Tense Moments at House Committee Hearing





~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 15, 2009.

11 Responses to “Tense Moments at House Committee Hearing”

  1. Hadn’t seen this angle of the testimony before, loved the confused look on weewillie’s face when he was made to sign the oath, LOL. And the frustrated look when he wasn’t allowed to do his regular lie routine.

  2. Betcha Willie wanted to Run Away, Sadie.

  3. Did you notice that after Willie got signed up and sworn in, FLDS ladies decided they druther not have anything to say under oath?

  4. what a great angle. you can just see the wheels turning in willie’s head trying to figure out why anyone is questioning him. but they cut off before the best part. mr. rose said “with all due respect, i don’t believe you”.

  5. I thought that Willie answered the quetions truthfully and honestly. He was not a resident of the ranch. He was not a witness to what happened at the ranch before the raid. Therefore, he can only speculate about what happened there. That makes perfect sense to me.

    I don’t understand why all of you insist Willie is lying at this hearing because I think he is telling the truth.

  6. April — Willie is just trying to be cute or clever. He knows very well whether underage marriages happened and were tolerated at the Ranch. He simply doesn’t want to answer the question because it will make him and his “religion” look bad.

  7. i agree flds texas – he was trying the same tactics he uses on the press and the legislature didn’t like it much and they kept at him.

    go texas legislature!!!

  8. I hate watching the one small wheel in Willie’s head turning—I’m embarrassed for him. He looks terrible (and it’s not just the new ‘do). Face red from high blood pressure, wheezing, heavier each time we see him—Warren could do him a great favor and excommunicate him now, before he has a heart attack.

  9. April

    I don’t understand why all of you insist Willie is lying at this hearing because I think he is telling the truth.

    April Day said this on April 16, 2009 at 2:45 AM


    But dont you understand why he Warren left Shortcrick int he first place? This was always a problem there Warren just wanted it to himself.

    Other Plyggroups werent getting in this kind of trouble, everyone knew all of Utah and Arizone knew. You dont really think you can make people beleive Willie didnt know?

    Thats why he is not a good spokesperson he cannot be trusted with the simpliest thing, I think that Warren will ex him eventually.

  10. April (Deb Lee) answer this, since weewillie is/was not a resident of the YFZ compound and not a party to any CPS actions why was he at the hearing to testify? The invitation was sent for a representative of the YFZ compound residents to testify, if weewillie was not their chosen representative then why did he sit his fat butt in the witness chair?

  11. Greets, my eyes aren’t as good as yours. Was there a hamster running that wheel?

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