General Discussion #88 – 11 Indicted for abusing SNAP benefits of FLDS followers

•February 27, 2016 • 57 Comments

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Rulon Mormon Barlow Rulon Mormon Barlow turned himself in and will have his first appearance on Monday, February 29. He will probably get released with conditions like his wife Ruth Peine Barlow. How sweet, they’ll have matching ankle monitors.

The Feds are finally cracking down on the “Bleeding the Beast” practiced by the FLDS under orders from Warren Jeffs. John Wayman and Lyle Jeffs were arrested in Salt Lake City, Seth Jeffs was arrested in Custer, and 6 others have either been arrested or turn themselves in to Washington County officials.  Still in fugitive status are Kimbell Barlow and Rulon Mormon Barlow.

Preston Barlow, Ruth Peine, Krystal Dutson, Hyrum Dutson and Winiford Barlow have all been released with conditions including GSP monitoring.

John Wayman had a detention hearing on February 26 where Willie Jessop testified about him being the deep pockets for the FLDS and the Magistrate ordered him held without bail. He will have another hearing on March 10.

Seth Jeffs has a detention hearing in South Dakota set for Monday, February 29.

Lyle has a detention hearing set for March 7 which is expected to last all day.

According to Nephi Allred’s detention hearing will be Wednesday, March 2.

Edited: Seth finally made it to Utah, welcome home Seth!! He has a detention hearing on Monday, March 21.

General Discussion #87 – Prophet’s Prey

•October 11, 2015 • 27 Comments

Share your thoughts about the documentary.

A link from The Hope Organization that tells the story of the Mancos compound discovery. It didn’t happen exactly like it was portrayed in the documentary. It was originally discovered by Kathy and Randy Mankin. David Allred who is mentioned in the article is the same man who bought the YFZ and the land in Pringle and was/is the husband of Warren and Annette’s daughter Becky.

Additionally, RIP Della, Josephine and Naomi Johnson and their children Melanie, Tyson and LaRue Black and Rebekah, Melissa, Naomi, Ruth, Valiant, Velvet and Sweet Caress Jessop.

Naomi and her daughter Rebekah along with Josephine and her two children Joseph Merril and Melissa were at the YFZ.

Joseph Merril is one of the survivors of the flood accident along with Shem and Seth Black.

warren and daughters named

This picture of Warren’s daughters was in the documentary. The youngest Susan is the daughter of Annette Barlow and Warren and was born in July 1999. Patricia is the full sister of Roy who has recently spoken out about being abused by Warren.  Gloria Barlow is the mother of Patricia and Roy.  Barbie is the daughter of Monica Sue Jessop who in turn in the daughter of Merril Jessop and Barbara Steed, a full sister to Merrianne the 12 year old child bride and rape victim of Warren.  The picture had to have been taken before April 2000 since Sweet Marie isn’t in it.  She was born in April 2000. Annette’s daughters are Maryanne, Sandra, Becky, Shirley, LeNora, Teresa, Hannah and Susan. Barbara’s daughters are Rachel, Melanie and Josephine.  Barbara had a final daughter, Amber, in May 2001.

General Discussion #86 – YFZ Men

•July 12, 2014 • 116 Comments

YFZ Men 1 Lehi Allred (Richard’s)

2 Seth Allred (Jim’s)

3 Luke Jessop (Royce’s)

4 William Nielsen

5 Levi Jeffs

6 Louis Jessop (Merril’s)

7 Nathan Jeffs (LeRoy’s)

8 Wendell Nielsen

9 Warren Jeffs

10 Fred Jessop

11 Samson Jessop (Merril’s)

12 Ammon Steed (David’s)

13 Leslie Steed (LeRoy’s)

14 Ammon Jeffs (Warren’s)

15 Jim Jessop (Merril’s)

16 Wendell Jeffs (LeRoy’s)

17 Fred Lindsay Jr (Fred Sr’s)

18 Alma Musser (Sam’s)

19 Joseph Jessop (Merril’s)

20 Joseph Steed Jessop (Edson Sr’s)

21 Jacob Richard Allred (Richard’s)

22 William Jessop (Merril’s son who died at the ranch in July 2008)

23 Michael Emack

24 Abram Harker Jeffs

25 Valient B. Jessop (Dan Barlow’s son, Merril’s stepson)

26 Lehi Barlow Jeffs

27 Merril D. Jessop (Dan Barlow’s son, Merril’s stepson)

28 Edson Jessop Jr

29 Anthony Jeffs (Wallace’s)

30 Don Jessop

31 Richard S. Jessop (Merril’s)

32 Leland Richter

33 Sidney Barlow (Louis’)

34 Raymond Jessop (Merril’s)

35 Jacob Johnson

36 Merril Jessop

37 LeRoy Jeffs

38 Dan Jessop (Merril’s)

39 Joseph Steed

40 LeRoy Jessop (Merril’s)

41 Lloyd Barlow

42 Alan Dockstader

43 Rulon Jessop

44 Guy Jessop

45 Richard Jessop

46 James Cox

47 James Dockstader

48 Edmund B. Allred

49 David W. Steed

50 Warren Marshall Johnson

51 Dixon Kapcsos

52 Nephi Barlow

53 Merril Keate

54 Seth Jeffs

55 Rulon Barlow

56 Allan Keate

57 Rulon Johnson

58 Thomas Joseph Steed

59 Mormon Jessop

60 Jared Steed

61 LeRoy Johnson Steed

62 Luke Jeffs (LeRoy’s)

63 Isaac Jeffs

64 Nephi Jeffs

65 William Benjamin Johnson

66 Warren Marshall Johnson, Jr

67 Paul Allred

68 Roy Allred

69 Keith Dutson, Jr

70 Manti Steed

71 Keith Dutson, Sr

72 Jacob Barlow Jeffs

General Discussion #85 – Name that Wife – Rulon Style

•May 15, 2014 • 70 Comments

Numbers have been added to help keep track. If you know a name, simply list the number and the name and this post will be updated to include the name.

By my count Rulon had 65 wives including his sister Leona who he supposedly married to keep her on the right side in the afterlife.

Rulons wives


Let the naming begin.

#1 Kathryn Jessop
#2 Alissa Steed
#3 Ruth Jessop
#4 Norene Nielsen Burk
#5 Sharon Hammond
#6 Mary Zitting Fischer
#7 LaRue Hunter
#8 Naomie Jessop

#9 Ruth Zitting Nielson
#10 Becky Musser
#11 Rose Merilyn Jessop
#12 Melinda Johnson
#13 Ora Bernice Steed
#14 Estella Jessop
#15 Shanna Zitting
#16 Maria Jessop
#17 Debbie Barlow
#18 Paula Jessop
#19 Gladys Jessop
#20 Esther Barlow
#21 Caroline Nielsen
#22 Patricia Keate
#23 Tamara Steed
#24 Roberta Steed
#25 Lorraine Roundy
#26 Charlotte Johnson
#27 Ruth Edna Fisher
#28 Aseneth Jessop
#29 Carla Jessop
#30 Colleen Warner
#31 Winnie Kloe Jessop
#32 Michelle Barlow
#33 Rose Mary Steed
#34 Anna Mae Blackmore
#35 Jennifer Wall
#36 Gloria Roundy
#37 Angela Barlow
#38 Afton Rebekah Johnson
#39 Elizabeth Rohbock
#40 Rosanne Steed
#41 Susan Harker
#42 Loretta Jessop
#43 Zavenda Steed
#44 Virginia Barlow
#45 Merilyn Steed
#46 Leona Steed
#47 Velvet Jessop
#48 Lenora Harker
#49 Alicia Rohbock
#50 Gloria Harker
#51 Jeannie Steed
#52 Mary Fisher
#54 Kathleen Blackmore

General Discussion #84: The Truth Starts to Emerge

•November 7, 2013 • 152 Comments

It appears that Willie has cut a deal with the Dept of Justice and is singing like a canary. Here is his Declaration that was filed in the DOJ case against Hildale and Colorado City.

Willie Jessop Declaration

Also Letter 1 from George M. Allred aka George M. Barlow

George Barlow Allred Letter 1

And Letter 2

George Barlow Allred Letter 2

Now George is an interesting character and attorney Blake Hamilton is attempting to cast doubt on whether this man is also George M. Barlow who is in charge for the church. Turns out that George was born George Maurice Barlow in 1962. His biological parents are Louis Jessop Barlow and Lucy Johnson. Louis was kicked out in Warren’s power play and Lucy was remarried to Richard Jeffs Allred in 2004. Richard is Warren’s first cousin by way of his father’s sister Leona who was married to Rulon Clark Allred. Any way, from 2004 onward George’s FLDS name became Allred but his legal name is still Barlow.

Hope these details clear things up for Mr. Hamilton although it appears that he is probably only covering his own butt since in Willie’s Declaration it says that Mr. Hamilton was present at many of the meetings that were held to block Bruce Wisan from fulfilling his duties and also to keep the Cooke’s from getting utilities.

General Discussion #83 – Will the Canadians Act

•July 16, 2013 • 149 Comments

Continued from General Discussion #82

Word out of Canada is that the RCMP have turned their finding over to Prosecutors. The big question in my mind is “Will they finally arrest Spencer Blackmore for delivering his 12 year old daughter and 12 year old sister to Warren Jeffs so he could rape them”

So let’s bring back the video of Winston’s wives

General Discussion #82 – Repo YFZ and UEP from WSJ

•March 2, 2013 • 358 Comments

holmContinued from General Discussion #81

Spring 2013 brings new drama of the YFZ and UEP being wrested from control of the FLDS in general and Warren Jeffs in particular.

While the YFZ  repo action by the State of Texas was a bit of a surprise, and its action looks to clear most if not all of the FLDS from the State (save assorted prisoners and their various visitors).

The UEP action has been simmering for years but has finally came to the end of its road as a tool used by Warren  to bat people around with.

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