Two attorneys tasked with managing the labyrinthine FLDS child-custody case severed their ties with the state after being overruled in their efforts to terminate the parental rights of Warren Jeffs and other residents of the polygamous YFZ Ranch, the Standard-Times has learned.

Charles G. Childress and Jeff Schmidt in separate interviews described frustration with the state’s Child Protective Services agency that led both men to leave the case – Childress, a consultant with CPS from Austin, doing so voluntarily, while Schmidt, a staff attorney from Corpus Christi, was removed and later resigned from the agency.

“It had already been established my opinion was not wanted,” Childress said. “I won’t lend my name and legal reputation pursuing a legal strategy I adamantly oppose.”



More here:   CASA vs. CPS


And here:







Last December, CPS found that there was a “reason to believe” the teen had been abused.

That finding and the agency’s decision to have the case dropped seem contradictory to the girl’s attorney, Natalie Malonis.

“I don’t think it’s intellectually honest,” said Malonis.



Note:  I have a feeling there will be more of this information coming out, especially with the legislative hearings starting next week.   Despite public perception as we’ve known it, perhaps FLDS ought to be thankful for CPS’ incompetence.   It could have gone very differently for FLDS.  In light of this, the following document is interesting.   Note in particular the date of the disclosure (December 18, 2008).   If I read this correctly, on December 18, CPS was seeking managing conservatorship of Warren Jeffs’ children.   A month later CPS non-suited their cases and declared the parents fit and the children safe.   


Continuing Joseph Jeffs, Josephine Jeffs, Abraham Jeffs, Amber Jeffs, Hannah Jeffs, Jacob Jeffs, Susan Jeffs, Teresa Jeffs, Helamon Jeffs and William Jeffs in the family, without change from previous practices will enganger the children’s physical health and emotional development (Family Code Section 153.131).

Also Annette failed to cooperate with the Department in signing a safety plan and continues to believe that Teresa Jeffs was not sexually abused.   Based on all the above and circumstances existing at the time of trial, it is in the best interest of Joseph Jeffs, Josephine Jeffs, Abraham Jeffs, Amber Jeffs, Hannah Jeffs, Jacob Jeffs, Susan Jeffs, Teresa Jeffs, Helamon Jeffs and William Jeffs that the Department obtain permanent managing conservatorship of Joseph Jeffs, Josephine Jeffs, Abraham Jeffs, Amber Jeffs, Hannah Jeffs, Jacob Jeffs, Susan Jeffs, Teresa Jeffs, Helamon Jeffs and William Jeffs.



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  1. And then CPS didn’t. What the heck?

  2. I’d like to know what’s going on here. First CPS takes 400+ kids in a move that to many looks like overreaching. Then they can’t send the kids home quick enough, despite evidence of abuse in some cases and non-cooperation by parents. CPS needs to be investigated big time. Something’s really wrong. Kudos to Childress and Schmidt for speaking out.

  3. Well, well well

    So CPS thought it would be OK to have a Utah style petri dish of incest, rape and molestations?

    This is what we have CPS for?

    The lesson they need to look at is the Blood /Crip gang wars of LA/

    Yeah oh the LAPD thought it cool when the adult drug lords were capping each other like popcorn.

    Then the drivebys turned into child slayings and the cops were caught with their pants down, the anarchy was too far out of control.

    The cops looked like my stressed muffin ava’tart’.

  4. Which of these children are Annette’s and which are Barbara’s and how old is each child?

  5. reading the article in today’s paper is heartbreaking for the children, that they were put back in the same situation when there were apparently at least 2 men who wanted to get them out.

  6. I knew, I knew!!! When Childress resigned without explaination something was wrong!!!! This man has been a leader in Child issues. Damn!!! Why would CPS screw up so badly!!! I think everyone should write the legislators in Texas!!! Especially dumb Perry! They have concrete evidence children were abused and non-suited them anyway? What a Crock!!

  7. i agree dd. it is a total crock.

  8. Draw me a picture.

    I toadly do not understand.

  9. Patrick Crimmins is full of Crap to!

  10. There a legislative committee hearing Tuesday in Austin, Who can we write before that time?

  11. Patrick Crimmins is likely just repeating what he’s told. The question is who made the decision to drop the cases like hot potatoes against the advise of two lead attorneys. At the end there were two attorneys fighting against CPS non-suiting : Jonathan Davis and Natalie Malonis, but I think there was nothing they could do once CPS non-suited. Now we have a little window into why they were trying to hold on for those kids. Seems CASA was on their side too. So WHY WAS CPS IN SUCH A HURRY TO GET THE KIDS BACK TO THE SAME ENVIRONMENT?

    (Sorry for the Medvecky_esque rant. If I start referring to anyone as a “dyke” or “goon” please have this board closed down)

  12. Do you think it’s possible when Carey Cockrell gave stats on injuries, abuses etc at the committee hearing, and some senator named Nelson, wanting him to give her a complete report , that the pressure was from the legislative committee?

  13. I agree Attorney Malonis and Attorney Davis were trying very hard, which makes me leary as to why CPS would non-suit. As far as Helgelstein or whatever her name is, that took Carey Cockerells place, all she is doing is making excuses. Does she ACTUALLY believe that just because women took a class on abuse, that will stop the abuse?? LOL she’s stupid as a post!!

  14. the biggest question is WHY. why did cps drop these cases like hot potatoes?

  15. the non-suits that i don’t understand are the daughters of wsj, merril and wendell who are 16 and under along with any girl on the ranch age 10-16. hopefully one term of the bail of the men indicted is that they can’t be around the girls they victimized. that would keep teresa and leann safe for a while, but what about hannah, susan, amber and josephine jeffs. wsj could send out a message tomorrow to marry them off to old geezers and you know that the membership would comply.

  16. Write Govenor Rick Perry and ask him anonymous!

  17. Director of DFCPS said this in Go San Angelo Story:

    They’re taking pretty seriously the risk of the state of Texas intervening again,” she said, citing the sect’s public statement that it would no longer marry girls younger than the legal age of 16. “This organization knows that if they’re living in Texas, they’ll take the laws of Texas very seriously from now on.”

    Yeah right!!! Bwahahahahahhaha

  18. Willie Jessop has NO authority to make any such statement about child marriages, and the Old broad in charger knows that!

  19. great idea dd, but since i live in texas, i know that rick perry isn’t exactly a brain trust. i think i’ll email drew darby instead. i’m not sure if he’s on the committee that’s conducting the hearing, but at least he gets something done every once in a while and since he’s from san angelo, he might have an interest in seeing that the answer to the questions be found out.

  20. that new woman in charge appears to be an IDIOT. Anyone who will believe anything Willie the Thug has to say has to be.

  21. I already emailed Darby a couple a weeks ago. Haven’t heard back from him, but then im just a peon.

  22. I really have no idea why they would drop cases where they KNEW there were abuses and they KNEW they would be sending the kids right back to the same situation. If I had to guess without having any more information, I would say it got too costly budget-wise. But even that doesn’t make sense. Was Perry concerned about perception? I doubt it — they’re still prosecuting the crimes and not backing off of those at all. Plus Perry seems pretty oblivious and not exactly a hands on kind of governor. Maybe Hawkins, just like Crimmins said. Something stinks.

  23. Darby is on the committee.

    Speaking of Darby, I saw a document that showed that Darby was the first registered agent of the YFZ Land LLC that purchased the Ranch land. Anybody have any idea why that would be?

  24. i just emailed darby, who knows if it will do any good.

    as for perry, he’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the box. and its really a good thing that in texas the governor is just a figurehead. kay bailey hutcheson is going to be running against him for the job in the next election.

    i have a friend who lives in austin and said they were going to try to go to the hearing. they’ve been able to get seats at high profile hearings in the past, so maybe they will get seats on the 14th.

  25. i think it was before he was in office and he was a rancher around here along with being a real estate attorney and title company owner. his story is that he got out of the picture when he found out he had been lied to and that the property wasn’t bought as a hunting preserve.

  26. go here http://www.house.state.tx.us/committees/list81/310.htm and email each member of the committee.

  27. thanks anonyomous,, I just finished writing a letter to each one.

  28. i got a response from Elkins. It’s a form letter, but its at least a response.

    I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to contact my office concerning the issue discussed in your e-mail.

    Due to the high volume of messages received daily, we try to respond to all constituents in a timely manner. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

    Please rest assured that your e-mail will be carefully read and your ideas will be given due consideration. If you reference a bill, your e-mail will be filed with that bill so your input will be reflected in the way I cast my vote.

    If you have an issue which requires immediate attention, please call my District office at (832) 912-8380 or my Capitol office at (512) 463-0722.

    Again, I appreciate and encourage your input, and thank you for the opportunity to serve in the Texas House of Representatives.

    Gary Elkins
    State Representative, District 135

  29. So was Darby initially going to go into business with them? Or was he their attorney on the land deal? I guess it’s a small town so there are bound to be those kinds of things happen.

  30. darby is in san angelo, not eldorado. he got involved when the person who had the land listed brought david allred to him saying allred needed an LLC set up for the purchase of the land for a hunting preserve. it is pretty much standard for the attorney setting up the LLC to be the person for service on a new company, having worked for attorneys in the past, i fixed up papers like that numerous times. i think darby backed out when he realized that it wasn’t a hunting preserve and was an enclave for the FLDS to bring people.

    i know that sheriff doran and the rest of the people in eldorado had no clue how many people there actually were in there. they were being told that about 100 people total were there, so CPS and LE went in totally unprepared for the mass of humanity behind the closed and locks gates at the yfz. doran is still reeling from being so totally lied to be people he thought he trusted.

    also, its a little known fact, but a game warden has the right to access of any property whether there’s a locked gate or not. he can enter any property without a warrant.

  31. I’ve seen the pilots pictures of the ranch as it progressed from 2003 till 2008, and he takes good pictures, but in all those pictures, I never saw children.

  32. The overhead photography. By the lighting and sun angles most shots were fairly early AM but you’re right, you don’t see slides and swingsets and bicycles and children, although I may have seen females in a few shots. You don’t see anyone much. You can hear aircraft so children & all may have kept to indoors.

  33. Happy Easter EVeryone!!!!! 🙂

  34. you too dd

  35. CPS is run like different stores in the same mall- the investigators did their job, made their recommendations and got the ok to remove these kiddos from harms way. That is just one part of CPS. The FAILURE was in the CVS or conservatorship unit, where apparently they decided that “work is hard” and that it was just better to get out while they could. Of course the Supreme Court decision was a heartbreaker, but it certainly was not unnavigable. Charlie and Jeff had a plan, when they were booted out, there went the plan…there was a golden opportunity to affect change in the lives of these children and make them safer.

    CPS ‘higher ups’ should be ashamed of themselves. And you know who you are.

  36. i agree anon 4:02. CPS took the easy way out and in the process let down a number of children who should have had their lives changed.

  37. It’s not true what Crimmins said about the conservatorship workers. Again, I think Crimmins is just saying what he’s told – but it’s not true the CSV’s were recommending that all the kids should be sent back and the cases nonsuited.

    Look at the document above and who signed it. How can that be reconciled with CPS nonsuiting a month later against the wishes of CASA and the attorneys ad litem? It was a political decision, that’s how. It had nothing to do with what’s good for the children.

  38. Charlie was put in a terrible position. Soon after he was brought on board the decision was made to walk away. The Department knew they were never going to even let the cases get to discovery — CPS didn’t even want CASA and the AAL’s to know what evidence they had because it would have made it impossible to walk away from all the cases. So they refused to answer discovery and they refused to disclose the evidence they had. So when Charlie had to start responding to motions to compel discovery — the famous request for a mulligan — he was the one left holding the bag for a course of action that was out of his control. Jeff picked up where Charlie left off but CPS couldn’t tolerate an attorney who was driven by his conscience and the best interests of the children, so they pressured him with false accusations and then axed him so they could put their puppet in place. They found their puppet in Michele Surratt.

    Your government at work …

  39. Ah. Ha.

    Think any of this will come out in tomorrow’s hearing? Or will questions be couched politically so they cannot be responded to meaningfully?

    Spooky ain’t it.

  40. I’d love to hear how Michele, Trevor, Beth, Phoebe and gang are going to try to spin this.

  41. Im not fond of Patrick Crimmons, he is an ASS!

  42. FLDS have been invited to send ONE speaker to the hearing tomorrow

  43. I don’t think any of this will necessarily come out tomorrow. Tomorrow is related to a particular bill, which appears to be largely a response to the 3COA opinion. Also heard today it may be open to public testimony.

  44. i thought that darby was the one bringing up the filing of birth certificates. he was pretty vocal about that not having been attended to when he was talking at lunch a while back.

  45. CASAgal – who are michele, trevor, beth and phoebe?

  46. I read the document,,, Im totally confused, All this information went to Anne Helgilsteins office,,,about Jeffs children, what the hell did she do, just dismiss it????

  47. I would LOve to be a Fly on the Wall at the Committee hearing tomorrow!!!

  48. i’m confused too dd. i’m not sure i’ll be any less confused after tomorrow.

  49. LOL anonymous, me either!

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