~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 12, 2009.

21 Responses to ““Handled””

  1. This is one of the most disgusting documents I’ve read. And Men just agreed and left their families and children behind?

  2. Isn’t that so sad?

  3. we need to pass a law banning men from divorcing their wifes upon the advice of another

  4. The CREEP factor is over the top.

    Note he kicks out 5-6 men and destroys their families in, what, an hour and a half? He took about 20 minutes per job.

  5. i think sometimes i just exed people for the fun of reassigning their families.

  6. No doubt. I dont know if you read Carolyns book “ESCAPE”, I highly recommend it.

    Anyway, she mentions that Merril wanted her sister instead, but got the names mixed up when he put in the “order”.

    (Of course these marriages are supposed to be decided by God and not fouled up by mixing the names up)

    BTW all these men who wanted back in needed to give a letter detailing the sins that they were never told they committed.

    I wonder if they found those in Warrens mail – could make for some crazy reading!

  7. When I first read this in the dictations, I was dismayed.
    This is terrible that these men allow warren and lyle to have such power over their lives. This poor leather worker is losing his religious association, his family, his domicile and his business on warrens whim. He and his famiily just accept it and go on. How frightening that this csan happen in this country at this time.

  8. Above post by me, chemist.

  9. what scares me most is that they just accept it blindly and meekly go to the new family. some of these poor kids have no idea who their bio daddy is.

  10. You should read Jason William’s new book “Zero Chance”. Jason’s wife Suzanne was convinced by Warren to leave him and she was reassigned to another man while she was still legally married to Jason.

    Jason sued for custody of his 2 boys. He also took on the FLDS and sued them for alienation of affection since they convinced Suzanne to leave him.

    Jason is very brave and fought back!

    It is a WONDERFUL book. You can order signed copies from The HOPE Organization.

  11. very very sad

  12. I agree -that was a great book – and it comes from the perspective of a male “escapee”. Jason seems to be a very upbeat person with a lot of humor, but you can still see the complete outline of the cult.

  13. Ive read Jason’s book, to bad he lost his case, but I didn’t really expect anything else, the women are pretty much controlled, few actually have a mind of their own.

  14. When I was given the same talk, I did’t react like these men(?) did. William finally told me I was fighting God and not him.

  15. I guess God’s not as big as they say, is He. You seem to have held your own against Him, anyway. I’m really glad that you were able to keep what you worked for AND that your wife stood by you. I hope more insightful people join you soon there at the Creek. πŸ˜‰

  16. cement

    I hope you have found that you are better off not being controlled by Warren and Lyle any longer. Are they still exing men, and are more staying instead of just up and leaving to flagstaff or wherever?

    BTW you werent fighting God, you were fighting a little hitler.

  17. Oh, Rebeckah. God’s WAY bigger than we can conceptualize.

  18. I should have said “their” God isn’t as big as they say He is. No loving deity rips families apart on a whim.

  19. Oh yes; THEIR god appears to be unusually small for a deity.

  20. “Oh yes; THEIR god appears to be unusually small for a deity.”

    Maybe He’s compensating for something. He certainly ACTS like He’s got a Napolean complex. πŸ˜‰

  21. Maybe He’s compensating for something.

    Well, they always say that if horses had Gods they would have manes and hooves.

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