Warren’s Wives

UPDATED 4-19-09

1.  Annette Barlow Jeffs– Isaac Winford Barlow, Dorothy Marie Hancock Barlow

2.  Barbara Anne Barlow– Isaac Winford Barlow, Dorothy Marie Hancock Barlow

3.  Gloria Veiece Barlow – Alma Richard Barlow, Sandra Adaire Barlow

4.  Brenda Jessop – Frederick Merril Jessop, Foneta Marie Cook

5.  Monica Sue Jessop — Frederick Merril Jessop, Barbara Steed Jessop

6.  Sharon Margret Barlow– Alma Richard Barlow,  Margaret Black Barlow

7.  Shannon Maria Johnson– Kendall Lucas Johnson, Janice Cooke Johnson

8.  Vicki Lynn Nielson –  Ezra Elroy Nielson, Lucianna Barlow Nielson Zitting

9.  Jessica Johnson — Leon Eldon  Johnson, Christine Blackmore Johnson

10.  Lana April Blackmore–MacRae Duane Blackmore, Anna Marie Johnson Blackmore

11.  Margaret Nicole Blackmore–MacRae Duane Blackmore, Rosalyn Marie Williams Blackmore

12.  Lori Steed Jeffs — Lawrence Steed, Elizabeth Barlow Steed

13.  Ada Marie Steed – Allen Woodruff Steed, Ada Johnson

14.  Mildred Annie Jessop– Frederick Merril Jessop, Barbara Steed Jessop

15.  Jennifer Steed — Joseph Steed, Susanna Roundy

16.  JoAnna Steed —  Age 17 when married –Joseph Steed, Susanna Roundy

17.  Sheena Marie Roundy–Age 16 when married –Boyd Roundy, Gayle Nielson Zitting

18.  Margaret Lucille Jessop– Age 16 when married –Jeremiah Jessop, Gloria Steed

19.  Rebekah Steed — Age 16 when married –Thomas Steed, Sarah Anne Barlow

20.  Clea Maureen Steed– 17 when married — Lawrence Steed,  Elizabeth Barlow

21.  Bonnelee Black —  Sheldon Lee Black, Angela Marie Hunter

22.  Ada Rae Johnson — Frank Tilton Johnson, Lydia Ann Barlow

23.  Ida May Johnson– 17 when married — Frank Johnson, Ida Johnson

24.  Alice Marie Barlow– Age 17 when married — Alexander Barlow, Janice Marie Jessop

25.  Kathryn Jessop– Frank Russell Jessop, Maryanne Fischer

26.  Melinda Johnson–Lamar Johnson, Marianne Holm

27.  Naomie Jessop– Merril Jessop, Ruth Steed

28.  Ora Bernice Steed–Newel Steed, Alice LaRee Young

29.  Patricia Keate– Allan Keate, Nancy Carol Bauer

30.  Paula Jessop– Frederick Merril Jessop, Ruth Steed

31.  Tamara Steed (Allred)– Thomas Steed, Mary Louise Holm

32.  Carla Jane Jessop– Paul Jessop, Carla Johnson

33.  Kathleen Susan Blackmore– Mac Blackmore,  Rosalyn Williams

34.  Mary Marie Fischer Jeffs– Apparently this is also Warren’s step-sister also — Rulon Timpson Jeffs,  Meg Christenson Zitting

35.  Alissa Steed– Thomas Steed, Marie Louise Holm

36.  Anna Mae Blackmore– Brandon Blackmore, Emily Ruth Crossfield

37.  Asenith Lucille Jessop — Paul Jessop, Carla Johnson

38.  Debra Michelle Barlow — Arthur Barlow, Debra Dutson

39.  Lorraine Roundy– Boyd Roundy, Gayle Nielson Zitting

40.  Shanna Zitting– Jame Zitting, Karelian Barlow

41.  Velvet Jessop– Frank Jessop, MaryAnne Fischer

42.  Carneta Holm– Carl Holm, Veneta Barlow

43.  Colleen Warner–Garth Warner, Shawna Keate

44.  Angela Mae Barlow– Art Barlow, Debra Dutson

45.  Caroline Jeffs –Another half-sister of Warren’s –Rulon Timpson Jeffs, Ruth Ruby Christenson

46.  Estella Jessop–Merril Jessop, Barbara Steed

47.  Esther Collette Barlow– Sam Barlow, Esther Steed

48.  Gladys Elaine Jessop– Edson Jessop, Elaine Johnson

49.  Gloria Roundy– Sam Roundy, Virginia Jessop

50.  WinnieKloe Steed–Thomas Steed, Marie Louise Holm

51.  Shirley Steed — 15 when married — Joseph Steed, Susanna Roundy

52.  Ruth Eliza Jessop — 17 when married — Merril Jessop, Ruth Steed

53.  Afton Rebekah Johnson — Jody Johnson, Rebekah Barlow

54.  Foneta Maria Jessop– Merril Jessop, Barbara Steed

55.  Jennifer Jessop — Frederick Meade Jessop, Sharon Steed

56.  Rebecca Fern Steed– Lawrence Steed, Kathleen Carlson

57.  Roberta Lynn Steed — Lawrence Steed, Kathleen Carlson

58.  Susan Harker — Parley Harker, Alice Steed

59.  Alicia Rohbock — formerly married to LeRoy Jeffs — Ron Rohbock, Elizabeth Wayman

60.  Amy Nielson — Wendell Loy Nielson, Donna Jeffs Nielson

61.  Tiffany Johnson

62.  Kate Jessop

63.  Janetta Jessop

64.  Marlene Blackmore

65.  Veda Keate — Age 14 when married — Allan Keate

66.  Brenda Lei Fischer — Age 14 when married — Wayne Fischer, Nancy Jessop

67.  Loretta Jane Barlow — Age 13 when married –Rulon Barlow, Rebecca Jessop

68.  Merrianne Jessop–Age 12 when married — Merril Jessop, Barbara Steed

69.  Ida Vilate Jessop–Age 13 when married –Merril Jessop, Ruth Steed

70.  Sharon Steed – Age 17 when married — Thomas Steed, Marie Louise Holm

71.  Shauna Jean Jessop –Joseph Jessop, Naomi Steed

72.  Lynette Warner — Garth Warner, Shawna Keate

73.  Annie Laree Jessop –Jeremiah Jessop, Gloria Steed

74.  Noleta Colleen Blackmore– Spencer Blackmore, Colleen Oler

75.  Esther Jessop

76.  Ida Lorraine ??

77.  Jenny Wall (Elissa’s sister)

78.  Bonny Blackmore

79.  Gloria Ann Allred

80.  Shannon Jessop

81.  Nancy Joanne Steed — Marion Steed, Rebecca Keate


Merril’s Wives:

1.  Foneta Marie Cook

2.  Ruth Steed

3.  Barbara Steed

4. Carolyn Blackmore (former member)

5.  Ireta Cathleen Barlow Johnson

6.  Tammy Jessop

7.  Lorraine Steed

8.  Bonita Laree Blackmore

9.  Edith Black

10.  Ellen Grace Steed

11.  Clea Black

12.  Carol Ann Zitting

13.  Gladys Mae Steed

14.  Susanna Roundy


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  1. 1. Merrianne Jessop
    2. Brenda Lei Fischer
    3. Loretta Jane Barlow
    4. Annette Barlow
    5. Barbara Barlow
    6. Veda Keate
    7. Ora ?
    8. Vicki ?
    9. Amy ?
    10. Naomi Jessop
    11. Millie – Mildred Anne Jessop
    12. Ida Vilate Jessop
    13. Marlene
    14. Monica Sue Jessop
    15. Foneta Maria Jessop
    16. Brenda Jessop
    17. Estella Jessop
    18. Alice ?
    19. Shannon Johnson
    20. Sharon Barlow

  2. 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are all related in some way (daughter or granddaughter) to Merril.

  3. 8. Vicki Nielson

    13. Marlene Blackmore

  4. 21. Permelia

    22. Ida Loraine

    23. Janetta

  5. Patrica

  6. I think he dumped janetta cause she wasn’t up to his standards.

  7. He did

  8. I know Rulon, warren’s father had a mess of wives, rebbeca musser was one, but when rulon died, she refused to marry warren and left the group.

  9. so was janetta kicked out of the group or reassigned to someone else or what. wasn’t she one of merril’s daughters?

  10. 24. Patricia Keate (this is the Patricia tat dd posted, i think)
    25. Jennifer Steed
    26. Joanna Steed
    27. Shirley Steed
    28. Susan Harker
    29. Lori Steed
    30. Kate Jessop
    31. Esther Jessop
    32. Alicia Rohbock (this is the sister of ron who was the biological father of the boy that died on the ranch)

  11. does anyone know who the mother of these daughters are? they are mentioned in the dictation but not attached to any mother.

    heaven sent

  12. 33. Becky ?
    34. Tamara Allred
    35. Ada ?
    36. Jessica ?
    37. gloria Anne Steed
    38. Paula ?
    39. Angela ?

  13. Janetta wasn’t kicked out – they don’t kick out girls. Warren didn’t want her any more so he married her to another man off-ranch.

  14. NO, you are wrong about Janetta if you are talking about Janetta Jessop. She is not married to another man. She wanted to leave soon after she married Warren when she was 14.

    If she is the one Warren talks about in his dictations, she was too rebellious (moody and unhappy) and didn’t “Keep Sweet” enough. I guess and he finally let her leave.

    She is out and is trying to put her life back together. She is mostly happy, but still carries some scars from a very unhappy situation being married to Warren. She is a very fragile young lady.

    I don’t think she is directly related to Merril – not one of his daughters.

  15. Janetta Jessop was married off to Warren when she was 16, not 14. Sorry!

  16. i found janetta jessop in the dictation. she’s the daughter of frank and mary ann jessop and a sisiter to kate, suzanne and velvet jessop.

  17. Good Greif what a train wreck!

    Thats a lot of PRISON WIDOWS!

    Wonder what the story is to keep them on the line and in waiting. Do they go through Naomi to pass messages?

  18. Janetta’s apostate sister, Suzanne, has claimed that 2 or 3 of their older sisters were already married to Warren. I see Kate Jessop listed as number 30. Maybe Velvet Jessop should be on the list too?

  19. Married.

    What a crock.

  20. Warren did not let Janetta leave. Before she was married to Warren, she planned an escape but it was thwarted. She had family on the outside, and they lost track of her but suspected she had been taken to Texas to be married to Warren. That was confirmed when evidence was seized from the raid.
    Warren was not happy with her and sent her away to a house in hiding and perhaps back to Short Creek for a time. I believe he then sealed her to another man, but it may be that he simply placed her under the direction and authority of another priesthood head.

  21. so we’re up to 39 and the man in the paper said 53 so we are several short. any more thoughts? I’m assuming that in order to give a specific number he saw a bishop’s list or something of that sort enumerating warren’s wives and kids.

  22. I may be wrong about this, but didn’t Carolyn Jessop say in her book that Warren had about 180 wives? You’ve only got 39 of them listed.

  23. i don’t know about the 180 number, but either schmidt or charles whatshisname said there were 53 and that’s the number i’m shooting for.

  24. 40. Michelle Barlow (Art Barlow’s daughter)- rumored to have run away from the YFZ

    Ora Steed is rumored to have run away too.
    41. Melinda Johnson (LeMar’s daughter)
    42. Gloria Barlow (Alma’s daughter)
    43. Jennie Wall (Lloyd Wall’s daughter) – was married to Warren’s father Rulon
    44. Mary Fischer (Erwin Fischer’s daughter)
    45. Tiffany Johnson (Leon Johnson’s daughter)
    46. Bonnie Blackmore (from Bountiful – Brandon Blackmore’s daughter)

    Six wives are Joseph Steed’s daughters (don’t have individual names)

    #11 Millie Jessop is Merril’s daughter
    #16 Brenda Jessop is Merril’s daughter

  25. Here is my list. It is too confusing to scroll up and down to see if they are already listed above. So there might be some duplicates. I will list the girl’s name, father’s name and her age (if known) when she “married” with Warren.

    1. Annette Barlow (Isaac)
    2. Margaret Blackmore (Mac) 16
    3. Barbara Barlow (Isaac)
    4. Alana Blackmore (Mac) 14
    5. Gloria Barlow (Alma)
    6. Millie Jessop (Merril)
    7. Brenda Jessop (Merril)
    8. ? Barlow (Dan)
    9. Jeanette Jessop (Clyde)
    10. Vicki Nielson (Elroy)
    11. Sheena Roundy (Boyd) 15 or 16
    12. ? Johnson (Kendall)
    13. Monica Jessop (Merril)
    14. Jessica Johnson (Leon) 15 or 16
    15. Shannon Jessop (?)

  26. Here is a list of Rulon’s wives. Some of them became Warren’s when Rulon died. Some are obvious. Maybe we can figure out the rest.

    I will list her name and parent or relative in ()

    Zola Brown
    Esther Barlow (Sam & Dianne) 15
    Kaye Jessop (Edson’s sister)
    Becky Wall (Lloyd)
    LaRue Hunter (Wayne’s sister)
    Jennie Wall (Lloyd)
    Ruth Jessop (Edson’s sister)
    Tammy Steed (Thomas)
    Maureen Hammon (Marion)
    ? Broadbent (Heber)
    Norma Balmforth (Gwen’s sister)
    Lucia Barlow (Arthur)
    Merilyn Steed (Woodruff) – Warren’s mother
    ? Barlow (Arthur)
    Sharon Hill (midwife)
    Afton Johnson (Jody)
    Gloria Harker (Parley)
    Melinda Johnson (Lamar)
    Elba Wooley Colletti (deceased)
    Lorraine Roundy (Boyd)
    Noreen Nielsen Birk (Wendell’s sister)
    Gloria Roundy (Sam)
    Mary Zitting Fischer (Erwin Fischer’s wife)
    Rose Steed (Leona)
    Mary Fischer (Erwin)
    Kathleen Blackmore (Mac and Rosalyn)
    Ruth Fischer (Erwin)
    Marjean Steed (Lawrence)
    Ruth Zitting Nielson (Calvin’s wife)
    Rebecca Steed (Lawrence)
    Caroline Nielson (Calvin)
    Roberta Steed (Lawrence)
    Lorena Jessop (Merril)
    Elizabeth (Libby) Rohbock (Ron)
    Paula Jessop (Merril)
    Alisha Rohbock (Ron)
    Merilyn Jessop (Merril)
    Kathy Jessop (Frank)
    Naomie Jessop (Merril)
    Velvet Jessop (Merril)
    Shanna Zitting (James) 15 or 16
    ? Jessop (Stanley)
    Ora Bernice (Bonnie) Steed (Newel)
    ? Jessop (Stanley)
    Colleen Warner (Garth)
    ? Blackmore (Brandon)
    Leona Steed (Allen) 16
    ? Oler 16
    Laree Johnson (Lamar) 14 or 15 – given to Rulon as a birthday present 12/2000
    Edna Fischer
    ? Steed (Alan)
    Jeanette Jessop (Merril)
    Patricia Keate

  27. who were the twins who were photographed with Rulon and given as a birthday present?

  28. Lorena, Velvet, Paula and Jeannette Jessop are all listed as Merril’s daughters. Who are the mothers of these girls/women.

  29. Also on the Rulon list are Jennifer Steed, Foneta Maria Jessop (Merril) and Estella Jessop (Merril).

  30. i wonder if charlie and schmidt could give a copy of warren’s wives so we can figure out the missing ones.

  31. Velvet Jessop is Frank’s daughter, not Merril’s. She is Jannetta’s sister.

    Laree Johnson (Lamar’s daughter) was the girl given to Rulon as a birthday present. She was 14 or 15 years old at the time.

    Edna and Mary Fischer (Erwin’s daughters) are sisters but not twins. They are the 2 girls sitting on the swing on their wedding day with Rulon standing behind them grinning like a horney toad.

  32. oops, I misspelled her name above. It should be
    Janetta Jessop with one “n”. She is Franks’s daughter who was married off to Warren. Not to be confused with Jeanette Jessop who was Clyde’s daughter married off to Warren.

    Yes, it does get very confusing. I wonder how Warren kept it all straight? If I were he, I would just call them all “dear” and not risk mixing up their names and calling them the wrong name. Can you imagine what turmoil that would cause?

  33. Maybe he had them embroider their name on their dresses.

  34. so how are frank, clyde and edson related to merril?

  35. Ora Bernice (Bonnie) Steed (Newel)
    is this a sister to barbara & ruth who are married to merril jessop?

  36. Looking at lists of wives and children and who belongs to who has become quite interesting for many. I still see the reactions of the mothers through all that has happened as something for those of us on the outside to seriously consider. They dont rant and rave. They havent been harshly accusing. They seem to want to see the best in people and try to be understanding. If it had been me who had my children taken away, I would have been like a fierce mother bear. We may not believe exactly as they believe, but there is something good and trusting in these people. And the children – all those children – how must it make them feel to have their fathers being called criminals, even sexual perverts? It seems to me there has to be a way of resolving all this without crushing the lives of innocent children.

  37. Good and trusting, Linda? What is good about a mother that will sell her daughter into sexual prostitution at the age of 12? And that is exactly what these mothers and fathers have done! Geez woman get a clue.

    When a drug addict mother sells her child to man to have sex with for drug money she is demonized, arrested and jailed for a long time, but when a flds mother sells her child to a man to have sex with for a “better” place in “heaven” you defend her and call her good and trusting?

  38. Yes, Linda us on the outside need to “seriously consider” the reactions of these “mothers” that sell their daughters into sexual slavery. We need to seriously consider jailing them and never allowing them to abuse another child.

  39. Linda Lamb posts on the Bill Molestvecky site all the time so you know what corner she is in.

  40. That’s really funny Christina. Bill MOLESTVECKY!

    He was accused of molesting children and broke into the CPS office to steal the evidence to protect his butt. He went to prison because of that.

    Yes, Bill was an accused child molester. That it one reason he is so full of hate for CPS who “outed” him.

    Personally I don’t think Bill M gives a damn about the FLDS children. I think he just hates CPS so much and wants to get even with them, using any excuse he can. (such as the FLDS children from the YFZ ranch)

  41. In his own sick fantasy he would be living on the ranch with about a half dozen 12-14 year child brides.

  42. Thanks to all for the contributions – I have family records that list warren’s wives (and children) prior to coming to texas. I will update the opening post and check the data against all the info you all provided. It may not be today – but as soon as I can. When I get it finished I will re-post this thread at the top of the page for further discussion.

    Also – if there are any relatives of FLDS out there who are wondering what happened to their loved ones or where they are, I might be able to help.

  43. FYI – I think there may have been more than 53 wives. I’m not sure charlie and jeff were putting that number out as an absolute.

  44. @ Linda Lamb

    How awful it must be to have fathers (and mothers) who would risk their children’s homes and security and futures by willfully engaging in felonies – knowing that if they get caught they’ll be imprisoned, leaving their little ones without a parent. How awful it must be to have parents who keep engaging in activities that will get the kids put in foster care. Do they not care enough about their children to prevent that from happening?

  45. So the ones who are Blackmores and are from Bountiful, are they related to Winston Blackmore?

  46. Six wives are Joseph Steed’s daughters (don’t have individual names)

    Isn’t Joseph Steed the father of Teresa Steed, the girl with the baby with Nathan Jessop who kept defying the court?

  47. Yes that is correct that Joseph Steed is Teresa Steed’s father.

  48. FLDS Texas – do you have a list for Merril too? I know that family group sheets for him must exist because one with his and Barbara’s children was included as an exhibit in Merrianne’s case.

  49. Possibly. I’m working on Warren’s now.

  50. You rock FLDS Texas!!!

  51. See updated list in the opening post.

    I came up with 68 — might be missing one or two.

  52. OK now we’re up to 69 — I had forgotten Ida Vilate. I’m not sure if Kathryn Jessop and Kate Jessop are the same person, so we may still be at 68.

  53. Now updated with Merril’s wives. I am not sure that is a complete list.

  54. poor merril, he’s only got 7 compared to 68 or so for warren.

  55. who is the woman who lived in Nevada, but she had been remarried to Merril and her 2 children were 2 of those the state was seeking custody of when they took Merrianne back.

  56. is #67 Loretta Jane Barlow? If not, you forgot her. She’s Merril’s granddaughter from his daughter Rebecca (daughter of Ruth) and Rulon Theodore Barlow.

  57. Also, is #31 Tamara Steed also known as Tamara Allred?


    70. Ida Lorraine
    71. Esther Jessop (Merril)
    72. Jennifer Steed
    73. Gloria Anne Steed (not sure if she’s actually one of the other Gloria’s listed or not.)
    74. Becky ?
    75. Alana Blackmore

  58. I had the name wrong — it’s corrected.

  59. is there an Ida Lorraine who’s married to Warren?

  60. I wonder if #34, Mary Marie Fischer is one of the sisters who were first married to Rulon. They are famous for sitting on a swing with the old man behind them. I think the sister’s name is Edna. If that’s who it is, then she would be Warren’s step mother.

  61. #62 and 63 are daughter of Frank and MaryAnne Jessop, sisters of Velvet.

  62. So if I counted right 10 of Warren’s wives are Merril’s daughters, 5 of those with Barbara. And 2 of his wives are also half-blood sisters, isn’t that illegal in every state?

  63. #66 and #67 are Also Merril’s granddaughters.

  64. so any clue how many kids warren has?

  65. Actually Grace Barlow Young was married to Nephi Barlow at one time. She told the court, they separated and she hadn’t seen him in several years. I guess after nephi, she was married off to Merrill?

  66. Are you sure that Alice Marie Barlow isn’t the daughter of Nephi Barlow and Ellen Grace Steed? She was 17 in 1005 when her mother wrote a letter to Merril and Warren

  67. So is she ellen grace steed or ellen grace young?

  68. she’s ellen grace steed, daughter of newel steed and alice laree young according to the marriage sealing of her to merril on april 20, 2004 at the days in in cedar city utah.

  69. Yes, it is the same Mary Fischer of the “swing photo” fame. She is Erwin’s daughter and was 1st married to Rulon and then Warren. I don’t know what happened to Edna – I thought they came as a pair.

  70. So what does all this mean?

    On a couple of them, the girl’s father was listed as Rulon, which would mean Warren married his half sister.

  71. I am going to print out this new extensive list and compare it to my lists I posted earlier. I think there were more Blackmore girls (from Canada) that aren’t on this new list.

  72. isn’t marrying your half sibling illegal in all 50 stages?

  73. LMAO Anon at 1:58. Matched pair at that.

  74. Mary Fischer is daughter of Erwin Fischer — but it looks like Mary’s mother was then assigned to Rulon, and Rulon then married daughter Mary as well. So Mary Marie Fischer was Warren’s step-sister, not half-sister. She was at one time, Rulon’s step-daughter and wife at the same time.

  75. Edna Fischer is the same as Ruth Fischer. I don’t see where she was married to Warren but it could have been one of those times where they switched names. It’s confusing.

  76. Whoever was commenting the other day about Janetta, you are right — I was wrong. She was first sent back to short creek and then got out and away from the FLDS. If she is mostly happy, I am glad to hear that. I had heard she had a rough time of it and was taken advantage of because of her lack of knowledge of how to deal with life outside the closed society.

  77. Questions:
    Is Gloria Ann Steed, mother of Patricia and Ruthie the same as one of the Gloria’s mentioned above. As much as they change names, who would know.

    Esther Jessop, daughter of Merril had 5 kids with Arthur Barlow Allred. She was married to Warren in one of the dictations and her kids were all renamed. This would have been after they came to Eldorado, so she’s probably an addition to the Warren list above.

    Who is Ida Lorraine? I’ve never had a last name for her, just found her mentioned a lot in the dictation.

    Bonnie Blackmore, daughter of Brandon and Alana Blackmore, daughter of Mac have been mentioned as wives of Warren.

    Jenni Walls, daughter of Lloyd has been mentioned as a wife of Warren. Is this Elissa’s sister?

    Is #31 Tamara Steed above also known as Tamara Allred who married Warren on 7/25/04 in Eldorado or is he married to another Tamara?

    One can only imagine how big a house the man had to have for 74+ wives and who knows how many children.

  78. Edna Fischer is the same as Ruth Fischer. I don’t see where she was married to Warren but it could have been one of those times where they switched names. It’s confusing.

    I’ve got this one married to Abram Harker Jeffs. With a daughter Hannah born in 2005.

  79. Wow you all have been busy little CASA’s….

  80. Breeding with half-sibs? I don’t call it marriage if I can’t see the docs down at the courthouse. But anyway FLDS don’t seem to abide by US or US State laws.

  81. So back to Mary Marie Fischer ..

    Daughter of Erwin Fischer. Her mother was later reassigned to Rulon T. Jeffs, Warren’s father – making her Warren’s step-sister. Rulon then married Marie Fischer, his step-daughter, thus making her Warren’s step-mother (and step-sister). When Rulon died, Warren took Marie Fischer as his own wife — so Warren married his step-sister who was also his step-mother.

    Marie’s relation to Warren: mother, sister, and wife! That would mean: Marie ( Warren’s step-mother) was her own mother-in-law (Warren’s wife) and Marie (Rulon’s wife) was her own step-mother (Rulon’s daughter)

  82. FLDS Texas, to take it even a step further, if Marie has any children with warren, she is not only their mother but their grandmother and aunt.

  83. I don’t believe they have any children together but I will look into it.

    I think Warren encountered some resistance among the flock when he married his step-mothers. He kept it secret at first, until he amassed about 14 mother-wives. He convinced them that marrying him was their only way to eventually take their place with Rulon in the celestial kingdom. In their time of immediate mourning and confusion over Rulon’s death, Warren took full advantage of their vulnerability — telling them that Rulon had been communicating to him from the dead and instructing his wives to be sealed to Warren to assure their exaltation at Rulon’s side in the hereafter.

    So why did Warren only take the young, child-bearing wives?

  84. The day Rulon died, Warren had a meeting of all the Men, and told them, DO NOT TOUCH one of my father’s wives, they ALL belong to me.

    Of coursre, Rebecca Musser basically spit in Warren’s face, she flat out told him, she WASNT marrying him!

  85. Well, you think Warren has a convoluted family tree. This is what Debbie Palmer wrote in her book “Keep Sweet – Children of Polygamy”

    Here is a little background info on Debbie in case you don’t know who she is. Debbie (from Bountiful, British Columbia) is the sister of Jimmy Oler who is the current FLDS Bishop of Bountiful. She was 1st married to Ray Blackmore, Winston Blackmore’s father. Winston was the Bishop of Bountiful until Warren kicked him out a few years ago and now there are 2 groups in Bountiful – Jimmy’s and Winston’s.

    From Debbie’s book:

    “My father had 6 wives and I have 47 brothers and sisters. My oldest daughter is my aunt and I am her grandmother. When I was assigned to marry my 1st husband, I became my own step-grandmother since my father was already married to 2 daughters of my new husband. According to the eternal laws of the polygamous group I grew up with, I will be a step-grandmother to many of my siblings ‘for time and all eternity’.

    Several of my stepsons were assigned to marry my sisters, so I also became a sister-in-law to my own stepchildren. After my mother’s father was assigned to marry one of my 2nd husband’s daughters as a second wife, I became my own great-grandmother. This stepdaughter became my step-grandmother and I her step-mother, so when I gave birth to 2 sons with her father, my own sons became my great-uncles and I was their great-great-grandmother.”


  86. Hey FLDS Texas admin, can we start a new thread on Winston Blackmore’s wives? He and Jimmy Oler’s polygamy trials in Canada start in a couple of weeks, so we can start familiarizing ourselves with the key players. Is that doable?

  87. I have compared my list to this list. I have the following names not on this new extensive list:

    Michelle Barlow (Art Barlow)
    Jenny Wall (Lloyd Wall) – was married to Rulon
    Bonnie Blackmore (Brandon Blackmore)
    Alana Blackmore (Mac Blackmore) – uless this is number 10 on the list – Lana?
    Jeanette Jessop (Clyde) – was married to Rulon
    Shannon Jessop (don’t know father’s name)

    Here are names from my previous list of Rulon’s wives and the corresponding number on the list of Warren’s wives. I am not guaranteeing they are the same – you be the judge. But the fathers’ names match the ones on my list.

    Ruth Jessop – #52
    Tammy Steed – #31
    Afton Johnson – #53
    Melinda Johnson – #26
    Lorraine Roundy – #39
    Gloria Roundy – #49
    Mary Fischer – #34
    Kathleen Blackmore – #33
    Rebecca Steed – #56
    Roberta Steed – #57
    Alisha Rohbock – #59 New extended list says she was married ro LeRoy before Warren. Did she go from Rulon to LeRoy to Warren. Poor girl, if so!
    Kathy Jessop – #25
    Naomie Jessop – #27
    Velvet Jessop – #41
    Ora Bernice Steed – #28
    Patricia Keat – #29

    SOOOO if you count Jenny Wall and Jeanette Jessop who are not on this new extended list, but were married to Rulon and add the ones above who appear to be the same as the ones on my Rulon list, then that makes 18 of Rulon’s wives that Warren married.

    That is not counting the confusing Edna/Ruth (are they the same swingers) Fischer ladies.

  88. Oh, and I still have it listed that one of Dan Barlow’s daughters married Warren, but I don’t have her name.

  89. so is ora bernice steed a sister to barbara and ruth who are married to merril?

  90. Anon, this same question about Ora has been asked twice now. I will see what I can find out and post it. It might take some time. Please be patient.

  91. Anon ..

    Michelle Barlow (Art Barlow) — Debra Michelle Barlow #38
    Jenny Wall (Lloyd Wall) – was married to Rulon — #77
    Bonnie Blackmore (Brandon Blackmore)– #79
    Alana Blackmore (Mac Blackmore) – uless this is number 10 on the list – Lana? -Yes

    Jeanette Jessop (Clyde) – was married to Rulon — Any more info?
    Shannon Jessop (don’t know father’s name) — possibly Shannon Johnson or Shanna Zitting? Or does she have another first or middle name?

  92. I have a Shannon Johnson on my list and her father is Kendall. She is listed here as #7. I have this other lady listed as Shannon Jessop (who was married to Warren only) – appears to me to be a totally different person. Sorry, but I don’t have anymore info on her. Who knows?

    I also have a Shanna Zitting (father James) who was married to Rulon when she was 15 or 16 years old.

    As far as Jeanette Jessop (Clyde’s daughter) I now also see her listed as Merril’s daughter. Oh it is maddening sometimes. I am just sure she is different from Janetta Jessop who is Frank’s daughter. HELP!

  93. NO, you MUST remove Becky Wall from this list. She NEVER married Warren. She left instead. She had more sense than to marry Warren! She went away from the FLDS and fell in love and married a Musser boy.

  94. Becky Wall is removed.

  95. I’ll look into Shannon Jessop. Warren did do some name changing so it is hard to keep track. For instance — Ida Lorraine was actually named Lorraine. Not sure where the Ida came from, but Warren refers to her sometimes as Ida and sometimes as Lorraine and sometimes as Ida Lorraine.

    I’ll add Shannon Jessop and we’ll see if we come up with any more information about her.

  96. I wish there were pictures of the family units and identifying the faces we have seen and who goes with who…

  97. OK Anon, here is the answer to your questions about Ora Bernice (Bonnie) Steed.

    Bonnie Steed is a half sister to Ruth and Barbara. All three have the same father (Newel Steed) and different mothers.

    She is younger than several of Ruth’s daughters and she is almost young enough to be Barbara’s daughter.

    I hope that helps.

  98. it does. sorta helps put people where they belong.

    how many kids to foneta and ruth have with merril? barbara has 14 according to the document that was attached to the motion to return merrianne to custody and carolyn has 8. i have 7 for fonetta and 10 for ruth, 4 for cathleen and 1 for tammy. i’m sure there are others who have become his and according to warren’s laws their dna has changed to be his.

  99. Foneta died last month.

  100. Did merril bother going to her funeral?

  101. is merril’s wife ruth still alive?

  102. Yes

  103. i found foneta in the social security death records. she died 2/16/2009 in colorado city, utah. is this the one that warren or merril kicked out and she had to be taken in by her grandson or something. i think i read about her in carolyn’s book, but i’m not sure if that’s where it was or not.

  104. I don’t know the specifics about Foneta, but I do know that Merril abandoned her when he went to Zion (the YFZ Ranch) and kind of left her to fend for herself in Colorado City.

    I find that pretty cruel and unkind. She couldn’t further Merril’s status in the “Celestial Kingdom” by providing him with more children to enhance his status, so he left her high and dry.

    What a selfish, inconsiderate jerk.

    In response to LadySadie, I highly doubt he attended her funeral, much less sent any flowers.

    May she now finally find joy and rest in peace.

  105. I found this post on Texas Polygamy blog:

    2/07/2008 2:27 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Isaac was married to my sister Jennifer Jessop, has anyone seen her or my other sisters Carla and Asenith that were married to Warren? If you have seen them, or know where they are, any info is more than I have…. annonymousofficegirl@yahoo.com

    I see an Asenith listed as a wife of warren but not a Carla, did he have a wife named Carla Jessop?

  106. Actually Merril did attend her funeral, Brooke adams reported it in her blog.
    From what I understood about Foneta, she was no push over either.She had a mental disorder and when she got older, she went to another compound for Older women.. But your right, Merril probably didn’t want to mess with her,,, and Barbara didn’t either.

  107. Oops, never mind, the list is so long that I missed Carla and just saw her name.

  108. If Fonetta was sent to “another compound for Older women” then that might have been the grandma/widow place in Westcliffe Colorado. Or perhaps another FLDS property (house of refuge) used to exile those who needed to repent or to (ware)house women who were only useful for canning and preserving food, but not considered worthy for anything else to build up the Kingdom of God.

  109. deputydog. where is it in this blog that Merril attended Foneta’s funeral? I scanned the titles for the blog entries for February and March of 2009, but did not find a thread on this topic. Maybe it was buried in one of these. Can you save me some time and tell me which tread it was in?

  110. It is my understanding Fonetta was put out on the streets of St. George to fend for herself and one of her sons or grandsons found her and took care of her. When she died, she had people who loved her at her bedside.

  111. Where are the older children of Zavanda Young and Edson Jessop?

    Have they been abandoned?

    I wonder if CPS asked that question?

  112. anonymous,, it was on a short blog brooke adams did earlier this year.. She said Fonetta had died and Merrill attended the funeral.

  113. anonymous, I doubt Cps aske that question, they probably didn’t even know Zavenda and Edson have other children.. They were going by the children living on the ranch.

  114. CPS knew, they just didnt care. Zavenda’s children were abandoned back in short creek because that is what Warren directed.

  115. They’re not Edson’s children

  116. Is Zavenda’s other husband still alive and excommunicated?

    Amazing how low a woman will go, for her salvation.

    She should be the poster child for Adulter 101

  117. well i thought when warren directed a woman to be moved to a new priesthood that the other children went along. you’re telling me that zavanda’s previous children were just abandoned. are they with their father or were they just left alone to fend for themselves. that is really crappy.

    flds texas – did you get the document i sent. sorry it took so long, but i had to get it scanned a different way since my old scanner isn’t compatible with my new computer.

  118. i am looking for the father of my son his name is joey steeds joeys father is don steeds i have heard that joey sreeds lives in las vegas nv if any one knows them please con tact me at cnadine2@comcast,net thank you .

  119. Anon

    We will work on it, keep in touch, this article is a slow thread, try posting on “Discussion 11”, to go there hit the “FLDS TEXAS” word at the top of the screen to go to the main page with all the links and current stories.

    Thanks, and hopefully we can help.

  120. Does anyone know where Fonetta was buried? I am compiling a genealogy on her parents family, and this info would be great.Rya

  121. that man was damn near satan on earth.

  122. well all of them… i have read the books “Stolen Innocence” by Elisa Wall, “Escape” by Carolyn Jessop, and now im on “Church of Lies” by Flora Jessop… the shit these men have put these women and other women through are absolutely outrageous… these men should not die by lethal injection… they should die rotting in prison!

  123. Dictaction mentions a Coleen that is not in the list. p. 51

  124. have just read Carolyn Jessops book – I don’t think we have FLDS much less Mormons living in Africa – but how scary that this kind of environment can exist in a First World Country! How on earth do the ‘fathers’ remember all of his children’s names?? Much less the wives? And how did Warren get away with it – and so many women? Utterly depressing what a lack of education can do! Sorry can’t add anything of importance (ie name of a wife) but the site is very interesting

  125. Lisa,
    When Sara Hammon was growing up, EVERY time her father J. Marion Hammon saw her he asked her “What is your name and who is your mother?”

    He had 19 “wives” and 75 children.

    No, they can’t remember the names!!!!!

  126. Someone above, back in April of 2009 put a list of Rulon’s wives. They added “Ruth Zitting Nielson (Calvin’s Wife)” as one of them. This happens to be my grandma and I’ve been looking for her for awhile and can’t seem to find her. I’m her granddaughter from one of her sons she had with Calvin. Does anyone have any information on her? . . I know I’m going out on a limb but I don’t know where else to look.

  127. Maureen, I don’t know where she is, but my best guess is going to be at the YFZ. I know they took a bunch of Rulon’s wives who weren’t remarried to people there.

  128. . . . o O ( shades of wasone )

  129. Okay, thank you, ProudTexan.

  130. Sorry I couldn’t help more, but I’ll keep digging.

  131. Maureen, there were also some grandmothers moved to the Westcliffe and Wetmore areas in Colorado. It is about an hour southwest of Colorado Springs.

  132. I thought those places closed.

  133. Reading through the dictations, I noticed one of Warren’s “wives” that didn’t seem to make the list: Alyshia Rae Blackmore.

    She was one of two girls that Warren had brought especially from Canada to YFZ to marry him.

    “I delegated Wendell Neilsen to be mouth to perform these two marriages for time and eternity. There was first sealed Alyshia Rae Blackmore to Warren Steed Jeffs, and then Noleta Colleen Blackmore to Warren Steed Jeffs.” – December 17, 2005

  134. Here’s a bit of background: Warren called each of these girls’ father about three weeks before to arrange to have the two minors (they were 12 and 13) brought across the Canadian border and driven to Texas for their “marraiges.” Quotes to follow.

  135. “At 2:00 p.m. I called Mack Blackmore and I heard his testimony. He bore a strong testimony of me being the Prophet and he wanted to stand with us. I then told him he would be called to receive greater training and he must become a man who can keep the Lord’s confidence and not always express his own opinions; and he needed to take on a heavenly hush and what I was about to say to him he had to keep quiet, even from his family. I told him his daughter Alyshia would be called to the redemption of Zion mission and he also much prepare for the greater training on the redemption of Zion mission. I told him that part of her call to the redemption of Zion mission would be to be to get [sic] married, which he accepted. I asked the Lord silently if I should name to him who she will be married to, and I simply said, as the Lord directed me I simply said, ‘She will be sealed in the same place that your daughter Nicole is sealed, namely me,’ and he thrilled at that.”

    “Then at 2:15 p.m. I called Spencer Blackmore who was working at R17. I questioned him the same and he bore a strong testimony. I then informed him that his daughter Colleen will be called the redemption of Zion mission and part of that call is to be sealed in marriage. Again I felt impressed to tell him who and I told him she would be sealed to me. He supported it wholeheartedly. I told him that sometime within the next week or two I would send him to go get his daughter and perhaps others. Mack Blackmore told me his daughter is around thirteen years old and Colleen is twelve years old. I thank the Lord for His directives. I had been seeking for several days that the Lord would touch these men’s hearts to receive this, and to prepare the girls to receive this and have the gift and privilege to get close quickly.”

    Warren Jeffs
    November 29, 2005

  136. Good find Ellie.

  137. Thank you for posting this ellie. This collusion between warren and the fathers to have these early teens girls married to warren is absolutely reprehensible. Everyone involved should be prosecuted for this.
    I cannot see how anyone can support the flds when it means supporting this blatant underage “marriage” to men who are decades older.

  138. Mann Act anyone?

  139. what is R17?

  140. R17 = Warren’s code word for YFZ Ranch

  141. Do you think, considering some of his other writings, that Jeffs thought … o who the hell knows what he thought. Was he thinking he was bringing on the end of the world or defying the law to stop him, or begging the law to stop him or WHAT?

  142. Yeah Attila it’s a dangerous game when you start with “what did Warren Jeffs think…”

  143. PT, I know that the Crawford, Colorado places went into foreclosure, but I was not aware that the Westcliffe places closed. Are you sure?

  144. No, I’m not sure, just heard it mentioned that the Colorado places weren’t available anymore. No one specified which ones exactly.

  145. Mann Act anyone?
    There are a lot of examples in Warren’s dictations of Mann Act violations. He had girls brought from Short Creek to YFZ to get “married” and, while he was on the lam, he sometimes had one of his assistants bring one or two of his underage “wives” to whichever motel he was staying in. For the life of me I can’t figure out why he hasn’t been charged with anything related to this.

    In this case, the girls were transported across international borders, not just state lines, so I think there is another term and set of laws (trafficking of children). If anyone ever actually wanted to do anything about it, Canada could get involved as well since the two minors were likely Canadian citizens.

    As an aside, does anyone know if these were the two Canadian girls who were found at YFZ during the 2008 rescue, who claimed to be visiting family?

  146. It wasn’t these 2 who were found, it was a sister/cousin, Marlene Blackmore who was found there. The younger of these 2 still isn’t an adult yet. She would be just 17.

  147. I heard that Brandon and Gail Blackmore had three daughters who were brought to the States and “married” underage. “The oldest is Anna Mae. Next is Marygold and last is Mildred”. But on this list it shows the mother of Anna Mae as Emily Ruth. And I do not find the other two. So I remained confused.

    Can anyone here tell me the names of Gail Crossfield Blackmore’s daughters? If possible, I also want to find out who they were “married” to, their age at the time, and where they are now. I am doing this for Gail’s father, who has never been FLDS and is completely shunned by his daughter.

  148. Where did you find that Amy Nielsen was one of hos wives?

  149. Can someone tell me where thay found that Amy Nielsen was married to Warren?

  150. Can you tell where you found that Amy Nielsen was married to Warren?

  151. I don’t know where the Nielsen came from. I think his wife who is called Amy is actually Ada Marie Draper. I guess her mother could have been remarried to Wendell after Bill Draper was exed/died.

  152. It says the the mother is Donna Jeffs and she does have a daughter named Amy

  153. Warren is not married to Amy Nielsen who is Donna Jeffs daughter. She’s married to one of Warren’s brothers, her 1/2 uncle.

  154. She was told to leave him. Do you have any records or dictations of Warren saying he was going to marry Amy Nielsen?

  155. Can you tell me the date of the record you have of Warrens wives

  156. I have a question about Bishop Merril Jessop and the actual number of wives he had. Can anyone please give me the correct names and actual amount?

  157. To my knowledge, Clyde Jessop’s oldest daughter is named Jaunita Jessop and she married a Harker boy. His second daughter is Faithanne Jessop. Then he had twins named Joanne and Joelle Jessop

  158. FYI….all the Blackmore girls listed as Rulon and Warren’s wives are related to Winston. He is their Uncle.

  159. Carla, Asenith and Jennifer are all Stanley Jessop’s daughters. I hope office girl can find them soon.

  160. Noleta Coleen is Spenser Blackmore and Gloria Oler’s oldest daughter……….. Any parent that can allow OR encourage their 12 year old daughter to get married is sick and wrong.

  161. does anybody know what happened to leroy paul johnson (rohbock)?

  162. Warren semen is blessed according to phrydoom

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