Deposition of Rulon Jeffs May 1989 – UEP Formation and Purpose

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I’m reposting this at the top of the page in view of the UEP talks that are apparently going into next week.   This deposition is replete with information about the UEP’s formation and purpose and management.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 25, 2009.

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  1. Wonder if what the old guy was studying back during the Great Depression was called “a-countin’”?

    Anyone can have a house on UEP property if they are faithful enough, old enough, and male enough, and their house ain’t a shambles. Them folks know who THEY are, since even though they were leaving anyway, we sent ‘em an eviction notice—whoops!—‘order to vacate’—to keep them varmints well and truly out.

    (Like father, like son: both the Jeffs learned they were to be Supreme Seer and Revelator when God told them so in a private conversation. God once told me that I am a green jellybean, but I have a hard time convincing any followers of it.)

    Everything in the world is run by Merril Jessop, who is the president of about 8700 shell companies which nest together like a set of Tupperware, some being for-profit and others being not-for-profit, with the towns of Hildale and Colorado City snugly fitted onto them like seal-tite lids. All the accounting being conveniently done by the Jeffs Accounting Company, d/b/a as whatever the heck it is called this week. And none of them—not one, mind you—drawing so much as a penny in compensation for their efforts.

  2. Whoops! Missed the last 106 pages. Let me get right on that.

  3. Synopsis of last 106 pages: shell game to sweep all sheeple assets into a private trust for the use of Messers Jeffs, Jessop and cronies.

    Plus, Sam Barlow was double-dipping, collecting his Colorado City salary while working for Rulon Jeffs.

  4. It’s interesting about the creation of the UEP. This was clearly before the “answer them nothing” days. Rulon was quite talkative.

  5. Rulon was talkative, except for his own finances,, He was basicly saying, I wasn’t paid, don’t remember being paid, how much he was paid. His Attorney’s continually put roadblocks up when those questions were asked.

  6. FLDS Texas, thanks for noticing that this is relevant to the current discussion about the Trust. Those who think that Warren is the problem need to read this. Because Rulon started this business of thinking of the trust as his own personal stash, not Warren.

    The difference is that Rulon was a charming rogue, and Warren is just a weird rogue.

  7. Whatever happened to the ‘ Majestic Trust’ ??

  8. Good question. I bet Merril knows.

  9. Most ALL the coroporations were held by the UEPtrust under the top guys in FLDS. Its called “Fraud” in legal terms. Rulon, said all those companies were for profit, yet they were non-profit? I guess he thought because all the monies the corporations made were funneled into the UEPtrust or for consecrations, they were non profit… LOL

  10. According the Ben Bistline Fred Jessop and Joe Barlow were in the processs of transfering the assets of the UEP to the Majestic Security Trust.
    According to Bistline if the lawsuit had not been filed Joe and Fred would of controlled the trust.
    There where only three people in this trust, namely, Leroy Johnson, Joseph I. Barlow and Fred Jessop.
    When Leroy Johnson died Rulon Jeffs replaced him in the new trust. Page 298 The Polygamists

    In the deposition of Rulon Jeffs taken on May 4, 1989, he testified that he had known nothing of this new trust until just a few days before this deposition when Jethro Barlow, son of Joe Barlow, handed him a paper showing the names of the companies that were owned by the UEP.

  11. According to Rulon, Majestic Trust owned all the stock of Cooperative Mercantile, and Cooperative Mercantile owned all of the stock of all the other corporations within the FLDS — most of which were owned by Merril Jessop or Jack Knudson but were controlled ultimately by Rulon.

    Rulon said that the UEP was the holder of land and the Majestic Trust was to be the holder of stock of the corporations. From what you’re saying those stock transfers may not have been completed … or maybe they were.

    I need to read The Polygamists. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. I think they screwed Parley Harker (Harker Farms) His land and assets, he didn’t want put in the UEPtrust and made that well known to Warren and Rod Parker.
    But evidently thats where it ended up, and Parley died. But the UEPtrust owns Harker farms, and Bruce Wisan was trying to sell it to pay expenses, and that’s when FLDS raised a ruckus and filed the lawsuit against Wisan and Judge Lindberg to stop the sale.

  13. I thought the ruckus was over Berry Knoll

  14. It is over berry knoll, but before berry knoll, the harkers were suing the trust, because the trust wanted to sell the harker farms.

  15. Anyone by chance recognize the last name of one of the Plaintiffs? Interesting that it is Swinton the same last name as Rozita just an odd coincidence.

  16. He isn’t a plantiff Terry, he is the attorney for the plantiffs.

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