Ancient Priesthood History





Now the purpose for entering into Plural Marriage, is so that a man can raise up more children to the Lord. In heaven there is no monogamy, no man with just one wife. In heaven there are only men with many wives each. And in heaven there is no such thing as a woman being the only wife. The only way she can be married, is to be married to a man who has more than one wife.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ancient Priesthood History”

  1. somehow or another i missed the part about king david being damned to hell. i always thought god forgave him and he went to heaven when he died.

    also, how are you supposed to change the diaper of a baaby and make sure it gets clean if you can’t touch a naked baby?

  2. This crazy fool is so confused. Nathan the prophet was sent by God to King David to confront him with taking another wife, having her husband murdered in his army, after he had taken her sexually. Then he married her. Nathan confronted David with his sin of adultry, then told him he would lose his firstborn son by this woman in death, not long after his birth.
    Talk about screwing up scripture!!!

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