Merril/Barbara Progeny


Top Row:   Leroy, Dan, Jack, Thomas, Sampson, Truman, Ben *

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~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 23, 2009.

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  1. total guess mostly, but
    Millie, Foneta, Martha, Monica Sue, Barbara Joy, Merrianne, Estella

  2. Merril and Barbara’s daughters: Barbara Joy, Estella, Merrianne, Foneta Maria.. don’t know any more off the top of my head

  3. 🙂

  4. the next to the last one in the peach dress is merrianne. the others i was just trying to figure out who looked oldest and on down.

  5. This is the only group photograph I have ever seen, of any age from child to adult, where there are equal numbers of FLDS males to females.

  6. Well, there are so many and that picture was probably taken at YFZ ranch. The background looks like YFZ ranch inside.
    These are only partial pictures of Jessops family. Maybe these are the ELITE ones?

  7. That’s all his kids with Barbara I think

  8. he was probably the only one with all his kids there.

  9. Sorta fairy-tale-ish. The 7 princes and the 7 eatster egg chicks?

  10. These spawn are disgusting, looks like they are being prepared to breed.

  11. Funny that the gender disparity within the FLDS doesn’t seem to have hit Merril and Barbara’s family. They must be really special.

    Heaven help any woman who’s had 14 kids. If you had them from 15 to 45, that would be about one every two years. Hard (although not impossible) to do while nursing.

    Uterine prolapse seems inevitable.

  12. I dont know the exact global statistics for male/female births, but assuming it’s right around 50/50 then Merril and Barbara’s children are right in line.

    All of those children are married except Ben and Sampson. I think Ben is 11 or 12 and Sampson is 17. Interesting that Merrianne was married off at age 12 but Sampson has made it to the ripe old age of 17 and still a bachelor. Wonder why the Prophet never gets revelations that 12 year old boys should be coupled with other 12 year old girls or with older women.

  13. It’s a beautiful family portrait, isn’t it?

  14. Does anyone know if any of their 14 children have left the FLDS community?

  15. April Day,

    Yes! It is a lovely family group. I dont see the beat down, depressed look of abused or brain washed people. They look like a happy family. God bless them! I would love to see more pictures of the other families. Its so sad that they have been forced into secrecy because of intolerance and hate. Something is seriously wrong with our society when we go after these kind and gentle people but turn the other way from outright godless lifestyles all around us. What makes us do that anyway?

  16. Linda, why wouldn’t Merrill and barbs kids look happy?? The got the best of the best. So did warren jeffs children, everyone else’s children got the bottom of the barrel, and worked for nothing so Jessops and Jeffs could live high on the hog.

  17. Deputydog1, I sincerely hope that is not an accurate statement.

  18. yes linda it is an accurate statement.

  19. Linda, do yourself a favor and look at the bishops list, although not complete. Count the number of Jessops and Jeffs at YFZ.

  20. Looks can be deceiving. Truly.

    I have a question if anyone can answer – Dan Jessop – he’s the one who is trotted out as the All American Boy, one wife Louisa, who was of legal age when she married. She was a “disputed minor” and had a baby while the kids were still in custody. Right?

    One of the court of appeals petitions was filed in Louisa’s name I believe.

    I think Danny Jessop has some secrets of his own. Tick tock.

  21. Louisa Jessop is the one who when she testified in Judge Walthers court said yes there were underaged marriages at the ranch. For that I give her alot of credit!!

  22. but louisa also said that warren jeffs was perfect and couldn’t even tell who lived with her and her husband in barbara and merril’s house.

  23. Yes, Linda, just look at that “happy” family, now look at the second GIRL from the right…she was 12 years old when her “perfect” parents sold her into sexual slavery to their master. 12 years old Linda, 12 years old when she was moved from her parents home into warren jeffs home with his other wives, who were instructed to teach her how to be a proper priesthood wife to him, to teach her the things he “likes”.

    Yes, what a “lovely” family group! Do you find all families that sell their 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS into sexual slavery “lovely” families? Is that what your husband preaches at your baptist church, does he command his followers to bring their 12 year old girls to him for life and eternity for his sexual pleasure?

  24. LadieSadie,

    You are so over the top in your accusations and exaggerations. I dont for one single minute think ANY girl was ever “sold into sexual slavery.” The custom of marrying young and arranged marriages within their religion is not what I believe, but it is theirs. My life and religious convictions are different, but we believe in the same God, try to worship and live as He taught. I do not believe in the Book of Mormon as the insipred word of God nor do I believe in prophets today. But I respect those that I know who are fervent in their FLDS beliefs. I hurt to see them blasted and accused as they have been. And… husband is now retired, but your question about his preaching is ridiculous and sick. He is a man of compassion and his sermons encourage grace and mercy and love for all mankind and a personal relationship with the Lord for all….everyone. I just dont understand the need for all this venom.

  25. But Linda, does the right to believe and practice a chosen religion include the right to practice criminal acts against children? That’s the issue, not whether the Book of Mormon is the inspired word of God, and not whether their prophet is believable, and not how fervent or faithful anyone is.

    The venom is outrage at the stripping away of the children’s rights and exposing them to trauma at a very very young age — acts against children that will impact their emotional health the rest of their lives. The outrage is the removal of any choice in very young girl’s lives and binding them to a life of servitude without ever having given them the knowledge or the life experience to choose for themselves.

    I know that comments sometimes seem hateful in general toward the FLDS and everything they stand for, and that is wrong if what we’re really outraged about is child abuse. I think that is a result of frustration and helplessness because for those of us who are advocates for the children and their rights, it is maddening to see the abuses continue and even be supported. It is sickening to some of us that anyone would value a parent’s right to practice religion over a defenseless and weak child’s right to be protected from abuse.

  26. Look at the smiling face of Dan Jessop, second from the left. He looks happy and wholesome, right? It’s hard to imagine that there is a dark side to him or that he would engage in behavior that is harmful to little girls, right? After all, he has only one wife and he did not marry her until she was legal age.

    If you learned that Dan Jessop had sexually molested more than one little girl who hadn’t even come close to reaching puberty, would that picture look any less lovely to you? If those children in that picture were so favored in the family that their half-siblings were beaten and bruised just to keep them from rising to the top and outshining the favored children — would that picture look so lovely? If the stories you have heard about abuse at the hands of Barbara Jessop were true, would that picture of her children look any less lovely? Would you question the sincerity of the smiles and wholesome countenances?

    I think you would.

  27. Linda, Im not sure what your trying to convey? You seem to think this group of folks are like the little House of the Prairie folks. Well they aren’t. The ruined many good men, by tossing them out and giving their families to other men. Older men died of nothing heartbreak because they not only didn’t understand the reasons they were being kicked out, but once they were, they didn’t know how to cope with outside world. They had o place to go, no family, no children.
    Does that sound compassionate to you? Some men were told to repent from afar, but if you don’t even know what you did, what would you repent from?
    This is my opinion on the matter, I think there were men who were competition to the leadership, many men, and some were older men, so rather than take care of them (supporting them in old age) they just dumped them , into the outside world. Their reasonsing makes no sense at all, especially if you read Prophet Rulon Jeffs deposition.

  28. My opinion is Rulon was an evil genius and Warren was just flat out insane.

  29. Linda, have you ever MET a person from the flds? Have you ever spoken with one personally? Have you ever personally helped one or more that have managed to leave this group, or even personally met or spoken with one that is still in? Have you ever let one of these mothers cry on your shoulder because she could not take all her children with her, because she was separated from some of her children? Have you ever spoken with one of the men that was “kicked” out because he would not commit an illegal act because warren jeffs ordered him to?

    Until you have, all you are doing is enabling this group to commit crimes against children. When you meet you maker (to most of us this is “God”) are you sure that he is going to welcome you, or is he going to question your support of abuse against children?

  30. Ladiesadie, Did you watch WSJ having sex with MJ? Did you see it?
    Your remarks about the suffering of these mothers and trauma of their children? Did you talk to them, they told you all this? How many YFZ residents have you spoke to? It is funny how the kids were so happy to be returned to their parents, not a single resident has testified to cruel treatment at yfz but you go on on how cruelly these people were treated. You are basing all these supposed tales of woe and horror on dications nothing else, no corroboration, no complaints levied by yfz residents, nothing but what was written in a journal and that doesn’t even tell the whole story, Warren writes what he did but nothing about the circumstances surrounding his actions.
    You guys allege all these cruel actions and abuse, but no one from YFZ has made such allegations.

  31. Who did Dan Jessop sexually molest anyway?
    Who are the beaten half-siblings? When did they give this testimony and to who?
    The men who were kicked out and don’t know why, what are their names and who did they tell their stories to?

  32. Actually dudewayne, I do know a couple of people from Flds. People you would never know. So shut the hell up!!

  33. I also know the people I know from Flds are NOW safe!

  34. A couple of people eh? If it is as bad as you guys claim it to be, why not more of them? You are making the assertion that they are miserable, wouldn’t it be more credible if we heard directly from the mouths of the YFZ residents themself? What you you guys the right to speak on their behalf? Perhaps you can visit the ranch and explain how screwed up their lives are, that they are abused and mistreated, their religions is crap, and so on. Then report back to us on what they told you. Also let us know how the kids feel about the idea of CPS coming in and “rescuing” them, I mean really if they are so abused and miserable, they ought to be happy at the prospect right?

  35. duaneh, when you grow up to be a man, maybe you will gain some intelligence. You have a long way to go however before getting there.

  36. All I know for sure, are there are less kids at the den of thieves now. Because they have been returned to their real mother.

  37. Only MORE proof these people are liars! They claimed children which weren’t there’s and there was DNA to back up claims of some that the children were’t supposed to be on that ranch.

  38. No name calling duane

    – Admin

  39. the kids were taken from their mother dudewayne,,, and given to other families. But not to worry, they are safe and sound back with their mother in her care, and have disappeared into this wonderful country.

  40. Dan Jessop is the one who said he was shocked at the picture of his little sister kissing Warren. and yet Merrianne was living in the same house with Dan and Louisa and umpteen other people.

  41. LIARS!!! LIARS!!! they are all LIARS!

  42. jackson’s wife was underage when she gave birth to her first child.

  43. Jackson’s wife was also underage when she conceived her second child.

  44. Duane1 – more about Dan Jessop soon.

  45. so she was barely of age when she was griping about being a disputed minor.

  46. We’ve got the Dirty Dozen going to trial soon and duane STILL thinks nothin’s been goin’ on..?

    Wake up and smell they coffee duane! Warrens going to get a lot of company, and regardless the good evidence of crimes posted here, LE has even more! LIKE DNA.

    PS – recommended reading- the Dictations recently posted about Nathan Johnson – giving up his daughter Permilia to Warran at 15 – and Warren writing how frustrated he is at not getting proper lovin, if it doesnt change fast – she will be sent off to a house of hard work in hiding – her parents bounced with NOTHING…

    My what a nice way to force your rapes aint it?

  47. Lemme spell it out for you duane, I wouldnt want you to have to do any heavy lifting.

    Here Warren simply tells it like it is. Give it up or you’re toast, and your family? GONE.


    In August 2004, Warren wrote this note to Permelia:

    9:06 p.m. Message to Permelia

    “Hello Permelia. I am asking if you desire to stay here at RI.

    Get close to me as a wife in every way, fervent in faith and stop your hesitation and fears and fulfill this mission withholding nothing.

    Or would you like to go to RI7, another land of refuge where you can have time and place to work hard and learn to exert greater faith? If you stay and will not abide your covenants and get close to me and if any have to be sent away after this they could lose everything.

    So make your choice and write me a note. Thank you. “And I love you”.

    (Creepy little rape note aint it?) I am so glad that BASTARD is in PRISON!

  48. duane if you care the children at the YFZ Ranch can you explain why the local area folks say that the children are less in appearance now? Do you really condone their being kept indoors, kept from play and denied outside recreation. Something very abusive in all of this duane. The children are hardly ever seen outside and only in very small numbers and for brief periods of time, I think it is very odd and inexcusable to keep children indoctrinated to such an unhealthful degree. No playsets, basketball courts, bicycles, horseshoe pits, volleyball or tetherball courts, baseball fields, etc. More like a Gulag in the old Soviet Siberia, very haunting environment to raise normal and healthy children, little exercise, no outdoor activities and work/play time?

    duane even you would have to wonder about how the children fill-up their day, they must be living like Ann Frank in her diary. Aren’t you even a little ashamed of your defending this treatment of children.

  49. cajim

    NAH duane will say the flds “OWN” these kids, they can treat them any way they want!

  50. How do the local area folks know how often the kids are outside?
    So now these kids are mostly indoors? Maybe they are scared to go outside anymore. If they spent a lot of time outside doing work/play then you would complain that they are being over exposed to the elements and arid W. Texas climate.

  51. “No playsets, basketball courts, bicycles, horseshoe pits, volleyball or tetherball courts, baseball fields, etc.”

    They have bicycles, trycycles, wagons, remote control cars, and crayons.
    The FLDS also sells wooden toys on their website, presumably the kids play with these kinds of toys as well.

  52. Stamp, like I said countless times, whatever Warren or anybody else is guilty of only pertains to them. Everyone else should not be punished or jailed for whatever Warren may have done.

  53. I still think it is a beautiful family portrait.

  54. April Day

    What do you think of all the portraits of Warren marrying tweeners?

    Youve seen the one with him holding MJ in his arms, right?

  55. Stamp –
    The photo of Warren Jeffs holding his tweener bride in his arms
    drew howls of disgust from the assembled audience at the Tribeca Film Festival screening of Sons of Perdition…. I might add that they are a very liberal crowd…but even they found the photo to be over the top…

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