from FLDS’ers were that many girls married Rulon for his money! Sound familiar? Yep they are more similiar to us than many think.

  80. So rulon jeffs marrying his own sister was okay to duaneh?

  81. duane

    I hope they are industious in prison making license plates – Oh yeah, wait a minute, as sex offenders they wont get out much, too bad huh ?

  82. Deputy Dog

    Those are only the ones that are caught. Dan Jessop isnt on there – yet.

    But I notice Warren Jeffs is. What a good list to be on for a Prophet.

    Having some child molesting fool run your life. SICK!

  83. WOW!! What a list….and lots with the same last name??? makes ya wonder what these boys were taught???? or..not taught!!!

    yep…Dan isn’t on there…he should be!!!

  84. “According to evidence uncovered by investigators, all of the alleged criminal acts committed by the defendants were sanctioned by the polygamist God through Owen A. Allred, causing that God to be a co-defendant, however, God was not named on the complaint. ”

    OKAY see here now, thats just plain FUBAR!

  85. Warren Jeffs Molested Vanessa Rohbock when she attended Alta Academy.. Then he decided what man she should marry, and Vanessa said NO!! And ran to Canada to Winston Blackmore group.
    Jeff called for Vanessa’s Blood Atonement…. Said the only way was for her to shed her own blood.
    He father Ron Rohbock went 3 times to retrieve her, at the time Ron was a Jeffs bodygaurd. But Vanessa Refused.
    Of course, Vanessa could tell about Warren sexually abusing her, and Jeffs knew it!

  86. By the way did anyone know Ruby Jessop was married to Haven Barlow the registered Sex Offender?

  87. 53. Rulon Johnson Steed

    Is this a brother to Leroy Johnson Steed who is the father of Teresa Steed?

  88. deputydog1,

    Why isn’t Wayland Wightman Wyler on the Utah sex offender registry?

    He was convicted of sodomizing his step-daughter just a few months ago and sent off to the Utah State Prison.

    Wayland Wyler was FLDS until Warren kicked him out along with dozens of other men a few years ago. Wayland Wyler sodomized his step-daughter for many years!

    I don’t understand why he didn’t have to register as a sex offender. Does that mean that there are MORE current or ex-FLDS sex offenders that haven’t registered????

  89. I think you forgot to add Jeremiah Sunderland Johnson to the Utah Sex Offenders Registry list.

  90. I’m not DD, but its possible that Wayland Wyler doesn’t have to be registered until he gets out of prison.

  91. No, Dan Jessop is NOT the young man I am “enamored with.” I have only defended one of the 12 indicted men. That is Keith Dutson, Jr. because of his youth. The other men are old enough to defend themselves.

    Keith was only 20 years old when he married his sixteen year old wife. (To me, a 20 year old is still a kid.) He could have legally married if he had applied for a marriage and obtained a judge’s permission. Unfortunately, Keith listened to Warren and is now in hot water. It is possible that Keith was ignorant of the changes in Texas’ marriage laws.

    If you have any evidence that Keith molested a little child, you might be able to change my mind about him.

  92. Warren is in prison and he is on the list.

    Say – would you call the guys on that list “Holy ‘roll’ers”?

  93. Oh right Deb Day our mistake. Amongst all the crazy stuff going on, I would agree that is the weekest case. For instance, I would trade Keith’s indictment for a Barbara indictment in a NY second.

  94. I just dont see how Barbara can give up her 12 yr old child to a pedophile and get away with it.

    She is really brutal with little kids but then when the Prophet wants her babies to molest, no problem!

  95. The interview with Engels presentsw a very unflattering portrait of Barbara Jessop. I don’t think it sheds any new light because I recall reading that Barbara was abusive to her sister-wives’ children in Carolyn Jessop’s book.

    I don’t think Barbara had any business disciplining another woman’s children. I don’t think it is right for an adult to kick a child in the stomach. Barbara should be punished for her actions.

    However, I don’t believe that ALL the FLDS mothers behaved this way toward their children. A generalized statement like that would be stereotyping, and I am opposed to stereotyping.

  96. OKAY Deb Day there wasnt any stereotyping – read the header on this article – “Inside the Merril Jessop Household”

    I’m sure there are many flds families where this chaos isnt present. And reading the news, some are worse. No one said Warren commanded the women to beat up on each others kids – actually the opposite, “Keep Sweet” – however in polygamist environments there may be a few who run to the end of their “Keep Sweet Rope”..

    I think its just a great example of why Polygamy will never be legalized. Holding up a few good families is countered with the crimes of others.

    Plus there are children involved – this isnt a gay issue with two people behind a locked door.

    Say did you read the Hill story? The AUB ex- FLDS folks took that lady for 1.54 million.

    Makes good reading, if you can stomach what they did to her!

  97. Wyman Wyler could be on the list, I may have missed that name. There were so many of the others on the list, some names slipped my mind.

  98. Deb Day

    Good reading when you get a minute.

    This document is cold, legal, and sends a chill up Warren’s spine.

    He did worse things than Dan.

  99. That list of sex offenders, These are all FLDS members? A link to the source documenting their standing as FLDS would be greatly appreciated.
    I hope someone didn’t just cull a bunch of common FLDS surnames from the registry and pass them off as FLDS

  100. Merrianne Jessops permanancy hearinig will be May 7, next thursday

  101. duaneh some on the list are still in prison, some aren’t but they were all FLDS before getting caught Molesting or raping children. Just like Warren.

  102. So were they FLDS at the time they were charged? That doesn’t make sense, I thought the local FLDS police hid abuse and never reported it. If they were flds at one time or another in their lives, it is not impressive. The attrition rate among FLDS according to some, approaches 50%. That sounds plausible when you think of the huge families they have. If they never left, Colorado City would have been a major metropolis by now.

    I see you guys are posting “the list” on all the other blogs, List posting: the latest plyg hater fad.

  103. Here are Two more Sex Offenders in Utah
    Michael Richter
    Jerry Lauren Pledger

  104. Why keep the sex offender list to Shortcreek.

    Start one on Centennial Park.

  105. duaneh, unfortuantely, The utah side of FLDS only had less than 8,000 people. And Ive checked, everyone I put up there was at one time member of FLDS.
    Dont compare a county like yours that has maybe 80 to 100 thousand people to one with less than 8 thousand, and most of that 8,000 are children.

  106. Anonymous, do you have a list of common surnames for the Centennial Park group and a way of checking to see if the ones on the Utah sex offenders were members of the Centennial Park group. It would be interesting to see how many of their members/ex members are registered sex offenders compared to the FLDS group.

  107. Okay Anonymous, here’s one, but don’t know if he was centinnel park or Flds in the past…
    Fred Batchelor 59yrs old
    He is now registered in Ogden UT

  108. Centinnel Park were at ONE time All FLDS.

  109. LadySadie, I don’t have a list of surname for Centennial Park. I know there are steeds, batemans, in that group, any names would help.

  110. Kelly Fischer is also registered only in Arizona.

  111. Timpsons and Stubbs are in Centennial Hammon, Bateman, actually a lot of the same names since they broke off a while back from the same group.

  112. Laura Chapman and her sisters were abused but her father was never on that list and he died a couple of years ago. It was reported in Colorado City but Dan Barlow the mayor just called them complainers.

  113. Since boys are not allowed normal dating, told they have to wait until their are “blessed” by the leader with a wife, living with young girls that are often not even related and with whom they have never bonded as sister and brother, are in a climate where men consider almost any girl a prospective wife and in which boys are restricted from contact with girls their own age — it is a breeding ground for this type of abuse.

    It is likely that since she is in foster care now, she doesn’t really want to return. She hated Colorado City. Maybe she was forced into marriage like Ruby Jessop because she was exhibiting a mind of her own.

  114. It is likely that since she is in foster care now, she doesn’t really want to return. She hated Colorado City. Maybe she was forced into marriage like Ruby Jessop because she was exhibiting a mind of her own.

    Who are you referring to?

    And what happened to Ruby Jessop? Where is she now?

  115. Here is a few more to add to the sex Offender list in Utah
    Todd William Dutson
    Jeremiah Sunderlund Johnson
    Joel Johnson
    Joshuah Mackert Johnson
    Weslely Monroe Johnson
    Bryce M Nielson
    Daren Chase Nielson

  116. Here are some Centennial Parker’s names


    Like DuputyDog said above, 20 years ago they were all the same group, so many names are the same. CP just has lots more Hammons, Timpsons, and Knudsons

  117. CP sex offenders will probably be mostly listed on the Arizona’s site instead of Utah’s.

    But CP usually reports its child molesters to the Priesthood to handle the matter. They don’t have their own police force and heaven forbid they bother the Colorado City Police with handling the CP child molesters.

    You would need to check and see if the CP Priesthood Council has a sex offender registry.

  118. Ruby Jessop was married to Haven Barlow, who is also on the Sex offender list in Utah

  119. I didnt find any Batemans, or anyone on Arizona’s list

  120. Did you know Haven Barlow is 65yrs old? He was convicted in 2001 for Aggrevated Sexual Abuse of a child.

  121. Lyman Barlow is 45 and was convicted in 2003 for forcible sexual abuse of a child.
    Then Convicted again in 2006 for the same damn thing

  122. David Legrand Draper age 62
    Convicted Forcible sexual abuse/with child 2nd degree (3) counts

  123. Phillip Cline Nielson 37 convicted of Incest 3rd degree felony 2 counts 1992

  124. Michael Roy Richter 32- Aggrevated sexual abuse of child 1st degree (2) counts 2007

  125. Are any of you getting the picture here???? Is this a pattern or What??

  126. Allen John Allred 33/ sodomy o Child first degree 2003

  127. Now tell me,,, that Brooke Adams doesn’t know or hasn’t tried to find out about all this. It’s very simple to do!

  128. Parley Parker Stubbs 34/ Rape 1st degree (1) count 2001

  129. Polygamy whether religious or secular breeds this crap.

  130. Brooke Adams DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW about the multiple incidences (over MANY years) of child abuse and sexual molestation going on in the polygamous groups. She prides herself for having “connections” to the groups and independents so she can write her newspaper stories.

    She has dinner with the polygamous members. Do you really think she is going to seek out damning information on her dinner pals’ relatives. Not bloody likely.

    Brooke is just as brainwashed as some of the poor women in these cults. She has learned to KEEP SWEET so she can keep her job as the only “polygamy beat reporter” in the US.

    Do you think she would be able to interview the polygamists if she exposed their perversions and sexual crimes. I think not.

    If she outed them then she has no one to interview and no stories to write. If that happens then POOF she is gone as the only “polygamy beat reporter” in the US.

    So where do you think her loyalty lies? KEEP SWEET, its a matter of life and death (and employment).

  131. Actually a lot of the guys appear not to be FLDS, although they may be former members or “lost boys”

  132. 1. Lymen Barlow – former FLDS
    2. Haven Barlow – former FLDS
    3. David Barlow – possibly FLDS
    4. Jerry Allred – not FLDS
    5. Cameron Allred – not FLDS
    6. Allen John Allred – not FLDS
    7. Jerry Allred- not FLDS
    8. Jack Cooke – former FLDS
    9. Jason William Cook – former FLDS
    10.Robert Merrick Cook – possibly former FLDS
    11.John Ellsworth Cook – not FLDS
    12. Steven Lyle Cook – not FLDS
    13. Merlin Dutson – FLDS
    14. Ethan Fischer- FLDS
    15. Dennis Jessop- former FLDS
    16. John Roy Jessop – former FLDS
    17. Marcos Lynn Jessop – former FLDS
    18. Jack Jessop – ??
    19. Warren Jeffs – FLDS
    20. Christopher Jeffs – FLDS
    21. Joshua Mackert Johnson – FLDS (or former)
    22. Abraham Leroy Knudson – FLDS
    23. Benjamin Jeffs – FLDS
    24. Bruce Chatwin – FLDS
    25. Moroni Draper – FLDS
    26. Jason Holm – FLDS
    27. Rodney Holm – FLDS
    28. David Legrand Draper – not FLDS
    29. Merlin Samuel Dutson – ?
    30. Michael Dutson – not FLDS
    31. Ethan Fischer – FLDS
    32. Parley Parker Stubbs – not FLDS ?
    33. Abraham Leroy Knudson – FLDS
    34. Brandon David Nielson – not FLDS
    35. Dale E Nielson – not FLDS
    36. Eric Mark Nielson – not FLDS
    37. Bryce M. Nielson – not FLDS
    38. Clint Jeffery Nielson – not FLDS
    39. Darin Nielson – not FLDS
    40. James G. Nielson – not FLDS
    41. Mark Evans Nielson – not FLDS
    42. Michael Nielson – not FLDS
    43. William Nielson – possibly former FLDS
    44. Brent Nielson – possible (Brent Kapcsos/Nielson)
    45. Gerald Nielson – possible
    46. John Nielson -possible
    47. Philip Nielson – possible
    48. Tanner MIchael Nielson – former FLDS
    49, Michael Roy Richter – not FLDS
    50. Ephraim Woodruff Steed -?
    51. Jeffrey Marvin Steed – not FLDS
    52. Joseph Timpson Steed – FLDS
    53. Rulon Johnson Steed – FLDS (or former)
    54. Derek Lloyd Wayman – not FLDS
    55. Jeremy william Wayman – possible
    56. Winston Fischer ?

  133. Why was my post deleted? If the police do nothing to nothing to stop the abuse then how come so many alleged FLDS members are on the sex registry? If abuse is never reported, then how did all these supposed flds get arrested?

  134. duane, you may be correct in that the incidences of abuse in this group have been greatly ubder reported. What if only 105 of them were rep[orted and ended up on the lists of sex offenders. That would mean that there should really be 10 times more people on the lists than there are.
    More evisence that abuse is very systematic and confined to a few flds men. I think you have hit the nail on the head duane and proved something that many people have only speculated about.

  135. A few typos in previous post. Should be a not between and and confined in line 5.

  136. Careful when looking under the FLDS rock. You might not like what you SEER.

  137. alewife, I think you are correct that this is more evidence that the abuse is very systematic and not confined to just a few flds men. I find that a very sad statement against the law enforcement in UT and AZ that they have stepped back, not done their jobs and allowed this abuse to continue and spread. This is further proof that polygamy breeds abuse. Polygamy is illegal in every state of this nation but the Attorney General’s of these two states have publically stated they will not enforce the laws of their state and this nation.

  138. They would much rather arrest a pot smoker than a Polygamist child abuser.

  139. Duane your post was deleted for filthy language and over the top attacks on posters. Your replacement comment is fine. Tone it down and watch your language and quit calling people bigots and haters for expressing an opinion you don’t care for.

  140. Back to the topic, this “household” also gave up a 12 yr old girl to WJ and then after WJ is in prison, they flip off the law and force CPS to remove her from the family.

    And Merril is the BISHOP? Some church this must be! More details coming soon no doubt!

  141. And maybe MJ will find love ourside her Celestial Sealing. Whats good for the Goose is good gor the gander.

    If she has children, will Warren be the step daddy?

  142. Think about it – if she had a baby next year when Warren is 54, and Warren gets out in 12 years, he might want to marry that baby too!

  143. anon at 2:39 said:
    “Brooke Adams DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW about the multiple incidences … of child abuse”

    While we all form private opinions of others, none of us is in a position to make statements about what others “want” unless they have said so themselves. I have followed Brooke’s blog for a long time, and would not myself feel qualified to make that statement. However Regina Ericson has stated directly in her recent “Just Ducky” blog that she has chosen not to read WSJ’s dictations. She went on to explain that this decision was out of respect for the feelings of the FLDS. In my world, reading these documents has no bearing at all on respecting the feelings of the FLDS community, thos responses come from 2 different parts of the brain. But obviously for Regina it does, because they are one, and reading these documents may therefore interfere with something very vital to her; her relationship with the FLDS. That to me is an example of “not wanting to know.”

  144. [edited list of names that could not be verified as belonging to a public sex offender registry]

    – Admin

  145. [edited list of names that could not be verified as belonging to any sex offender registry]


  146. People – if you are going to label someone as a sex offender, you need to at a minimum provide a link that can be verified that these people are in fact on some kind of sex offender registry. Please do not make statements that any these names of sex offenders are in fact FLDS unless you know that to be the case and, if so, give a statement about how or why you think it is an FLDS member.

    The preceeding post I am going to leave active for a little bit to give the poster an opportunity to provide a link to the registry where these names were found — if that doesn’t happen, I need to remove the post.

    Please be very careful about accusations and just throwing around statements that someone is or is not FLDS and is or is not a registered sex offender. That is a very grave accusation and should not be made unless you have factual information to verify it.


  147. Its very simple, you type in google : Utah Sex Offender List


  149. Yes, but the list that was posted by freeforall included names that were not on the registry. I suspect it was done in an effort to have the site taken offline.

  150. I see,, sorry, I missed the list they put up.. And your probably correct. Seems this site is angering people. When the light shines in the darkness , it usually angers those who live in the dark

  151. Judith, it’s rather strange that Just Ducky refused to read dictations of Warren Jeffs, since she claims to be a family advocate. How would you represent a family if you had no idea how they lived their life? For a couple of years, exflds, (not flora, or carolyn or elissa) had been reporting what was going on behind closed doors and gates. No one was interested, no one listened, and no one came to help.

  152. I can understand Just Ducky not reading something that would be hurtful or painful to people she cares about. If she has a bond that’s important to her, and she wants it to continue irrespective of what’s happened in the past – then I can see it from her view. In that case, she shouldn’t be debating about issues that are covered by those dictations.

  153. Regina -Brooke – if they dont want to acknowledge the crimes how do they possibly defend them? Thats like playing basketball with a blindfold on.

    Oh but it would seem there are a lot of folks out there playing that game. Hands over ears and LALALALALALALALa……

    Truthwillprevail, ha ha isnt that an ironic name for an FLDS website?


  154. Deputy, although I have never met Regina, I have read hundreds of her posts. Your question “how would you represent a family if you had no idea how they lived their life? ” has been asked of her by others previously, and I’ll do my best to reflect what she has said in response.

    Regina would never say that she has “no idea” how they live. She has put a lot of work into forming relationships with members of the FLDS community, both women and men. She considers herself a family advocate, and families do take many forms. I know from many of her writings, that she invariably supports the underdog, whoever becomes saddled with that role. Thus she is presently advocating for the FLDS way of life.

    She would never protect crimes, including those widely discussed on these blogs. However, she believes that all such reporting is overblown, and that the frequency of crimes in the FLDS community is no greater than in the gentile community; an oft repeated assertion by others as well. Further she has many times stated that apostates are lying. I have never once seen her speak respectfully of any apostate, or x-flds person. To me, this need to put people into opposing groups is a dead give-away that there is a blind spot in her thinking. It is a common fact that people will live through the same situation and have very different narratives to tell. The best understanding here, from my standpoint, is to acknowledge that Flora speaks for Flora, Carolyn speaks for Carolyn, and Pliggy speaks for Pliggy, etc… But Regina has gained admittance to a closed society, a very precious thing. To maintain privilege, there is a token one always has to present at the turn-style, and that is to repeat the platitude “your friends are my friends, your enemies are my enemies.” When any society is under siege, solidarity against enemies becomes paramount. Thus it is important to her to regularly assert that the Pliggy’s are being truthful, and the Carolyns are lying. The public posture of not reading the dictations, and all the other documents that have come out since then is more of the same.

    That is the best I can do. I’m a little distressed by it myself.

  155. Judith

    Good post on de-fleshing Regina – She seems to be looking for freinds and found an odd group to join – one that WONT allow her admittance!

    OH they like her and BM when they post in their favor – but they are “evil gentiles” and the flds would never mingle with them in person.

    Regina should rest well in knowing that her posts to defend the lifestyle of abuse are futile and a dozen men are going to prison despite her.

    Hope she can live with that.

  156. Since the dictations came out quite a few players dropped out – they dont want to defend the indefensible.

  157. Anon at 2:39, “on de-fleshing” ouch. My post was intended to put flesh on, not take it off. But I’m also not trying to disguise that I assess this painful situtation differently.

  158. Although I don’t believe every family in FLDS are abusive as in physically,or sexually. My eyes are wide open and regina’s are wide shut!
    She talks to her “friends” by email. I doubt very seriously if they would be comfortable allowing her to visit in their homes. Its very good for Propaganda for Flds to have people defend their actions, but when abuses are spelled out in black and white by the leader of the group, those who have already been convicted of abuse and mothers who continually allowed their young children to be married unlawfully to young, their is a problem.
    FLDS are as gentile as any other human in the world. There are few groups in the United States who feel and act as a group above the laws of this country as FLDS have been doing for generations.
    Children only gain the knowledge they are given which starts with parents. No one could ever blame the children for being taught bad values or that marriage is only when and Adult or Parent decides and to whom.
    Many communes in the United States through the years, dissapated because those followers realized they had their own thinking on situations and following the “leader” of the group didn’t have their best interest at heart, but HIS.
    Tough Love is a good thing once your child has reached adulthood, if they live with you and refuse to follow the rules set up for your household, or they get on drugs and refuse to do something about it for themseleves.
    But tough love with a 13 or 14 yr old being kicked out of the community, or they leave because their is no “Self” allowed, rules are so binding they can no longer breathe, is Wrong!

  159. Judith

    I thought Regina was supposed to be an advocate for abused children were you aware of that?

    If she decides that the abuser – a relative for example – is facing jail time and to her is the underdog (as has been posted) how is she advocating for abused children?

    I’m sorry, but I think she is confused. I think Bill and Pliggy are confused. I think Warren is confused. All for different reasons – but “Back to Basics” – its ABOUT CHILDREN.

  160. Im for the underdog to, if Injustice is proven, I don’t see any Injustice proven so far, except for innocent children, whether CPS came in to search of a girl who called a shelter, or they saw blatant abuses of underage girls pregnant.
    CPS still had a right to investigate, and once on that ranch, anything else they found to be abuse could be investigated. It’s called probable cause.

  161. Stamp,
    It would eventually be better to ask your question directly of Regina. Although her health has put her out of the public eye somewhat. In the past she has stated that she is an advocate for families, not specifically for children. This would mean that she works to keep families intact, whereever possible. I doubt she would say that no child should ever be removed from a home. But honestly Stamp, I am not here to defend Regina. I view her as a humane person who has come to a different conclusion than my own. BTW, I was once a CASA myself, so I am somewhat familiar with the problems of advocacy. I have never heard of a “family advocate” but there is probably such a thing in another state.

  162. Yes, some Family Advocate talked at the hearings they had a couple of weeks ago, and basically said, Everything at YFZ with families was hunky dory. No abuse etc.
    I don’t remember the ladies name, but I was thinking, where did this woman come from and she has a website for being a family advocate and was asked by the committee who her donors or what corporations back her advocacy program.. She humm haaad around and finally said she gets donations on the internet, but mostly her “sister” gives her money.

  163. FYI, if you read Brooke’s blog, at the beginning of the raid, Rericson was all gung ho for CPS and was saying as much that CPS should be taking the kids. BTW she changed her position rather significantly after that. You keep talking about the 12 yo marriages as if it is normal within the FLDs. When the Warren tweener pics came out, even FLDS at YFZ and Short Creek were shocked and confused, pliggy was suprised as well, posts by other FLDS in SC also expressed shock. However, they didn’t and still haven’t concluded that he had sex with her, we still don’t know the whole story behind that episode and nothing in warren’s dications indicates he had sex with her.
    You guys sometimes sound reasonable but then you go off on that ceremonial bed and assert that it was used for ritual sex based on pure fantasy-I don’t see what it is about that room that suggests sex and of course FLDS don’t either. There were multiple beds in the temple, the ones Willie were referring to were likely some other beds. Again, whatever Warren or others may be guilty of, it doesn’t make them all guilty. Other than some underage marriages he documented, almost everything else in Warren’s dictations were legal acts. He can ex members if he wants to and no matter how appalling you may find it, it is not illegal for him to split families by “reassigning” women to new husbands if they agree to it. I certainly don’t agree with everything Warren did, and except for the tweener matter, The stuff I found most objectionable wasn’t the marrying of consenting teens who are of age to consent in a monogamous marriage but his dictatorial ruling style and fostering divisions, even BillM had a problem with that if you bothered to read all his posts. But that is not even illegal and despite my opinion or yours, if they want to organize themeselves by following a “dictatorship” or “one man rule” model, we don’t have the right to mandate how they must organize their leadership.

    You guys supposedly care so much about the children, but then are hoping and wishing that all of YFZ is confiscated by the which would mean forciable evictions of the residents including children, you pray for their financial ruin, hope that the UEP is taken from them permanently…all these things would lead to thousands of impovershied children. Most of you just want to see mormon fundies crushed into oblivion, if for no other reason than that, I will support the FLDS, AUB, CP, and ind. mormon plygs and I’m not religious. If they start lobbying to pass new laws mandating prairie skirts, polygamy, and banning of alcohol…my opinion would most likely change.

  164. duaneh even rulon jeffs married underage girls. there was no shock, although they would like you to believe they were. Makes for better propaganda. Warren married loretta at almost 13, and she had a baby shortly after, don’t you think Flds folks knew when a little girl had a baby?? They are not that ignorant duaneh.

  165. You consider laundering money an illegal act duaneh? you consider front companies legal? How bout bringing and taking girls across state lines and borders to have them married off? Is that legal duaneh?
    Is it legal for boys 10-14 to molest thier sisters duaneh? Is it legal to have sex with your sister duaneh? last I heard that’s called incest.
    Did anyone, mother, father, aunt, uncle report such happenings, NO!

  166. If you give…
    If you give Warren Jeffs a ride, then perhaps he will want your car.
    If you give Warren Jeffs your daughter, then most likely he will want the mother too!
    If you give Warren Jeffs your tithes, then most likely he will demand your entire paycheck
    If you give Warren Jeffs a donation, then soon it will be mandatory
    If you give Warren Jeffs your time on Saturday, pretty soon he will want it all week long.
    If you give Warren Jeffs your land, then he will want your house too!
    If you give Warren Jeffs perfect obedience, then you make a dictator.
    If you give Warren Jeffs your heart, then why not marry him too?

    If you believe Warren Jeffs in Keeping Sweet, then you will no longer listen to your own feelings

  167. “The FLDS were shocked Warren Was marrying 12 year olds!” duane repeats.

    What was shocking is the pictures got out!


    You are GULLIBLE duane!

  168. Whatever stamp, Elissa never reported it nor did Carolyn Jessop, At the very beginning of this mess, Nancy Grace had an exflds young man who said the youngest marriage he witnesses was 2 weeks shy of 18. PK was never aware of underage marriages.

    Not that I agree but his was some sort of betrothal thing that was kept secret to all but the parties involved. Again whatever warren did doesn’t make everyone else guilty.

  169. duaneh, everyone was and is aware underage marriages took place. Are they going to go on TV and admit that, Hell NO! Especially the people who are still members.
    And duaneh, Roundy who was Law enforcement back in 2005 got his badge taken away because he admitted he didn’t report over 25 abuses of children to Law Enforcement.. His excuse? He didn’t think he had to.

  170. Ex-marshal failed to report abuse
    Colorado City child cases involved

    By Mark Shaffer
    Arizona Republic – Flagstaff Bureau

    Roundy, who did not return phone messages Friday and Saturday, told Dan Altenes, an investigator for AZPOST, that he did not report the child-molestation indictment last year of David Leroy Steed, 22, or any of the other 20 to 25 child sexual abuse cases he said he had investigated over the years to the Utah Division of Child and Family Services, as required by law. Steed is accused of molesting an 8-year-old girl.

    “I didn’t know I was supposed to, to be just frankly honest with ya,” Roundy said during his interview. “They said (it) was protocol, but I didn’t even know about it . . . maybe I’ve been in a Hicksville too long and not looking out at what’s coming in.”

    Roundy also acknowledged that he has 15 children with his legal wife, Valerie Roundy, and three children each with his companions, Jennifer Nielsen and Loretta Cooke.

    This was in 2005 duaneh, YES Flds knew about abuses taking place in thier membership

  171. Here’s a list of men kicked out of Flds so far that was in 2005
    Sterling Harker
    Dan Fischer
    Ernie Jessop
    Dave Harker
    Alvin Harker

    Louis Barlow
    Dan Barlow
    Truman Barlow
    Roland Barlow
    Thomas Barlow
    Art Barlow
    Doug Cooke
    Bill Knudson
    Jethro Barlow
    Alma Barlow
    Howard Meldrum
    Lloyd Wall
    Fred Lindsey
    Ross Chatwin
    Guy Draper
    Blaine Jeffs
    Winston Blackmore
    Albert Council
    Art Blackmore
    John Roy Jessop
    Leon Jessop
    John Johnson
    Dell Barlow
    Joe C Jessop
    Edwin Barlow
    Royal Cooke
    Bill Shapley
    Allen Steed
    Nephi Steed
    Leroy Jeffs
    Sidney Barlow
    Jed Barlow
    Carson Barlow
    Nephi Barlow
    Peter Barlow
    Preston A Barlow
    Roland Barlow
    Mace Church
    David Cook
    Rollie Cooke
    Moroni Draper
    Nephi Draper
    Erwin Fischer
    Don Holm
    Richard Holm
    James Dockstader
    David Jeffs
    Wallace Jeffs
    Beck Jessop
    Jerry Jessop Jr
    Garth Jessop
    Hyrum Jessop
    Val Jessop
    Charles Johnson
    Spencer Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    Gary Johnson
    Philip Mackert
    Carl Richter
    Wayland Wyler
    Ron Robock
    Dan Wayman
    Dale Wight
    isaac Wyler
    Robert Blackmore
    Jarred Barlow
    Joseph Blackmore
    Arthur Barlow
    Larry Steed
    Marvin Wyler
    Nephi Jeffs
    William Steed
    Joseph Steed
    Richard Steed
    Lehi Steed
    David Draper
    matt Draper
    Ezra Draper
    Todd Nielsen
    Dan Woodruff
    Lee Bistline Sr.
    Daniel Bistline
    Jason Bistline
    Curtis Barlow
    Doug Barlow Jr.
    Marce Jessop
    Ashley Jessop
    Joseph Dutson
    Austin Bistline
    Warren Johnson (Johns)
    Lester Johnson
    Oscar Jessop
    Kevin Jessop
    Roy Cooke
    Charlie Cooke
    Josh Johnson
    Don Carlos Johnson
    Mark Copeland
    Leslie Bistline
    Verl Cooke
    There 3 men got kicked out and died shortly after
    Louis Barlow
    Con Holm
    Erwin Fischer

    Ron Barlow
    John Barlow
    Mike Barlow
    Bill Roundy
    Guy Roundy
    Kam Roundy
    Jacob Roundy
    This is a list of men whose wives left with them
    Howard Meldrum(one wife)
    Bill Knudson
    Rolland Cooke
    Guy Johnson
    Anson Johnson
    Ray Johnson
    Merril Stubbs
    LeeRoy Stubbs
    Lonniw Keate
    Tracy Barlow
    Steven Draper
    Nate Fisher
    Richard Keate
    Shem Johnson
    Issac Wyler (although she left him later, she didnt return to CC)
    Carl Richter
    Spencer Johnson
    Evan Johnson
    Jed Barlow
    Mace Church
    Lloyd Wall(one wife)
    Ezera Draper (I think she left him later, as well)
    Lester Johnson
    Mark Copeland
    Robert Richter
    Phil Mackert Sr xcommunicated whose wives went with them.
    Ross Chatwin
    Oliver Barlow
    Joseph Barlow

  172. Thats a lot of older men and young men kicked out of the community.

  173. I presented that list to the plural life blog months ago. Many of these men left on their own, others weren’t kicked out, some repented, and some who were kicked out like pliggy, aren’t on this list. Basically these “lists of names” are a mess.

  174. How did you come up with that list. That is an awful lot of people

  175. Deputydawg, Roundy was obviously doing his job as the suspect was indicted and he investigated 20-25 cases over the years. If he wasan’t doing his job these cases would have never been investigated nor would there have been an indictment. He merely failed to forward the paperwork to another state agency. Only a big deal becasue of his religious beliefs.
    Lets investigate every other small isolated town of equivalent size and see if the local police properly file and forward their paperwork to the myriad state agencies per all of the onerous state regulations.

    So I see he is not practicing polygamy but does have 2 extra companions i.e. mistresses…sweet! If we discover police officers in other localites to be carrying on with mistresses and even bearing children with them…should they be decertified for bigamy as well?

  176. There are laws that require church officials, school and LE personnel to report any report of child abuse to state agencies. Obviously the flds town marshalls and the flds deputy sheriff did not comply with those reporting requirements.
    More evidence that the proper solution is to decertify those short creek towns, and if an flds person is hired to work in the sheriff’s department he or she should be assigned to a non flods area to avoid any possible conflict of interest.

  177. duane: Why are you posting lists of fake names?? Does doing that amuse you?

  178. duaneh, I got the names from xflds.
    And Roundy wasn’t doing his job, thats why the state FIRED his butt.

  179. Actually a few names were from people who are still in Flds.

  180. duaneh, Roundy was working for LE in his capacity, not his religion. He broke the law, and got fired.

  181. Allen Holms name isn’t on it before these were men and boys kicked out in 2005. And maybe Allen was important enough to put on the list.

  182. I think one of the site adninistrators deleted some of duane’s posts that had names that were clearly false. Blamk Thudpucky blank, etc. The administrators on this site don’t let duane get away with his childish pranks.

  183. Hope y’all missed me. I was visiting Texas for the first time, and now I’m back.

    “But like there were a lot of parties, like out in the bushes. All my aunts and uncles always had boyfriends and girlfriends and I’m sure a lot of my older brothers went through that where they’d go out and party and probably dated a few girls.”

    PK told us something very similar. When I can corroborate one part of a story, it gives me confidence in the rest.

    When communities practice sexual repression on this order, molestation and abuse are inevitable. When communities are secretive and hierarchical, molestation and abuse go unpunished. Children who were physically, sexually, or emotionally abused often grow up to be abusers or passive enablers of abuse. Of course there is a community-wide problem with sexual abuse in the FLDS. How could it be otherwise?

    For the record, I pity Dan Jessop the boy (who very likely learned to abuse by being abused), at the same time as I’m repulsed by Dan Jessop the man.

  184. But… Barbara Jessop throwing and kicking a little boy because she hated his mother? Merril holding a boy by the shoulder and kicking his feet out from under him to ‘discipline’ him? I’m sure having a hard time pitying either of them.

    It is not my place to judge them, and for that I am profoundly grateful.

  185. Welcome back Greetings, I sho hope you liked Texas!!! I was born and raised in Texas, and will return someday…..Yeeee Haaa! 🙂

  186. Thanks, DD.

    I just loved the contrast between this deposition and the Jessop “perfect family” photo. And Linda Lamb (who might actually be [edit by Admin – we have a rule against guessing anonymous posters’ identities] ) saying, “My word, aren’t they just the sweetest li’l things?”

    That Ben does look like an Eddie Haskell type, doesn’t he?

  187. HAHAHAH, yes greetings he does!!

  188. Greetings, I’m sorry my comments bother you so much. You are incorrect that I am rericson. I have never communicated with her, but know her from her postings and have heard that she has recently had a stroke and probably not posting very much these days. I sent her get well greetings and wish her the best. I am not embarassed at all to be assumed to be her. I think she is an Advocate for the FLDS folks and probably others, for she seems to have a compassionate heart.

    As for me, maybe you see me as looking through rose-colored glasses. I am obviously not an intellectual, just a retired pastor’s wife who has grown to respect and care for the FLDS that I feel I know, but have not met. Through the years I have seen many people falsely accused and their lives ruined.

    I also respect the Amish and respect their differences in belief and lifestyle. Yes, there have been questionable, disturbing accusations. In the Baptist circles when questionable ministers appear to be involved in anything illegal or immoral, they are called to task and many times lose their jobs just because of the “appearance of evil.” It is difficult for me to understand the concept of modern day prophets such as the FLDS and the LDS believe in. But that is their belief. And I have to respect at least a willingness to follow what their religion teaches. My prayer is that these people will have the courage to hold on to what they know is good and the wisdom to let go of what might not be God’s best for them. And that’s about it.

  189. Linda, personally I could care less what religion you believe in. It doesn’t make you any more compassionate than someone who doesn’t have a religion.
    You chose to live in the dark of child abuse, that’s your choice.
    But don’t use the excuse that your a christian full of compassion, when you don’t know what many of these families have done to their children.
    Pastors, Preachers, Priests, and Prophets are no better or holier than any other human being on earth. And some decide they are Gods and can do whatever they want to families and children.
    That is what’s happened to the FLDS group for generations. They hang the word “GOD” on grossley abusing their children. And in Warren Jeffs particular case, HE himself Believed himself to be GOD, and many of the members still believe he is.
    No child should in the name of “GOD” be sexually abuse, hit, kicked, molested by fathers, brothers, or mothers!!!
    I don’t know what kind of God you believe in, but its certainly NOT the one I would want to believe in.

  190. Linda Lamb, I pray, eat, laugh and cry with Baptists: I know Baptists; Baptists are friends of mine. And not one that I’ve ever known would condone the FLDS’ behavior, even while they pitied them and prayed earnestly for them. Nor would any of them pal around with Mudpucky and his agents of filth.

    Of course, any two-bit preacher can call himself a Baptist. Case in point: Westboro Baptist Church. No matter what they say about themselves, they are frauds and liars led by Satan, with the goal of misrepresenting Christ and his church. Which is patently foolish, since God the Father has far greater resources at hand than they, and in the end even our infinitely patient God has his limits.

    To me, the greatest sin of all is to lie to people about God. If you were just posting as “Linda Lamb, citizen,” I would treat you the same as everyone else. But you’re posing as a good follower of Christ, one in authority, and to me that is exactly the same as Warren Steed Jeffs posing as a prophet. In short, a particular and nasty kind of sin:

    “The idols speak deceit,
    diviners see visions that lie;
    they tell dreams that are false,
    they give comfort in vain.
    Therefore the people wander like sheep
    oppressed for lack of a shepherd.

    “My anger burns against the shepherds,
    and I will punish the leaders;
    for the LORD Almighty will care
    for his flock, the house of Judah…” (Zechariah 10:2-3)

  191. Before the FLDS can be restored, they need to understand that they are broken. This is not hatred; this is love of the first order. Telling them lies that make them feel good about themselves but which allow them to continue unrepentant is not love, it is the opposite of love:

    “Christianity simply does not make sense until you face the sort of facts I have been describing. Christianity tells people to repent and promises them forgiveness. It therefore has nothing (as far as I know) to say to people who do not know that they have anything to repent of and who do not feel that they need any forgiveness. It is after you have realised that there is a real moral law and a power behind the law and that you have broken that law and put yourself wrong with that power – It is after all this, and not a moment sooner, that Christianity begins to talk. When you know you are sick, you will listen to the doctor. When you have realised that our position is nearly desperate you begin to understand what the Christians are talking about…They tell you how the demands of this law, which you and I cannot meet, have been met on our behalf. How God himself becomes a man to save man from the disapproval of God. It is an old story…All I am doing is to ask people to face the facts – to understand the questions which Christianity claims to answer. And they are very terrifying facts. I wish it was possible to say something more agreeable. But I must say what I think true. Of course, I quite agree that the Christian religion is, in the long run a thing of unspeakable comfort. But it does not begin in comfort; it begins in the dismay I am describing and it is no use at all to go on to that comfort without first going through that dismay. In religion, as in war and everything else comfort is the one thing you cannot get by looking for it. If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end: If you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth. – only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin with and, in the end despair.” (C.S. Lewis, ‘Mere Christianity’)

  192. Greetings I don’t believe FLDS are told anything in LOVE! It’s all about FEAR! TEACHING fear of no celestial heaven, fear of disobeying the prophet, losing your family, losing your children if your children have any rebellion at all. Giving your daughters, means extras for the Fathers, and means extra problems for the women. You DRILL fear into somoene long enough, they live in it, wallow in it, and die in it.

  193. DD, I was really speaking about our approach to the FLDS. Some of us swank around pretending that nothing the FLDS do is so bad as to detract from their corn-fed, gap-toothed charm. Others of us recognize that, externals to the contrary, the FLDS need to repent and be restored through grace.

    To me the latter statement is true love, and the former position is akin to an opium-dealer’s deceit.

    But I’m off to bed. Jet lag.

  194. There ought to be a law against allowing strict fundamentalist religious sects whether Baptist, Calvinist, Catholic, Amish, Pentecostal, and of course Mormonism, from ordering their followers to stay virgins until married or having strict sexual rules that if broken, lead to excommunication or promises of eternal damnation. Such restrictions always result in child molestaton, incest, and other abuse. Allowing young girls and boys to mingle and explore their sexuality without such arcane and repressive restrictions is the best way to prevent children from being abused and molested. Our culture’s liberated views on sexuality, legalization of abortion and tolerance for pornography is the fundamental reason why sex abuse is so rare here as compared to strict religious states like Saudie Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries where sexual repression is in full force.


  196. Duane
    If a law enforcement officer had mistresses in our town, he would be unemployed really fast. And if the mistresses found about each other he would be a dead man.

  197. This has completely opened up my eyes. All in the FLDS need throwing in jail and the key thrown away. The children NEED to be re-educated into what is RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG.

  198. MJ is Merrilee Jessop, Merrill and Carolyn’s daughter.

  199. Not only did you forget Jeremiah Sunderland Johnson on that sex offender list, who I was with for 9 years and have a seven year old daughter with, but while we wer together and living in Ivins Utah, his brother Sterling Bygnal Johnson moved in with us. Now 6 0r seven years later, Sterling Bygnal Johnson is going on trial for 2 first degree felonies for molesting my 16 year old daughter from the time she was 9 to 11. I just learned yesterday that all these years Jeremiah said he molested 2 of his sisters, but in fact molested 3 of his sisters and 2 of his brothers. I’d like to know which two brothers they were!!!!

  200. I dunno Jamie, but but surely you could find out, since you were with his brother for nine years. I hope he goes to jail for what he did,,, is any of those abused testifying against this man?

  201. Jamie, who is the father of Jeremiah and Sterling?

  202. Linda Lamb, there haven’t just been disturbing accusations. There have been years of disturbing CONVICTIONS in multiple states, and more to come. To acknowledge them as “accusations” is to damn them with faint praise.

  203. here’s a website that’s talking about jeremiah sunderland johnson.

  204. Whoo boy, PT.

    That is some rough reading.

    Couldn’t help but notice this…

    “…a Mohave County Superior Court judge sentenced him to just 10 months in county jail and five years’ probation.”

    Doesn’t say who the judge was, but the Mohave County Attorney at the time (not Matt Smith) let Johnson plea to one count of sexual conduct with a minor which as a Class 6 felony carries a pitifully low maximum sentence.

    Hard to imagine, though, how a judge could not impose a maximum in that case.

    Interesting, too, about the father’s history.

    Wonder who his father was?

  205. And this…

    “Court records show that the mother, Sirrene, stated that her younger brothers living in another house were involved with her younger sisters in an “inappropriate way.””

    Sirrene Dutson Johnson Jessop is the daughter of Bygnal Dutson and his wife, Marjorie Norling.

    Parley Jeffs Dutson is one of Sirrene’s younger half-brothers.

    Classic pathology.

  206. VIVE TEXAS for doing what Utah and Arizona have failed to do for a hundred years. Finally some justice for the victims of shameless perverts who use religion to perpetrate crimes on innocent women and children.


  207. your information that it is easy to look up that list is not accurate. Also, why would some one talk about abuse; so they can be humiliated at the men. only half is on the list. only half or a third.

  208. and as to Laurie Allen’s post; Texas will lost its case, for a man that was not guilty was targeted; why the guilty one’s walked free. And she lied; just as Brooke Adam’s did. and the men who assult. and where is justice; when the guilty men walk free, and the one who was not is jailed. and it was not about abuse anyhow. It was about sensationalism, on the media’s part; and humilitation on the girls part; and the men will pay the debt in the end. The one’s who were guilty; for we all know. Me, the girls and the men. Laurie Allen too, knows her lie and so does Brooke Adams.

  209. Sorry, but Warren Jeffs is NOT innocent. He is a monster who preys upon the vulnerable and trusting. I’m sorry that you trust him. It puts you in danger for abuse as well. Or has it already happened? I’m sorry, Anonymous — I’m sorry for your pain.

  210. Anonymous there’s no way to make sense of your meaning by what you wrote. Please keep in mind that we know there are other monsters among them but that Texas can only prosecute crimes committed in Texas. It’s not Texas’ fault that those other States refuse to do what is right. Not even the US courts are. Viva Texas!

  211. As good a place and time as any to ask again, why aren’t these MOTHERS being sent off to prisons for pimping out their underaged daughters to old married men? The mothers are old enough to know better. There are certainly other mothers in prisons in Texas, Utah, Arizona and wherever else for that same felony crime.

  212. Wanda Barzee is in jail for her part in the kidnapping and rape of Elizabeth Smart. Why are Naomi Jeffs and other flds women not facing charges??

  213. Who knows? Maybe there is a tape, as has been suggested, which features Warren and one of the tweener brides being “supervised” by Naomi

  214. Sounds like Ruth to me.

  215. Ruth….it that you….???

  216. There are no words …when it comes to the brainwashing and abuse of the FLDS! Sadly the whole story illustrates how religion = doctrine. We see it in almost every faith known to our planet…… The true and good and holy kernel in all world faiths (as all faiths have a true and good epicentre) gets manipulated and changed to match into egotistical, power hungry individuals who want to control the masses……….and people become indoctrinated and brainwashed………..ego is man’s biggest downfall…..when it become outright evil as in the case of one Warren Jeff, we can only feel compassion for the people who lives he has ruined!

  217. There are no words …when it comes to the brainwashing and abuse of the FLDS! Sadly the whole story illustrates how religion = doctrine. We see it in almost every faith known to our planet…… The true and good and holy kernel in all world faiths (as all faiths have a true and good epicentre) gets manipulated and changed to match into egotistical, power hungry individuals who want to control the masses……….and people become indoctrinated and brainwashed………..ego is man’s biggest downfall…..when it becomes outright evil as in the case of one Warren Jeff, we can only feel compassion for the people whose lives he has ruined!

  218. Man oh man I hope they shut down the whole damn compound. I am not a big fan of the government getting in lives but there are times when like we see the FLDS which is not religion but a money making cult prison. Save no 1 who is forced to get raped by Warren Jeffs or beaten by the “leaders” have committed a crime.*
    *OK I am confessing a huge amount of respect for Carolyn Jessop & Warren Jeff’s nephew for letting the truth come out despite the criminals like Merril Jessop & Warren Jessop along w/other pieces of trash working making life hell on them. Like Reagan said TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!

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