WSJ Dictations to His Family — May 2007



The Lord directs that all of you have your bags packed as you were instructed, along with the children’s, and stored in your closets without the children realizing what you are doing. Exert the faith now that we can stay on the land of refuge and come to a Celestial oneness and qualify for the Lord’s protection to preserve us there. These packed bags will be a daily reminder to each of you what could happen if we do not do our part in qualifying for the promised blessings even to be scattered again among the Gentiles until the final gathering of the elect takes place.



~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “WSJ Dictations to His Family — May 2007”

  1. What a gem… WSJ’s son Roy “should go live with Steven and be under his immediate direction; and warn Stephen of Roy’s having moral troubles and should not be alone with his children; and to keep him very busy…”

    Think it’s a touch of the old family trouble again?

  2. Generational amoung FLDS! Prophet touches young boys, Father’s molest and rape young daughters, then give them away to OLD men so they can rape them to.

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