Priesthood Meeting 2002


A test is one thing, but to fail a test is quite another and that’s what we don’t want anybody to do – not one of us. Brethren if you’re the person that gets targeted, let’s get close to the Lord, let’s be united, stand together, and you be the one that takes a hit without flinching.



~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “Priesthood Meeting 2002”

  1. Hmmm, Lawyers fees 5,000 an hour! and this was in 2002, wonder what they are paying for criminal activity in 2009? Rod Parker must be rich off What FLDS have paid him all these years!

  2. That darned inconvenient evidence… in the form of babies.

  3. Barlow nailed it, didn’t he? No one can say they didn’t know exactly what they were in for.

  4. Good point, Doublefelix. The FLDS believe two great lies on which they base their behavior:

    1. God told us to do it;
    2. It’s our right under the Constitution.

    We’ve had several millennia of bad people excusing their behavior because “it’s what God commands.” And the net result is that there are many people who don’t believe that God exists, because they’ve heard so many lies about God.

    Someday, people won’t “believe in” the Constitution, any more than they “believe in” God.

  5. Sure they knew,, they went through the same thing in 1953, the difference between then and now is Technology… This time, LE had search warrants and so did FBI.

  6. this is tells me that they wanted a public fight, but not necessarily to have warren jeffs be the fall guy. it sounds like they were asking for people to “test the waters”. i guess nothing should surprise me after learning that sheriff doran was told there were about 250 people total on the yfz ranch and it turned out there were twice that many children, not counting any adults.

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