Warren Jeffs on the Negro Race

~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 31, 2009.

18 Responses to “Warren Jeffs on the Negro Race”

  1. the top video says something about having to accept a friend request. the 2nd one is very interesting. wonder how he feels about oprah visiting his flock.

  2. I’m sure he’s probably very nervous about the Oprah visit. After all, he can’t control what questions she asked or what answers came from the flock. I wonder if the jail staff allowed him to watch it.

    I sure would like to see the top video. FLDS Texas, can you send us the invite to view it?

    Thanks for all you are doing to help the public better understand this group.

  3. Oops. The first video was set to private by mistake. It is fixed now, and you should be able to view it.

  4. I wonder if Warren Jeffs ever knew an Afro-American.

  5. Wonder if he’s talk to Oprah?

  6. What a lying SOB!! He has ruined so many people’s lives, and childrens lives. HOW does it feel Warren to know you will ROT in hell for leading people away from GOD!! because of your bias, hate filled words.

  7. Even his picture makes me want to puke!

  8. Warren’s racist rants are demeaning and totally unacceptable in today’s USA. How people can believe in, or have sympathy for this bunch is more than I can understand.

  9. i can’t imagine warren is too happy with oprah visiting his sacred zion. does anyone know if the richard samuel jessop who was the one who talked to oprah is a son of merril.

  10. Thanks for putting up the video, so those of us cursed with the Mark of Cain won’t have to overtax our brains reading the transcription.

  11. ohhh is that what i have? the mark of cain? i thought it was an insatiable hate for child molesters.

  12. i wonder if i showed up at the ranch gate if i’d be treated to a tour and dinner with one of the families.

  13. I’d like a tour and dinner as well. Is this the newer, friendlier, non-racist FLDS?

  14. somehow i doubt it.

  15. If they put those horrid faux “Happy Valley” ranch dressing bottles on the tables, I don’t want to have dinner with them.

    Add copyright infringement to their list of crimes.

  16. I was worried that they poisoned Oprah’s food, wouldn’t put it past these FLDS scumbags to do such a thing.

  17. BTW, I noticed Oprah didn’t take a bite, I bet she knew it was poisoned. I bet she brought her own water in case their water was poisoned. Now we know what the cyanide that was found on the Ranch was used for.

  18. Warren’s face is creepy, that’s difficult to look at.

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