Lying for the Lord


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 7, 2009.

61 Responses to “Lying for the Lord”

  1. There you go!!! In the Prophets own words, LIE, Sign any document the government gives you, to set you free, then go back and commit criminal acts again.

  2. The voice of the narrator sound just like the father that was in the Oprah episode, Richard Jessop.

  3. did anyone ever come up with the reference for the “Queen’s bed”?

  4. who is richard jessop’s father? is it merril or is he a brother to edson jr?

  5. Warren ever get tired of lying to himself?

  6. If I am lying about “lying for the lord”, does that still make me a lying liar?

  7. Well, dude, at this point, going from their track record, pretty much if you are FLDS if you open your mouth you are lying.

  8. The FLDS have been caught in so many lies that they have brought it upon themselves that everyone sees them as liars.

  9. If they are such lying liars, then how do we know everything in Warren’s dictations are true? They could be all lies or at the very least, we don’t know what is true or untrue

  10. Well, that was certainly morally edifying.

  11. And yet the PPSG wonder why we don’t accept everything that the FLDS says…

    It is because they tell you that they are going to lie to you, then do so…

  12. dude, this video of warren teaching wasn’t public knowledge till now was it? Warren’s dictation match the tapes he made dude. Do you EVER put two and two together???

  13. And it’s very common knowledge after the Short Creek raid in 53, Men signed legal documents that plural marriages with young girls would stop…. But WE ALL KNOW they didn;’t, now don’t we!

  14. TxBluesMan – weren’t you keeping a running tally of major FLDS lies? In light of this teaching of Warren Jeffs, you might save yourself some time by tallying FLDS truths instead.

  15. Remind me any maniages the Lord appointed in the record that have not been done including
    Uncle Roy’s ladies at houses inhiding. I also named two to be given to William E. Jessop;
    naming the father of the two girls but not knowing the girls names. See if you or Patrica or Kate
    remember the father’s name. WSJ May 5, 2007

    He was in Jail, so who was going to perform these new marriages?

  16. I was, but I gave up counting at 30…

  17. Millie and Merrianne can go in the apartment when invited to help clean, tend, etc., but must be
    fervant . Naomie, Patricia and Kate can be there to work on the record. Naomie can be
    with Patrica at night in the “Queen bed” room, and Naomie be upstairs twice a week
    or three times as you choose. Keep it clean and dedicated. WSJ May 2007

  18. Thanks, DD.

  19. Are Levi, Mosiah and Ammon he’s referring to as administering the sacraments his sons? He has a Levi and Ammon, but I’ve never heard of Mosiah. This is from May 4, 2007

  20. DD – I think WSJ is talking about his house, not the temple. That bed on the 3rd floor of the temple sure isn’t a “Queen bed”. Also, I didn’t realize that Naomi was at YFZ. I thought she hung out in Arizona to visit Warren frequently.

  21. Naomi followed Warren closely. If he was in YFZ she probably was too.

    When he was arrested she was sitting right next to him.

    Without makeup ha ha, what a photo! Skanky gentile getup too!

    Warrens get up would scare High School girls fer sure!

    Shorts with black socks over skinny bone white legs.

    He needed a makeover, too bad he is getting one right now at states expense, and it doesnt make him look any better, still having a tough time getting a tan!

  22. I think Naomi was at the ranch most of the time in 2007 even when warren was in Jail. She was the scribe remember? Warren had his office along with several other rooms inside the temple. Did she travel in 2007 to see him, sure she did, but her main job was to make sure that temple was secret, and stayed that way. The temple is was Warren’s pride and joy.

  23. Many times Warren gave order for all documents be stored at the ranch where they would be safe. In locked safes, etc. LE found many locked safe, even in the temple.

  24. i agree dd. i think he was paranoid. wonder who malinda and colleen were who were being called out in dictation.

  25. The lies were told by the Texas LE and CPS

  26. Send me a list of the older unmarried daughters of Brother Merril Jessop and Brother Wendell Nielsen and who the mothers are and their exact ages.
    6). Remind me any marriages the Lord appointed in the record tat have not been done including Uncle Roy’s ladies at houses in hiding. I also named two to be given to William E. Jessop;
    naming the father of the two girls but not knowing the girls names. See if you or Patricia or Kate remember the father’s name.

    He’s joking about Wendell and Merril’s unmarried daughters right, he’s back down to the 12 year old range I think.

  27. Thomas if you’re following WSJ, he just told the world that the FLDS is a bunch of liars.

  28. I’m thinking he wasn’t referring to Naomie when he called it “The Queen Room”—I think he was talking about himself.

  29. He’s suddenly worried about his daughter’s who were born in 2000’s health and appearance

    Note to Monica: Please get an appointment in Dallas or wherever for SweetMarie to have her cleft pallet and lip fixed. Let me know what it will take . Work with the Presiding Elder on
    this and Dr. Lloyd Barlow.

    l0). Note to Millie: Please get an appointment for little Millie to have her nose checked and have surgery to have the growth removed if it is a good time in her life and if it will not leave a worse scar. Work with the Presiding Elder and Dr. Lloyd Barlow on this. I desìre to know their recommend.

  30. Greeting you could be on to something!!

  31. Are Levi, Mosiah and Ammon he’s referring to as administering the sacraments his sons? He has a Levi and Ammon, but I’ve never heard of Mosiah. This is from May 4, 2007

    yes, they are all his sons. Levi is Barbara’s and he is the oldest. I believe Ammon is Barbara’s also and he is barely 18. Mosiah is Annette’s and is in between Ammon’s age and Levi’s age.

    Mosiah is the one who was on Prozac that Jeffs mentioned in one of these dictations. And IIRC there was some issue with Mosiah paying a little too much attention to his sister Lenorah .. not in a sexual way but probably in a brotherly or kinship way that Warren turned into some sexual perversion in his mind. I think he sent Mosiah away to South Dakota because of it. The real reason is probably because Mosiah was not as useful as he would like a teenage boy to be — seems he had some learning disabilities or mental retardation or some kind of impairment. You know Warren can’t just love him and accept him as he is — anything less than perfection means you get shunned, even if you’re the Prophet’s son. Well, if you’re the Prophet’s son you might just get exiled away to another commune away from your entire family so that you can’t hang around and be an embarassment to the Prophet. But I don’t think I’ve actually heard of any of Warren’s own kids being kicked out when they were still minors.

  32. Dear Loretta Jane – The Lord’s Spirit whispers to me to warn you to quickly overcome your physical laziness and be on time every day. You are being judged. I love you and with His help you can do it. Be up and help Monica wíth her children and be a good example to them. Help her wherever she needs. Also do kitchen at times and sewing projects at home for the storehouse under Ora’s direction. Seek out Ora to teach you.

    (Dear Naomie, let Monica and Ora read this. Tell Ora to keep Brenda separate from Loretta Jane. Tell Millie to keep Merianne separate and busy with Mille and away from Loretta Jane.

    Looks like life wasn’t all rosy for the child brides.

  33. Mosiah was on Zoloft, not prozac. And Warren commented he hoped he could be off the zoloft soon, but he has a brain chemical imbalance.

  34. Zoloft .. Prozac .. I get ’em confused. Sorry.

    Did you see where he sent his son away to South Dakota and wasn’t the reason because he didn’t like the closeness between his son and his daughter?

  35. Anyone hear the rumor that Ora had tried to run away from the Ranch at one point prior to the Rescue?

  36. I’ve been out on the road the ranch is on and it would be hard to make it back into Eldorado on foot.

  37. deputydog – I think Naomi was a regular Ranch inhabitant for a time after Jeffs was imprisoned. I believe she has since moved to Arizona to be close to him and visits him frequently

  38. proud — yes it would. I believe it was designed to make escape difficult if not impossible. Once free from the compound, it would certainly be difficult getting back in . Once you’re on the main road though, it is only a short distance to the town of Eldorado. I did hear that there was one “Lost Boy” about 13 years old who was removed from he Ranch and left to wander the streets and find his own way. He was picked up and taken in by a local couple. I do not know his name or whose child he was. The folks who took him in wanted to remain private and anonymous to the world.

  39. well its a good 3 miles along ranch road 300 to the main highway. there are some houses before that, but its pretty unpopulated out that way.

  40. i think that child you’re talking about is now in san angelo going to school. the family wanted to get him away from FLDS people who might come into town looking for him and they had relatives who could help him blend in in a larger town.

  41. We drove out that road several times, it is about 3 miles, and about a mile from the front gate to the acutal buildings. Once we just sat in the car and waited. In 10 minutes we could see dirt flying coming our direction on the road, so we moved on. It’s extremely rugged country to, lots of snakes.

  42. The closest hospital is in San Angelo, 35miles away. So if an emergency happened, you would be lucky to get there in time.

  43. yeah it is dd. if i was going by foot across the ranch it would dang sure be in the winter when the snakes are holed up. i’ve never stopped at the gate, but a friend who’s place butts up to it has been followed on ATV’s when he’s riding his fence that connects the two places.

  44. if you had to wait for an ambulance to take you, you’d for sure be in trouble.

  45. proud – yes, he is in san angelo. he was picked up walking on the road between eldorado and san angelo.

  46. 3 miles? I didn’t realize it was that far. It is very dark and isolated too, like you said. If you needed help and had no way to communicate your goose would be cooked. it is not a heavily traveled road. No reason to travel on that road unless you’re one of the very few ranch owners.

  47. FldsTexas, Im very glad someone picked the child up!!! There are some good people in Texas.

  48. right, and you figure most of those children were brought to the ranch in the middle of the night, so they basically had no idea where they were, which way to go if they did get out.

  49. hwy 277 is pretty heavily traveled, but rr 300 isn’t at all. and if you turned and went away from eldorado you would really be in trouble.

  50. i was just reading some of the dictation and it seems that all the barlows were kicked out and names changed from barlow to allred.

  51. also, esther jessop was married to arthur barlow and had kids with him, but i guess he was kicked out so she married wsj. he renamed her kids. winston became david, victor became matthew, gailiee became lenore, vivian became ruth. only esther rose got to keep her name. these kids weren’t babies, they were 10 and 12 years old. how do you suddenly change the name of a 10 year old?

  52. When you’ve been deprived of developing any individual identity or forming any natural attachment bonds it probably seems like no big deal to get a different family and different name. Sort of like a kid not knowing how to play because he’s never been allowed – or a 12 year old believing that she freely and voluntarily married a 52 year old man and entered a sexual realtionship.

  53. Caught up now. This cult is horrifying.Unbelievable.

  54. remember when leroy jessop was interviewed with leann jeffs his wife. she was asked how old she was and she turned to him and he told her she was 18. that was a total lie. she wasn’t 18 at the time although she might be by now.

  55. Were those the same ones who did or did not have a daughter, depending who asked or what day of the week it was, or moon phase? Didn’t know who lived in their same house? Lying for the lord Warren or Merril whichever.

  56. no, this is one of the underaged girls who was married. she was 17 and had a daughter who was already walking. leroy is one of merril’s sons who was indicted. i’m not remembering the name of the couple who sometimes had a daughter and in other interviews only had sons. the one who didn’t know who lived in the house with her was a woman married to another of merril’s sons. merril’s boys must not be terribly bright.

  57. Speaking of bright. There don’t seem to be a lot of brain surgeons or rocket scientists among them, but I know some are handy with computers. What I’m sidling around to, is there much indication this crime family robs banks or trucks or takes on online theft schemes?

  58. these people are such worthless trash. It would be no suprise at all that they rob banks, rip people all, and commit mass murder. They are worthless trash! Such losers, they sound so stupid on tv, worse than trailer trash!!!

  59. In Irene Spencer’s book, Irene wrote that her father, Morris Kuntz, refused to sign the document renouncing polygamy when he was in prison. He served his full 2 1/2 years sentence for having 4 wives, even though he only had one wife who was willing to live with him when he was arrested and convicted.

    So it is unfair to say that all Mormon Fundamentalists are liars. Some are willing to serve their prison sentences, rather than change their religious beliefs.

  60. Personally, I think that the state of Utah is more at fault than John Barlow. John Barlow signed the document renouncing polygamy because he would rather be with his young wives than in prison. I can’t say I blame John Barlow because I wouldn’t want to be in prison either. The state of Utah should have anticipated that Mr. Barlow might return to practicing polygamy before the state offered that deal.

  61. “renounce” murder, burglary, bank robbery, sexual abuse of chilren, counterfeiting, drug running, polygamy, mugging, arson, … I don’t want to be in prison so I don’t do those things.

    Do you?

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