~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 2, 2009.

28 Responses to “CASA vs. CPS”

  1. For some reason, Ms. Engelking’s response reminds me of that memorable exchange from ‘Casablanca’:

    Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds?

    Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

    [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]

    Croupier: Your winnings, sir.

    Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.

    Captain Renault: [aloud] Everybody out at once!

  2. This could get interesting! Especially if there’s going to be a legislatve committee and hearings on how CPS handled this case. We hear so many complaints that CPS over reacted but maybe on the flip side CPS under reacted. Can’t wait to get more information about what really happened. I believe CASA – they have no loyalties to any bureaucracies, they’re volunteers, and their only mission is to do what’s best for children. They have no incentive to lie or exaggerate.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Im so glad CASA sent the letter they did. I don’t understand the letter back Ms Brown. Im am positive CASA provided CPS with any evidence they had on children. And yet CPS is saying they didn’t? It’s to bad, because children were put right back into the same abusive situation 😦

  4. I assume they were afraid of public opinion once they realized the scope of the problem. That doesn’t justify walking away from it, though.

  5. Thinking that CASA doesn’t have an agenda is pretty dumb, if you don’t appreciate that these folks/volunteers are going to always act on the best interests of the children then your in for a real surprise. Whatever, the CPS and AG Offices knew and didn’t share should be pulled out during the Legislative hearings, then stand back because the CASA people, press & General Public are going to explode over this fouled up and botched situation. Governor Perry you best get out ahead of this because the ‘deer in the headlights’ won’t be a welcomed experience.

  6. So I hear that there is a rally for the FLDS at Ft. Concho tomorrow at 1:00…they were so traumatized that they are going back. That makes a lot of sense. I am sure they will claim that going back is therapeutic, but it is really just another photo op for Willie.I did notice the invitation is from the children and the mothers. I guess maybe the “men” are too chicken shit to support their women.

  7. Hey MG Ft. Concho is open to the public right??? Or did the FLDS rent it out just for those they “invite”?

  8. not mg, but its open to the public.

  9. follow up to that, you can rent certain buildings, but the fort itself is open to the public.

  10. lots of media is coming as well. it should be a real tear jerker

  11. if medvecky comes, i sure hope he does not have any open warrants

  12. wouldn’t that be a circus if medvecky came and had some kind of warrant. he could then blog from the tom green county jail, if they have internet service.

  13. If I weren’t 2500 miles away, I’d be there with a protest sign with enlargements of the ‘wedding’ pictures, below.


    Is this the goundskeepers bed???

  15. CPS office is closed today. Soooooo….do they feel unsafe? Kinda ironic that it **is** safe for the children to go “home” but not safe for the workers to go to the office?

  16. Ooh – what is with the stairs by the bed in the photos at the link anonymous provided? Do they consumate the marriage and then walk up the stairs as if they lead to heaven?

  17. I read an allusion to that photo this morning but nothing could have prepared me for what it actually looks like. Not like the little rooms where Mormons were polygamously married, that I’ve seen in 19th century engravings.

    The prayer kneeler on the side, the railings so the occupant(s) don’t fall off, the weird staircase/kneeler.

    If this isn’t a ritual bed, what is it?

  18. so are wendell, pearl and yvonne jessop children of merril or one of his sons?

  19. Merril’s children

  20. looks like pearl may have been recently treated for cancer or something since she has such thin short hair. Anybody know about that?

  21. do you know who their mother is?

    i noticed that too about pearl. also, yvonne’s 16 and unmarried. how’d that happen.

  22. “Marriage was an absolute requirement for women who wanted to be close to God and to enter into heaven, according to Jeffs. He himself had 58 wives, according to 2004 church records.”

    This is from the article with the picture of the bed. Any idea where you can get a list of Warren’s wives.

  23. OMG, the bed thing is disqusting!!! On picture 6 the girl in light green dress closet to the camera where her face isn’t showing looks pregnant. And yvonne, isn’t she the one that was in Oprah interview, where she said being married having sister wives was wonderful?

  24. you’re welcome webmaster.

  25. Yes, Anon, thanks for the link. It sounds like the AP has access to files that have been kept under wraps so far. I wonder if there are more shockers that will be revealed in the very near future. I would expect much more of the evidence to become public when the criminal trials start ramping up. There’s a suppression hearing in May … hopefully it will result in the publication of more of the evidence.

  26. CPS office is closed today. Soooooo….do they feel unsafe? Kinda ironic that it **is** safe for the children to go “home” but not safe for the workers to go to the office?

    i said this on April 3, 2009 at 3:09 PM


    Ironic indeed! I hope the legislature opens a full investigation into the CPS’ wholesale return of children to abusive homes.

  27. joy, alice and rozanna were the wives of the man interviewed by oprah. but we were talking about children born since the raid and there’s a picture of a child named sweet charity held by her father at fort concho’s reunion over on

  28. I’m curious what next week’s hearing in Austin will cover and what import it will have.

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