Polygamy Underground Railroad





Also covered in more detail on TxBluesMan’s site:



~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 4, 2009.

36 Responses to “Polygamy Underground Railroad”

  1. This is the actual video—riveting. Well worth watching.


    I loved how Utah AG Mark Shurtleff was promising a full investigation half a decade ago, when Warren wasn’t even on the lam yet. If Utah had done its job, Texas wouldn’t have been stuck with this mess.

    It strikes me as a little hypocritical for us to complain about illegal immigration and drugs coming in from Mexico while we ‘ship’ polygamists like Orson Black south of the border.

    That’s where I think Sarah Barlow is, for what it’s worth.

  2. Sarah Barlow is real, I believe to, but I don’t believe it’s her real name, although I do believe she was on that a one time, and made the calls. Utah and Arizona should be Ashamed they allowed this cult to get out of hand for so many years!!!!!!

  3. who’s the man walking in the picture above surrounded by all the children in pink?

  4. At the end of the interview with Dan Barlow (at Rulon Jeffs’ funeral) there is a very young woman on the right side of the screen. Looks like she’s about six months pregnant. It’s about halfway through.

    No idea who she is, of course. Maybe she is just skilled with cosmetics.

  5. who do shauna and margene jessop belong to? they’re pictured in the desertnews coverage of yesterday’s festivies at fort concho.

  6. Does anyone know what happened to Laurene Jessop and her daughters? I dont know what year this film was made, but I think Laurene went back with Val and I just wonder if it was because Val was able to get custody of those girls. If I were in that position and my girls were taken by a man into a child abusing cult, I would go back too just to be there to help them however I could.

    Proudtexan — I don’t have any idea who the man is. It was just one freeze frame from the film.

  7. i read somewhere that laurene and her children were with val when he died recently.

  8. That really was a fascinating video. So many appearances by people we’re not familiar with: Mark Shurtleff, Dan Fischer, Rodney Holm, Flora, Ruth Stubbs, Dan Barlow, Willie Jessop, Sam Roundy, Val and Laurene Jessop, the two Fawns, John Krakauer, Ross Chatwin, Lenore Holm.

    It made me really sad. I don’t know why it has been so difficult to get this information into the public’s awareness. I feel like if people knew what was going on, there would be a public uprising and call to action.

    Shurtleff is such a disappointment. There he was with Dan Fischer and Jon Krakauer calling for justice for the Lost Boys … now he’s saying everything’s A-OK because Warren is in jail and a couple of guys are under indictment. I don’t understand that guy at all.

  9. http://pluralwife.blogspot.com/2008/09/val-jessop.html

    it talks about val dying.

  10. i read somewhere that laurene and her children were with val when he died recently.

    proudtobetexan said this on April 5, 2009 at 2:18 AM


  11. Thanks proudtexan.

    This is so sad — here’s more on Val and Laureen, entitled Escape from Flora


    I wonder what happened. I feel for those little girls having to go back. I guess Laurene lost the custody battle.

  12. Reading the above link made me want to hurl. What a crock.
    I hope Laurene is ok.

  13. Luerene went back to Val a couple of years ago, Val was alredy kicked out. She got custody of her children, but her son was very unhappy. And Luerne still loved Val, but her sister Marie was Val’s wife to, and they basically hated each other. Luerene is the one who was sent to the mental facilitly several times in Flagstaff. She and Val were still living together when he died last year. She was asking donations to help her bury her husband.
    Haven’t heard anything about her recently, but I hope she is doing okay.

  14. That business of sending women to Flagstaff for mental treatment is yet another way these women have been controlled. Laurene’s sister is a another woman who was put away to keep her quiet. I feel for her, too.

  15. I think there’s more to the story:


  16. Sad and troubling:


  17. so how are val and merril related?

  18. Plygs suck!

  19. So what about the gentile guy Laurene was going to marry? And what’s the big secret scandal perpetrated by Val that everybody over at texaspolygamy.blogspot.com was talking about?

  20. This is a bit off topic but might as well put it here..

    Do any of you read Bill Medvecky’s site? I don’t make a habit of it but occasionally Google alert will take me there.

    The guy has taken to lying and making stuff up in the most outrageous way! I saw someone over there even questioned him about the lies. Some of the lies are obvious and just meant to insult or abuse peole he dislikes – like saying Rozita Swinton has AIDS! I doubt anyone would believe that coming from Bill.

    But other outrageous lies are not easily spotted – like a recent story where he says that William Sunderland Jessop (Willson’s father) died of a stress-related stroke implying that the Rescue caused his death. Will S. Jessop died of a “freak” accident on the Ranch involving a high-temperature, high-pressure hose/valve. One has to wonder if the Prophet had a reason to cast his voodoo on William S. because that was not the first “freak” accident suffered by this 29 year old man. As a younger man, Will S. suffered a traumatic closed head injury as the result of a “fall” from a very tall building or scaffolding. He was left permanently impaired, and by all acounts he should not have survived the fall. What are the odds he would survive,such an “accident” only to have his life cut short by an even more bizarre and untimely accident.

    Remember his toddler son is the one whose ad litem requested a special examination because there were signs that the boy had been sexually abused (although IIRC suspicion was not on the boy’s parents but some other person who had access to him prior to the Rescue). Gotta wonder if someone had a particular need to silence William S. permanently.

  21. Was there an inquest? A safety investigation? Even if the two accidents are unrelated it is troubling that a man with a brain injury was using dangerous equipment.

  22. Bill’s comments about AIDS along with his other comments surely were meant as insults and not to be taken seriously, not that I always agree with BillM.

    FLDS Texas, it is sad what happened to William jessop but agriculture/construction/industrial work is inherently dangerous. It is by no means unheard of for lightning to strike twice in those occupations. These dark and twisted conspiracy theories you conjure up are only meant to inflame and incite hatred, if you have proof this boy was molested then by all means give it to the police. Otherwise what you are implying is far more unethical and despicable than anything BillM has done.

  23. Seems to me that William Sunderland Jessop had three serious accidents:

    1. A car accident where he sustained minor injuries (which could include a concussion), in April of 2004, which killed the other driver and injured Jessop’s cousin;


    2. A construction accident fall where he sustained a closed head injury leaving him susceptible to seizures;

    3. An accident at the dairy at YFZ Ranch, where he was scalded to death by a high-temperature sprayer.

    I really would like to know more about this. I am not implying anything, “not a hater”, but this is an ugly concatenation of circumstances. At the very least, a person with a seizure disorder should be kept away from dangerous equipment.

    And people say OSHA is an extravagance.

  24. BTW, I think Bill Medpucky’s comments about Rozita having AIDS could be the basis for a lawsuit. While Ms. Swinton is the subject of a law enforcement inquiry, she is not a public figure, and his abject lies about her may be causing her a lot of pain.

    I hope that one of these days he takes a swing at someone who has both the money and the brass tacks to swing back. Because I’d like to see him have a taste of his own ‘medicine’.

    Wondering about the death of Mr. Jessop is not the same as spreading lies about Ms. Swinton. (I have no knowledge of Jessop’s toddler son and alleged sexual abuse.) Didn’t this digression start because Mr. Medpucky alleged that the father (Mr. Jessop) died of a stroke caused by CPS? I think the point of the comments is that Medpucky was posting egregious lies; my interest was piqued because the story is so darned odd.

    Whatever happened to Mr. Jessop, it was not straightforward.

  25. GFNY, It is really sad to read about William Jessop. This poor guy was really unlucky and the Stars were really lined up against him. These three events are completely unrelated and would have been impossible to plan in advance with any chance that events would go as expected.

  26. I heard somewhere else he died of a stroke as well, could be the injuries he received provoked a stroke, like what happened to Roy after he was attacked by his tiger during a show in LV.

  27. This from the El Dorado Success via a roundabout route through the Free Republic:

    “The Success has learned that William Sunderland Jessop, 29, died Thursday, July 31, 2008, of unknown causes at the YFZ Ranch. The official cause of death has not been released pending an autopsy but authorities say they do not suspect foul play. Jessop was the son of YFZ overseer Merril F. Jessop. He is believed to be survived by two wives and at least six children, as well as his parents and numerous brothers and sisters.”

    One ‘wife’* is Carlene Jessop, and this is from a Deseret News article of May 19, 2008:
    “Jessop’s husband, William Sunderland Jessop, sat near her in court. His attorney accused CPS of preparing a plan involving him and his children without ever talking to him.”
    Mr. Jessop was identified as a parent of a removed child in the May 12 legal notice filed in the El Dorado Success.
    He was one of the adults at YFZ ordered to undergo DNA testing, here: http://web.gosanangelo.com/pdf/DNAParentageTesting.pdf
    And that’s all I can find about him on the internet.

    *Of course only one of these women could have been his wife, but who knows which, if either, it was?

  28. Not a hater, nobody with a seizure disorder should be allowed anywhere near dangerous equipment.

    I think Mr. Medpucky started the rumor that Jessop had a stroke brought on by the raid. And for what it’s worth, the only facts I can document is his 2004 car accident and that he died suddenly at the ranch.

    I am just hoping someone can fill in the details with facts.

  29. well, bill is planning on suing the State of Texas and CPS (or some such nonsense) for saying he was planning on kidnapping Merianne. Posted over on his blog that he had already moved his attorneys to Dallas to prepare. Wonder if they are planning on taking the Texas Bar anytime soon.

  30. Mr. Medpucky has an active fantasy life, doesn’t he?

    I’m all for him suing the great state of Texas—if he can afford it—because the state’s attorneys could then cross-examine him about where he was getting his information and why he published the names of the Wee Lassie’s foster parents on his blog.

    Whether or not he intended to kidnap her, he compromised her security. Publishing their names was intended to intimidate the foster parents and hopefully prevent the Wee Lassie from bonding with them because the state would have to relocate her.

    Medpucky is what we like to call “A Legend in His Own Mind”—he thinks of himself as a principal player in a great drama, but he’s in fact only a bit player in a black comedy. I hope he got his lawyers’ names from Wee Willie or Merril or WSJ himself; they seem to pick winners.

  31. i think bill’s obsession is just crazy. the man is living and breathing flds from florida. i’m surprised he didn’t make a trip from florida to be at the reunion at fort concho.

  32. So, was that Val Jessop schizophrenic or what?

  33. I have been in contact with Laurene ever since she went back to Val. However within the last month, our almost daily communication ended for no apparent reason, so I am naturally worried. Laurene and I had planned on getting married, a secret that many were not aware of except the FLDS, a former member of their group considering marrying a gentile was not appreciated. I supported she and her children in Phoenix for about two years, we still loved each other when she went back and stayed secretly in touch, until recently. The stories I could tell, both from the experience and what Laurene told me. Worth a book someday.

  34. Bob, I hope Laurene gets back in contact with you. You obviously still love her and hopefully you two can have your “happily ever after”

  35. Bob, I hope Laurene is okay. I know she was living in the cane beds with Val. I wish I knew where she was also. She shouldn’t be alone, and has few friends in that area. Warren’s dictations talked terrible about Laurene. I will keep her in my prayers.

  36. She and her children are always in my prayers, I miss her.

    What did Warren’s dictations have to say about her?



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