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UPDATE:   Sorry.  I had the comment settings wrong and they were invisible.  It should work now.


UPDATE 2:   More documents will be posted later this evening.   Thanks for checking them out.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 13, 2009.

9 Responses to “Comments”

  1. I dont know who publilshed all these documents, but I’m grateful!
    What so many people knew before the Flds raid in Texas is TRUE!
    I hope many people visit here, to see how insular groups break laws, do harm to children and women and leave them degraded , poor, and all for what? God?

  2. lots of rules. we can’t use foul-mouthed language?

  3. Seth Jeffs’ Police report sure makes for some revealing details to Seth’s roadway rules A.) No Plural Wives Allowed B.) My favorite homosexual cousin, Nephi Allred and nothing will be revealed to the wives C.) Homosexual prostitution on the road for only $5,000.00 Dollars, All Cash from the FLDS coffers. Brent Jeffs reached a All Cash settlement , as well, but little did anyone know that these Jeff boys like to swing both ways and use the church coffers to pay-the-way to their own little pieces of heaven. No wonder Seth’s plural wives are feeling a little ignored, coming off of his road trips, the poor Priest was really quite exhausted!

    Then Seth is the Jeffs’ Poster Boy for the Oprah Show making all of those ‘butch’ comments about Child Brides and underage marriages, as if the Gay Road Warrior really cares about which teen of either gender is deflowered, he thinks the whole teen girls and marriages is a dead issue because he still has open access to all those teen boys!

  4. Great blog and I really love the documents, especially Warren’s dictations.

  5. Thank you for allowing this

  6. I guess you can afford to pay $5000 for a road trip with a male prostitute if:

    a.) he’s your cousin, and
    b.) it isn’t your money.

    That’s swinging on Eliot Spitzer’s budget.

  7. Whoa there this is going to blow the socks off jeffs

  8. Did Jeffs wear socks? lol

  9. After reading Jeffs confession over and over how he was NEVER the prophet, and he was immoral with a sister and daughter, I wanted to throw UP!!!
    And these poor ignorant people still claim him as their prophet!

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