Eldorado Investigation Report



~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 12, 2009.

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  1. again The male from the group is left out. None of the reports talked about abuse to male children only the female children. Just like the Lost boys, no one cares of the male from this group. Why. why wasn’t the boys in the clas about abuse as the girls where? FLDS and the state only cares about the females. One sided to me.

  2. If you want to stop abuse dont’ you start with the boys that could be men in this group? Maybe it is true of the Texas saying. the young bull tell the older bull, lets run down this hill to fuck a cow, the older bull said no lets walk down there and fuck them all. The meaning is not to rush into thing so fast, and get the total job done. Like teach the males to become better men, in the furture. But the State of Texas had a chance to do that, but they didn’t They could teached boys to be good men in the furture.

  3. I think the state should care about the males, including child labor violations and failure to provide basic education.

  4. I agree!! It is deplorable that a mother and father can put their teenage sons out on the street and child welfare agencies and law enforcement do nothing! That is more directed at the Utah and Arizona communities. In Texas, the lack of education and forced labor should get as much attention as the sexual assaults of little girls.

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