Losing Streak




The Court further suspects that the last thing desired by the Texas judiciary or law enforcement officers is to have any aspect of their prosecution undermined, compromised or otherwise impacted by the rulings of a judge in some other State.

. . .

It is ORDERED denying the Defendant’s Motion to Strike Response to Motion to Suppress Evidence Obtained in Unlawful Searches of FLDS  Property, insofar as the sanction being requested is the striking of a portion of the State’s pleading.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 7, 2009.

16 Responses to “Losing Streak”

  1. I bet some folks are surprised by this ruling. I am not. Piccaretta was getting too confident, and as a result began making careless (and shrill) errors and arguments. On the other hand, perhaps Piccaretta gets paid whether he wins or loses, so bringing frivolous motions lines his pockets just as well as bringing meritorious motions.

  2. I am really beginning to think that Picceratta is going through a lot of legal gyrations just to keep his billable hours up. More flds moneu going to gentile lawyers. A yet closer shearing of the short creekers.

  3. Plygs are such losers!

  4. These people are so stupid. They live in stupid plyg houses, drive in their stupid plyg cars, talk their stupid plyg talk.
    Such a rotten group of Total Losers!

  5. Dude – I don’t think the majority of those living in polygamist unions are losers. Many are good, faithful, hardworking people who were born into polygamy. I don’t think it does anyone any good to call them losers.

  6. ‘Dude’ is just Pliggy being stupid.

    I don’t understand how anyone can say they care about the FLDS rank-and-file but defend this waste of money. Why does Warren Jeffs still have access to their cash for frivolous lawsuits?*

    Either Piccaretta is incompetent or unethical. How else can you explain away his confusion between criminal and civil law?

    *He was the principal of an extremely small private school. Not a lucrative career. Other than that he never did a lick of real work in his life, as far as I can see. His whole life’s work has been fleecing the sheep.

  7. I don’t know if Piccaretta is unethical, although his motion sure sounded like whining to me, and apparently to the judge.

    I tend to agree that he is throwing as much out there as he can, just to see what will stick.

  8. In regards to the legal profession’s specific code of ethics, I can’t comment; I’m not a lawyer. In terms of general ethics, making impossible arguments to sow confusion seems niffy.

  9. So the motion was denied,, wonder if warren will begin his head bangin again? LOL Seems his lawyers thought they could force depositions in the state of Texas when the Texas case isn’t what warren will be tried for in Arizona. At least there is one judge in Arizona who seems to have his crap together.

  10. He does sound terribly whiney. Somebody needs to tell him to just buck up!

  11. i’m thinking warren needs some pricier attorneys, maybe $500 per hour will get hiim some motions that past muster. or it could just be that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on and piccaretta knows this but is fleecing warren for all he can.

  12. You know in some of the dictations, when warren would talk to lawyers, including Rod Parker, he would pretty much tell them what he was and was not going to do. Parker is as deep in the shit as Warren is. Why do you thing Parker keeps refusing to turn over information to UEPtrust even when ordered by the Judge.

  13. Deputydog1 – can you tell us more about Rod Parkerand what type of trouble you expect he’ll face?


  14. parker couldnt control warren now look what happened

  15. parker couldnt control warren now look what happened

    He got fired by the state too lot of good he can do now

  16. Fired by the State for conflict of interests?

    Is the government, do ya spose, making any effort to follow the money this lawyer’s getting paid? That’s UEP money.

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