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  1. Loretta Jeffs was also married to warren at 12yrs old, and had a child by him
    Janetta, the first picture is the girl who went missing after she called her sister and asked to meet her, she was going to be married.. The sister was already out of FLDS at the time. The sister went to meet her and she wasn’t there. She went to her parents house and her room was cleaned out, and parents said she was safe but wouldnt tell the sister where she was.
    Now we know she did marry Warren Jeffs and then later lost her place, and was remarried to another man.

  2. Thanks, DD. The stories behind those pictures make them even worse.

  3. None of those pictures is Janetta.

  4. Thats right, sorry, its Merrianne instead of Janetta

  5. Correct, but what you said about Janetta is true.

  6. Remember when these were first posted on the internet with the faces blurred, and all the FLDS apologists insisted they were just very slight adult women? Hah.

  7. is loretta the one who is merril’s granddaughter?

  8. Merriane is Merril’s daughter. One of Merril’s other daughters, Naomie, is the wife that was with Warren Jeffs when he was arrested. Does anyone know where Naomie is now or why she wasn’t detained at the time of WJ’s arrest?

  9. Im assuming naomi is in a refuge close to the prison where warren is, because she goes and visits him all the time. She is his favorite after all, and his scribe.

  10. These photos have been on the ‘net unblurred since they first came out. I got them as is from a fox news site that still has them posted. Google “warren jeffs kiss”

  11. i checked with the exhibits for merrianne’s removal and loretta jane barlow is probably merril’s grandchild. her mother is rebecca jessop barlow and her father is rulon theodore barlow. brenda lei fischer is the one i was thinking of. her mother is nancy jessop fischer and she is a daughter of merril.

    wonder why naomie is warren’s favorite wife if the purpose of a wife is to procreate. i don’t think naomie has any children.

  12. which minor was warren indicted for that occurred on aug 6, 2006? i’m guessing that veda keate was the one on january 14, 2005 and that the bigamy charges are for merrianne.

  13. Yet little Betty knows of no underage marriages at the ‘ranch’.

  14. S * I * C * K * E * N * I * N * G

  15. I hope he is locked up in a max security prison with all the other convicts for the REST. OF. HIS. LIFE.

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