Girl’s Journal



~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 27, 2009.

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  1. You know, the first time I read this I was struck by the immaturity of the writer. This time, I am struck by how she tries to get the experience of being married off onto paper but just can’t… each page is another false start.

    This is one of the most damning bits of evidence posted on these pages.

  2. I really enjoy reading young girl’s personal diaries and making judgements and coming to all knowing conclusions based on a few pages of personal ramblings and knowing that she is FLDS.
    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Why is this on the internet? That’s horrible. What an invasion of privacy… a diary is important to a girl, how do you think she might feel knowing this is online for anyone to see?

  4. Are you joking? See the sticker on the bottom that says “State’s Exhibit”? This was admitted into evidence by the State in its prosecution against Warren Jeffs. Elissa was the victim of the crime and testified against him. She is also suing him civilly. She is apparently just fine with the journal being available to the public. I’m pretty sure she wants the information known and that is why she cooperated with the prosecution and has proceeded with her suit against Warren in civil court.

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