Criminal Enterprise?


MR. SCHAFFER: At this time Mr. Jessop will refuse to answer that question based upon his Fifth Amendment privilege as well — under the federal constitution as well as the state constitution. As counsel propounding these questions knows there are federal investigations involving money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud, Mann Act violations in federal court, in addition to any allegations being investigated by the state authorities.

 MS. MALONIS: For the record, this counsel is not aware of that.

 MR. SCHAFFER: You are now.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 27, 2009.

35 Responses to “Criminal Enterprise?”

  1. Just to get a better understanding, (I am not a lawyer). By weewillie invoking the 5th does that mean he is being investigated by the federal government for money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud, Mann Act violations and state investigations? For him to invoke the 5th that would mean he could implicate himself, correct? He can’t invoke the 5th because he is afraid he will implicate someone else can he? Only himself right?

  2. Why make a federal case out of it Willie?

    Warren tell you too? Wanna be like big boy JS and martyr yourself on purpose?

    Good luck! Cya in court!

  3. You can’t invoke the 5th to prorect someone else. You can’t invoke the 5th just because the answer will make you look bad or embarrass you. You can only invoke the 5th if your answer may INCRIMINATE YOU.

  4. So Evidently the Federal Search Warrant issued in this case, must have included some evidence against Wille Jessop to? YIPPPEEEEE!!!

  5. Wee Willie has some sort of pulmonary problem. It’s marked when he’s stressed, as he is in this video. I am happy he’s under Federal and state investigation, but I also hope he sees a doctor for that wheeze.

  6. I think your all a bunch a dumb cells…..can’t the flds have some freedom.

  7. Greetings — I was thinking the very same thing about the pulmonary problem. He was short of breath and pursing his lips like he was struggling to get enough air.

  8. Maybe if one of the AAS show up to read this board they can gently suggest to Willie that he has a problem and needs to see a pulmonary specialist about it. Or perhaps Brooke Adams could.

  9. we’ll never hear the end of it now. oprah talked to wee willie jessop. she’s airing a show on yfz on monday.

  10. Didnt Willie just talk to her on a recent show — over the phone or something like that? She’s doing another show?

  11. I+think+your+all+a+bunch+a+dumb+cells…..can’t+the+flds+have+some+freedom.

  12. yeah, another show where she’s actually at the ranch. its going to air on monday the 30th.

  13. Oprah show was at the ranch two weeks ago? They are doing another show??? Does FLDS know Oprah may tell the truth this time? It was a horse and pony show two weeks ago.

  14. Betty+Bo0 FLDS have freedom as long as they follow the law, if they don’t they are as liable as any other citizen who doesn’t.

  15. Is Betty Boop calling us “dumb Celts”?

  16. Can’t quite figure that one out. Don’t know what the proper response is to being called a “dumb cell” … Or a Dumb Celt for that matter.

  17. hey flds texas, do you have the sheets on either merril jessop’s family or warren jeffs? the casa ladies said it took 3 filing cabinet drawers for the jeffs and jessops and 1 for the rest.

  18. I only have what people give me. I don’t have the family sheets …yet. I do have more to post, just haven’t had a chance. Expecting more depo clips soon too. Maybe some audio files and photos.

  19. thanks.

  20. Well sorry – I ran out of time yesterday. There will be more soon. Perhaps a response to Oprah’s show airing today.

  21. I loved that bit about the file cabinet… the YFZ compound was overpopulated with Jeffs and Jessops because they are the nobility and the working stiffs back in Short Creek exist to support them and provide nubile young lasses with which they can breed.

  22. what about Betty saying she didn’t know of any girls who were married young. HELLO, your own half sister and several nieces, not to mention your half brothers marrying girls under the age of 17.

  23. proud – did you watch the Oprah show? Can you give a synopsis?

  24. i read that part on her website. there are pictures with synopsis to go along.

  25. Maybe Wee Willie’s breathing problems come from the sulfurous fumes of hell which swirl around him.

    I’m so peeved about that poor Stubbs child’s funeral, I could spit.

  26. the family she spends time with if richard jessop and his 3 wives and 9 kids. he’s had kids since the raid because there are 2 very young babies. you can see all of this in clips at

  27. Betty says she never heard talk that she might be married at 14, and she says she doesn’t know anyone who was forced to marry at a young age. Betty says she thinks 18 is a more appropriate age for marriage. “When they can accept that responsibility,” she says.

  28. Wow. I was curious about how many babies had been born since the raid. I’m really curious about how many marriages and who gives the authority and what the parameters are these days. No way can you make me believe that there is a moratorium on marriage just because Warren is in prison. If so, this sect will fizzle out before too long because they have to have lots of marriages and babies to just keep going.

  29. Wish Oprah had asked her about her step sister Merrianne. I don’t think Betty was brought to the Ranch until after the Rescue. They brought her here to parade her around like a trophy. She is nothing to them other than a PR prop, which is so sad that she likely does not even realize that.

    I could go on about that sad situation, but ….

  30. i agree about betty. i can’t imagine that she doesn’t know that merrianne is away because of an underage marriage and that her brothers raymond and leroy are accused marrying underage girls, or even that her father is accused of performing the ceremony for her sister merrianne’s marriage.

  31. Betty Boop, the FLDS can never have freedom, they are losers and us FLDS fighters will hound them to the end of the earth. Thanks everyone for getting the word out and spreading the hate!!
    Once we convince the public that FLDS plygs are dirtbag vermin, they are finsished.

    Oprah should be ashamed of herself for giving thess rats a voice

  32. I watched the oprah show, and betty out and out lied about not knowing girl underage being married. And willie never did asnwer oprahs question about black people being evil seed. and she came right out and ask him!! He just kept skiriting the questions. The Whole FLDS at the ranch was rehearsed answers. And only certain ones were allowed to be questioned. Where were the other 350 people ? Willie said there were only about 400 living there now. But he must of told them to stay home and inside their houses, cause a black person was coming to the ranch!!

  33. I bet they all took showers and cleansed themselves when Oprah left. These FLDS scum are liars and racist pigs.

  34. check

  35. Betty Jessop is a traitor! I hope LE can find something to pin on her, would love to see her rot in jail. She had her freedom and threw it away, now she is slandering her mother and other heroes of the FLDS antiplyg campaign and trying to make us look bad. If her book gets published we need to boycott the publisher and bookstores, gather as many copies as possible and burn them.

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