Too Young


~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 17, 2009.

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  1. That is so sad.

  2. Bugged me all night. Had to say more.

    All indications are of a girl who has been ignored, except for sex. Bad teeth? Who needs to waste money fixing them when Der Prophet needs motorcycle lessons?

    Nurse Blackmore noted repeatedly that Wall was psychologically and socially stressed. But what happened with that? Did Blackmore refer Wall to a psychiatrist or counselor? Nope, she sent her home with the infant corpse when the miscarriage was done. Never mind that her anxiety and grief would be compounded by losing the baby.

    This has to be read in tandem with “More Home Economics”, above, to realize the full extent of the pathology which drove this.

  3. Good observations. Yes, they need to be read together. Cause —> Effect

  4. Was Elissa able to bury her stillborn child?? Or was it thrown away in a Plastic garbage bag like they tried to do with Blackmore’s still born baby?? There are draconian PEOPLE!

  5. This medical rteport really bothered me and made me angry at Elissa’s situation. They can call themselves christian, but their actions say otherwise.

  6. Whoever this doctor was,, regardless if he was FLDS or not, he should of reported Elissa’s condition to CPS!! This person broke the law of not reporting it.

  7. J. Blackmore is an RN, not a doctor. No indication that an MD was present.

    Family physician is listed as “Shirley Barlow”–who is this person?

  8. Shirley J. Barlow is a CNM (nurse midwife) from Hildale, UT. In other words, young Elissa didn’t have a doctor.

  9. I think Jane Blackmore testified at Warren’s trial. I think she is one of Winston’s wives or former wives.

  10. Clarification: I believe she testified AGAINST Warren.

  11. doublefelix, you are correct Jane Blackmore was Winston’s first (legal) wife, she has since left Blackmore and the FLDS, and she did testify against Warren.

  12. plygs are parasites

  13. plyg hater, no they aren’t parasites, just genetically warped after so many generations of inbreeding. But, it’s about innocent children who don’t have choices and no one to take a stand for them

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