Warren’s Motion to Dismiss




Takes some nerve to file a Texas motion in an Arizona court.   What are the odds the Arizona court will dismiss Warren’s case by overturning the Texas search warrants after a Texas court upholds the warrants?   Slim to none I’d say.   Shouldn’t Warren  go to Texas to defend his Texas case?


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 22, 2009.

12 Responses to “Warren’s Motion to Dismiss”

  1. i guess he didn’t bother to file the texas motion in texas though.

  2. No of course not.

  3. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a while and this case has had some doozies! File a motion in Arizona courts but everything is the motion is to Texas courts. Do warren and his lawyers think that Arizona has jurisdiction over Texas? ROTFMAO.

  4. So pictures are their exhibits????? They didn’t bother to put in their motions all those policeman standing there weren’t even intside the ranch. They were stationed outside the ranch.

  5. Warren was tried in Utah and Lost, he is now facing charges in Arizona. Hell yes Warren should to be brought to Texas to face the charges against him.

  6. I agree this is pretty funny. This goes a little beyond creative lawyering — inone motion he’s likely to piss off the judges presiding over his criminal cases in both Arizona and Texas.

    Has Pic just gotten lazy? Maybe funding has been restricted. If that’s the case, Pic should have been a little more selective in his defense strategy rather than traipsing all over the country for irrelevant interviews and depositions, as well as filing scores of nonsensical motions.

    For Warren’s sake I hope he keeps some tithes in reserve because the day’s coming when he’ll have to make an appearancce and defend multiple serious charges in Texas. I guess he can always order the other defendants to fire their attorneys and direct payment of legal fees to only his attorneys.

  7. could someone who knows merril and barbara’s kids please venture over to billm’s blog. he has a picture of them posted and i was wondering which was who.

    i’m guessing on the back row it’s dan, raymond, jackson, ?, sampson, ?, benjamin

    front row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, merrianne, ?

  8. … all other Rights and Responsibilities belong to the States, and to the People. I just love that part.

    I am certainly no law-spert but lordylordy those folk are kloofree about US and State laws. How did Picarretta pass the bar in AZ? What’s in that kool-aid?

  9. Where on bill’s site is the picture?

  10. under the post about the alamo cult.

  11. Here’s a new post — lists the males in the top row. Might have to have some help with the females.


  12. thanks

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