Seth Jeffs’ Police Report



~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Seth Jeffs’ Police Report”

  1. This police report is very telling. Why Seth Jeffs isn’t in prison today is astonishing to me. He was in a conspiracy with his brother Warren.

  2. Homosexual prostitution—that’s ‘keeping sweet’.

    Good thing they’re purer than we Godless gentiles.

  3. I would bet that neither Seth nor Warren Jeffs thinks of themselves as homosexual or thinks of their sexual contact with boys and men as ‘sex’. There are men who compartmentalize their behavior and consider themselves absolutely heterosexual while regularly engaging in homosexual sex.

    Between Brent Jeffs’ lawsuit and Warren’s jailhouse confession about his sister and daughters there is enough uncorroborated testimony to convince me that WSJ is a sexual predator far beyond the underage ‘marriage’ issue.

    When you have sexual deviancy in two siblings (Warren and Seth Jeffs) and a cousin (Nathanael Allred) you have to think that there is a problem with sexual abuse farther up the family tree.

    That prostitution-between-cousins thing is weird even beyond the obvious. The exchange of cash implies that there is no social parity between them; a john always has complete power over his whore. That’s the point of prostitution: you don’t have to have a reciprocal relationship in order to obtain sex.

  4. I’m not entirely convinced that these two men had a sexual relationship. I am not entirely convinced that either one of them was involved in male prostitution. It sounds like a story they made up, hoping to detract the police from the fact that they were couriers for Warren Jeffs.

  5. LOL, a made up story, yea, like they are really gonna make up a story that they were having homosexual relations and ones gonna admit to being a male prostitute just to distract the police. April that is the funniest excuse yet, Good try there.

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