The Persecuted Bigot


But I’m voicing to you that through the Negro race the evil powers have continued in the earth. There have been wicked people of other races, but through this race evil has continued. 


~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 14, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Persecuted Bigot”

  1. Does this mean that if I become a better person I’ll get pinker?

  2. Yes, apparently…as you are washed clean of your sins.

  3. Warren and his predeccesors sure does not like the mainstream LDS. We are the great and abominable church. LOL

  4. Warren Jeffs is one of two things. HE is either a megalomaniac, or completely physco!! Probably both!! Shame on him for his predjudice, shame on him for teaching Children LIES!!! Shame on him for describing a complete culture as ignorant, satanic, pugged nosed blacks.
    I hope he SUFFERS greatly for the harm he and the other prophets of FLDS, LDS have committed against innocent people of color.

  5. Warren.s rantings about blacks takes place in his teachings, his dictations, etc. I find these views reprehensible. Pliggy tried to rationalize it and to put lipstick on the pig, but imo this racism is beyond the pale.

  6. I wonder whether WSJ ever saw a black person before meeting his jailers.

    He sure seems to be advocating a return to slavery, doesn’t he?

    A. Lincoln was right about those twin relics of barbarism, polygamy and slavery, going hand in hand.

  7. Yes remember,, he and naomi were in a mall in louisana I think, or Missouri, to buy gentile clothing, and there were so many black people Warren had to go outside!

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