Speechless Spokesman


~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 25, 2009.

21 Responses to “Speechless Spokesman”

  1. It is very obvious that willie is not accustomed to being questioned in any manner by a “woman”.

  2. Wow willie, you are sharp as a tack – thats broke off!

  3. Willie has such a BIG Mouth, till put in a room with a Woman lawyer and asked questions, then he becomes insulent, red faced, and can barely remember his age….

  4. If you were in hostial country, captured by the enemy, how would you respond to those stupit questions? Remember that this is the same lawyer that on her own got up an injuction against Willie to stay away from the women in the blue dress and her daughter whom she was misrepresenting.

  5. Now we know where all the food in the storehouse goes!!! Willie’s been raiding it for awhile, no slim and trim there, or with Merril either. LOL

  6. XGI, two things put a bad taste in my mouth,, Liars and Theives of which both pertain to FLDS.

  7. What did he hope to achieve by that? I honestly can’t tell if he’s just bovine and stupid, or sneaky and stupid.

    But he sure is voluminous.

  8. he obviously doesn’t care for the way he came across, hence the Motion to Seal his deposition. Pity I didn’t see YouTube listed.

  9. what a colossal asshole

  10. hey has anyone heard anything from san antonio today?

  11. Haven’t heard a word from San Antonio. I would sure like to know what happened.

  12. to have been a fly on the wall in that courtroom.

  13. My first impression of Willie was that he tooked defensive.

    After listening and watching this video, I decided it was the female attorney who behaved inappropriately. Willie repeatedly answered her question “How do you know this woman?” His answer made perfect sense to me. The problem was that the female attorney did not know how to ask the question properly. Don’t they teach attorneys how to ask questions in law school?

    Also, I felt that the female attorney was clearly harassing Willie. Frankly, I don’t think the judge should have permitted this woman to insult and degrade Willie as she did.

    I give thumbs down to the female attorney for her performance. I thought the female attorney showed her lack of intelligence and common sense. She didn’t even know how to ask a simple question properly. Her poor performance left a bad impression of female attorneys in my mind.

  14. April, you must have watched a different video than the rest of us.

    Maybe I’ll get some more clips and we can see more of what really went on.

  15. Q: “How do you know he woman in the blue dress?”

    A: “Are you asking if I know her name?”

    Q: “How do you recognize her?”

    A: “How do you recognize Mr. Shaefer?”

    How do those answers make perfect sense? Asking questions in a deposition is not harassing. Asking questions is not insulting or degrading.

    But, April Day, you are probably not accustomed to legal matters or how depositions work.

    I do hope there are more clips coming. If it’s the female attorney who is the problem, then it should be revealed if we see more of the deposition. I have a feeling he problem is Willie, just as it appears in this clip.

  16. i think it was willie trying to be difficult.

  17. April must be a FLDS member, dumb evasive answers are what they are accustomed to from their leaders.

  18. If you watch his body language, closed arms through the whole testimony it reveals alot about Willie! The looks he was giving the Attorney, thinking it would intimidate her, which it didn’t. Willie is known for his brudishness and hateful manner. And his body language certainly reveals that.

  19. April go back and watch it again. Willie didn’t intend on answering any questions. His own Attorney finally told him he had to answer. In a patriarcal society, MEN rule. They have no respect for women , any women.

  20. My goodness, Willie the Thug was raised without common respect for others, nor for the law, it appears. What rude ill-mannered behavior.

  21. O my heck, Willie is clueless. I wonder who he imagined he was “testifying” to in Austin today.

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