Groundskeeper’s Bed?

Thanks to an anonymous commenter who provided a link to the AP article containing this unique and creepy photo.   This is apparently the bed that was found in the Temple at the FLDS Ranch in Eldorado, Texas.    When asked by Oprah if the rumors of a bed in the Temple were true, Willie Jessop, Spokesman Extraordinaire, answered that the bed in the Temple was for the Groundskeeper.   I don’t think Willie was anticipating the release of this photo.

Note the fold-down side rails and cushioned kneelers.  (HUH??).   And then there’s the Altar, which appears in this picture to be some sort of observation deck.   

I can’t think of any explanation for this kind of bed in Warren Jeffs’ Temple.  This has every appearance of being a ceremonial or ritual bed — for activities that are observed by various and multiple kneeling others.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 4, 2009.

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  1. you are very welcome, webmaster

  2. Semens to be a massage table for unearthly vibes, maybe a blanket hornicultural table that jacks your profit up to the celestial heaven. If you lie your profit stomach facing downward he is in the ‘download’ position and if you lie him on his back then your profit is in the ‘upload’ position. Either way we are talking about lies.
    The angels wait on the observation steps until a moron comes to get another massage and shows the celestial wives how to rock the profit off of the table and send him into outter limits of space. Do you want a rocket ride?

  3. that photo is just way too creepy. willie is such a liar.

  4. Is that a zipper at the bottom of the blanket on the bed? Why would they want a blanket like that?

  5. Flora Jessop will be on Book TV (CSPN2) at 9:00 am Arizona. It’s Dish Network channel 211 in this neck of the woods.

  6. Looks like bunting.

    OK, my crackpot theories:
    It’s for deflowering virgins and the high kneeler is for the witnesses;

    It’s where Wacky Warren received his heavenly visions. He was led in by silk ribbons, dressed in his favorite red chiffon robe. His faithful amanuensis, Naomie, knelt next to him to facility his heavenly experience, and three virgins took notes on laptops while kneeling on the risers (I’m pretty sure the power strip is on the other side of that monstrosity);

    It’s the set for a movie about human sacrifice, featuring Wacky Warren as the arch-Druid;

    It’s actually a rolling hospital gurney, cleverly tchotchked up in the latest bad taste, where Wacky Warren received his electroshock therapy. (Did you notice that even the side rails are carpeted?)

    Surgery! It’s a fully-carpeted surgical suite!

    Cryogenics lab? If so, where’s the little tube into which they slide the body? And did they plan to freeze Warren’s whole body, or just his head?

    But the idea I like best is Harold aka Texson’s, which was: “I suppose it could have been placed there just in case the Teletubbies ever came to visit they would have a place to sleep.”

  7. Extremely KINKY!

    But HEY were talking WARREN here!

    They need to board the Temple up. I rose up for Warren, it should fall with him.

  8. Greetings beat me to it

    I think the most likely scenario is Warren’s nightly heavenly visitations where the God’s speak through him to Naomi given how much time his writings indicate that he spent conversing with God. Geez! I have been praying for my whole life and have never had a peep from God. Maybe if I had that bed?

  9. I think they should board up the temple, too. It was built to Jeffs’ specs, and used mortar mixed to his ‘divine’ instructions. Clearly it’s a safety hazard.

    Why would God dislike color so much, anyway, since He designed it? And why would He want His house of worship to look like a child’s foam-core model?

  10. Many artists have dedicated their work to God, and some have said they were inspired by God, but I can’t think of a single one who believed his or her creation was made to specs dictated by God (although that would cut down on the work tremendously). Talk about hubris!

  11. It sure is nice and clean for a grounds keeper. I am sure that even a hospital is’nt that clean. How sad. Those poor little girls. How can people be so sick? Why is this allowed. If it were me and that bastard tried to touch one of mine, he would’nt have to go to prison. To the FLDS pick up a Bible figure it out for yourselves. Before its to late.

  12. I wonder if Naomie was his scribe when he dictated this January 16, 2007 entry found in Priesthood Record, and if so, how she felt about it? Does anyone know where Naomie is now?

    “I returned to my cell at 7:00 p.m., and the Lord continued to guide me what to do learning to listen and follow His promptings. The Lord then dictated the vision He showed through the night,making that record before retiring. He had me offer an inspired prayer of dedicating Naomie Jeffs unto the Lord to be taken home to her reward; and also dedicating the House of God on earth over to the judgments of God to prepare the way for the rise of Zion.

    The Lord whispered with a witness of burning peace that this prayer was heard by the Lord and shall be fulfilled. He showed me how Naomie would be taken and when. He showed me the record that she had with her will be preserved, and that she would go quickly and without blood being shed, and without a police investigation.
    She will go peacefully in the Lord. Her testimony will be preservered to help establish Zion among the faithful as a witness on earth that the Lord is among His people and with His serven with a power from on high.”

    Then on January 18th, he writes:

    “…Around 3:30 a.m., the Lord awakened me still in the heavenly session and told me that Naomie Jeffs had been taken in death and was with Him. He allowed me to hear her voice how happy she is and how beautiful father is, and that the record she had with her was hidden in the lining of her luggage…”

    He then described the plan for her funeral on page 4 at:

  13. that’s just creepy about naomi, but from what i understand she’s still alive and one of his most faithful visitors. i guess that’s because she never had any children that i know of with warren. she has time on her hands to visit the prison on a regular basis.

  14. Welcome to the Queen room… Warren talks about in his dictations. Since Naomi was his favorite wife, after he was put in prison, he told her she could stay in the Queen room, but NO ONE else. You see the Alter with steps going up? That’s where warren would watch as Virgins and Old men were married, and then had to have sex before they could leave the room, to make sure the girl was trully a virgin.
    But then, he an naomi would have their own sexual fantasies on the Queen bed.

  15. The part that gets me is the carpeted side rails. Someone must have taken a stapling class at Michaels and gotten a little over-zealous.

  16. I’m not sure Willie was lying. He wasn’t at the ranch when the raid occurred. Maybe Willie never saw this bed. Maybe he was thinking of a regular bed. I could see a regular bed in the temple being used by a groundskeeper, a sick person or a person who fainted with religious fervor. But this?

    This bed is very strange. I wonder how old it is? The carpeted side rails make me wonder if Rulon Jeffs slept in this bed in his old age.

  17. that would be tough since rulon jeffs never lived at the yfz ranch that i’ve heard of. the property wasn’t bought until he had died.

  18. Deb Lee, why aren’t you in Hawaii or at least on the plane?

    How would ol’ Rulon have gotten up onto that thing? It isn’t like an adjustable height hospital bed.

    OK, here’s what I think it is: it was a potential entry for the Schleicher County Fair that went horribly awry. When they finished it, they realized they couldn’t get it out the door, so they made a small museum for it on the third floor of the temple.

    Makes about as much sense as the groundskeeper’s bed theory.

  19. I showed the photo of the bed to my husband. He says, “The bed must be used for some sort of ritual that the FLDS are not discussing.”

    The carpeted siderails make me think that they were afraid the person sleeping in the bed would fall out. That is why old Rulon might have slept in the bed.

    Off topic — I’m still packing my suitcases. Will be leaving for the airport in an hour. Hawaii — here I come!

  20. Deb Lee, have a phenomenal trip. You have all our best wishes, of course. And promise me you won’t look at any of this polygamy stuff till you get back. Hawaii deserves your undivided attention.

    I totally agree with your husband about it being a ritual altar. The question is: what ritual? To me, the presence of carefully folded bedding but the lack of a pillow argues against comfort, either in sleeping or resting. (I think the toddler rails are simply because it’s so narrow.)

    Neither old Rulon nor any other geriatric could get themselves up on that bed. I am not sure Merril could do it without a hoist and the thought of Wee Willie trying to lift himself up that high makes me actually gasp with laughter. No sign of a transport gurney in the room, and one wouldn’t work well in all that carpeting, not to mention that the rubber wheels would leave terrible marks on that white carpeting.

    So I am not sure it was for the rank-and-file to use. I have to go back to Wacky Warren as the intended user. I grudgingly agree with Deputy Dog that this is probably the “Queen Room” from the dictations.

    That their weird psycho-sexual fantasies were played out on a faux altar is just too disturbing for words. It’s why I have to joke about it.

  21. Deb Lee, Rulon was DEAD long before this temple was ever built much less the Alter Bed. So unless the FLDS dug up his corpse and you believe he comes back to life just to be able to “sleep” in the Alter Bed, there is no “might” about it, Rulon NEVER slept in the Alter Bed.

  22. Well, that too, Sadie.

  23. greetings you made me gasp with laughter thinking about willie getting up on said bed. the thoughts going through my mind with regard to what the bed was used for aren’t pretty. with the all white aspect, it has the makings of a virgin sacrifice altar.

  24. Didn’t someone say plastic? And white? All the more to make the necessary blood more visible – and the plastic for protection of the mattress.

    Sick! Evil! Twisted! Perverse!

  25. How can anyone not see that this bed was used to deflower virgins The virgin underage girl was on the bottom, the old geezer on top. Her parents would be kneeling on the prayer platform, while the sex was going on. Warren would be at the top of the steps, directing the vile sex act while it was going on. Afterwords, the bloody sheets were raised up and one by one, each person in this ceremony would climb up the steps and smear the bloody sheets on their faces, the virgin blood would “purify” them.
    More proof that FLDS are absolutely vile and disgusting people who practice what really amounts to Satanic paganism dressed up as a twisted parody of true Mormonism and Christianity.

  26. HEY


    Join up and you, too, could end up in prison for using that bed to rape a girl.

    And Deb LEe, you are right, Willie the Thug may never have seen it. But ignorance is no excuse. Obviously there ARE LOTS OF PEOPLE who know the 411, they are out on bail right now, but not by this time next year.

    Maybe we will get some prison pillow talk?

    Regardless, DNA is going to convict them, not this picture.

    The picture is simply proof of their whacky Prophet and his sinnin ways (I wont blame this bed on your average Joe FLDS – we know who the MasterFool is)

  27. He said either for the groundskeeper or for worship. Get your story straight.

  28. At least we know now why they flipt their gourds when the Temple was inspected.

    Nothing like having a sex alter to put you in jail!

  29. WC

    What could you possibly worship on such a bed, besides raping a virgin on an alter?

    And has SPOKESTOAD, he ought to know, before flapping his beg fat mouth. But we expect lies, why would this be any different!?

    The groundskeeper is in prison, that sex alter wont be used any more!

  30. To think everyone said there was no ritual sex bed where underage girls were not raped. We now have the proof that this was a sex bed and the bright white paint was to make the blood of the virgin sacrificial victime easier to see. The groundskeeper’s job was to wash the sheets and clean the room of all the blood spatter that came from the underage virgins.

    How vile and disgusting

  31. Its a good thing that the guy who dreamed that up is in PRISON.

  32. Yon sockpuppet, groundskeepers don’t do carpets. They would make more of a mess than when they started.

    Don’t you pay any attention to your domestic servants?

  33. No, I don’t believe MEN cleaned up anything, not even blood. That job would be left to the women. Like all the other Dirty Jobs they have been given, like protecting the men that used that bed.

  34. Which ever sock puppet cw is (must be duane) has obviously never had sex, blood SPLATTER, LOL. Obviously either a seriously defective man that no woman would even look at once or a pre-teen playing on the computer. Why can’t parents learn they are supposed to monitor their childrens computer use?

  35. A woman was probably tasked to be janitor and clean up the room after the virgins were deflowered, it was probably Barbara Jessop. If it got bloody, most likely they just washed the sheets and carpet in cold water. This room may have doubled as a blood atonement chamber, in that case it was probably easier to just repaint the walls, that was probably done by a groundskeeper who wore clean shoes and a special suit, I saw that on an episode of Dexter. Raymond Jessop was probably the one who was given that job.

  36. There ought to be a law against deflowering of young virgins in ritual sex beds.

  37. These people are just sick! Sex beds and Blood atonement murders!!
    Can it get any worse? Is there any depravity that these FLDS perverts won’t engage in? The list of crimes they are guilty of is endless!! Is there anything they haven’t done? Just awful and bad people.

  38. Deputy – can you tell me where I can find the readings on the “Queen Room”? TIA

  39. In fairness to Willie the Mouth, he probably didn’t even know he was lying. Merril probably told him they had a Groundskeeper’s Bed in the Temple.

    You really think they let the likes of Willie in the Temple to see for himself? (Speaking of defiling). Willie aint gettin no ritual virgin sex ..he can’t even earn enough wives to level up.

  40. Does anyone know how many wives and children Willie Jessop has? I heard that he has a wife in the Hildale, Utah area but that’s about it.

  41. FLDS TEXAS, ask chloemitchell, I can’t find it either.

  42. FLDS Texas, if Willie didn’t know he was lying, then he WASN’T LYING. By defintion you must be aware if you are lying.

  43. He said it was a groundskeeper’s bed. He had to know that wasn’t true, even if he’d never been in the room, unless he was parroting something he’d been told without ever having been to the ranch.

    Willie is such a slow thinker that I admit that isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility.

  44. Hey DogShit, Stop using my name!!!! or parts of it. Do your own damn homework, and READ the dicatations. People get sick of doing your homework for you!

  45. not a hater, how ignorant do you think people are. Willie knew he was lying,, you really think Willie would tell oprah? LOL LOL

  46. Willie, will you give us the real 411?

    Or just admit you dont know WTF you are talkin about when your lips start flappin in the wind!

  47. Willie only knows what hes been told. His old job was intimidating FLDS now Warren thinks he can intimidate Texans.

    Lots of us think that is another failed experiment, he will be exed when he is no longer useful.

  48. The photo of the temple bed has made the front page of The Eldorado Success newspaper! Hopefully, some of the flds members that live at YFZ and aren’t aware of the room will get to see it as we all see it.

    Also, citizens of Eldorado who don’t have access to the web or don’t care to follow the story closely will get to see it, too.

  49. Oops – I forgot the link to the .pdf of the hardcopy cover of the newspaper:

  50. Those YFZ folk sure do put up their groundskeeper real nice.

  51. How anyone can look at this photo and not see that it was a ritual sex bed for underage virgins is beyond me.

  52. Haha. Get it? 1_2 is want to?

  53. That bed is where he had his group sex and raped a 12 year old girl.

    This is probably the very room where it happened. He finished with “In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

    Hope that rotten douche burns in hell.

  54. Just wondering. Are those side rails there to keep the kids from rolling out of bed? hah!

  55. We were actually at the trial. This was the bed Jeffs used for his “heavenly sessions” it was on a track and could be pushed into a closet to hide it. Documents also quoted him as saying “it has to have plastic on the mattress for what will happen on this bed” YUCK!! Also references to being sturdy and strong and about no rattling noises. This is totally insane and very, very, creepy.

  56. the church is fake thats how we know. no offence.

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