General Discussion #84: The Truth Starts to Emerge

•November 7, 2013 • 140 Comments

It appears that Willie has cut a deal with the Dept of Justice and is singing like a canary. Here is his Declaration that was filed in the DOJ case against Hildale and Colorado City.

Willie Jessop Declaration

Also Letter 1 from George M. Allred aka George M. Barlow

George Barlow Allred Letter 1

And Letter 2

George Barlow Allred Letter 2

Now George is an interesting character and attorney Blake Hamilton is attempting to cast doubt on whether this man is also George M. Barlow who is in charge for the church. Turns out that George was born George Maurice Barlow in 1962. His biological parents are Louis Jessop Barlow and Lucy Johnson. Louis was kicked out in Warren’s power play and Lucy was remarried to Richard Jeffs Allred in 2004. Richard is Warren’s first cousin by way of his father’s sister Leona who was married to Rulon Clark Allred. Any way, from 2004 onward George’s FLDS name became Allred but his legal name is still Barlow.

Hope these details clear things up for Mr. Hamilton although it appears that he is probably only covering his own butt since in Willie’s Declaration it says that Mr. Hamilton was present at many of the meetings that were held to block Bruce Wisan from fulfilling his duties and also to keep the Cooke’s from getting utilities.

General Discussion #83 – Will the Canadians Act

•July 16, 2013 • 149 Comments

Continued from General Discussion #82

Word out of Canada is that the RCMP have turned their finding over to Prosecutors. The big question in my mind is “Will they finally arrest Spencer Blackmore for delivering his 12 year old daughter and 12 year old sister to Warren Jeffs so he could rape them”

So let’s bring back the video of Winston’s wives

General Discussion #82 – Repo YFZ and UEP from WSJ

•March 2, 2013 • 358 Comments

holmContinued from General Discussion #81

Spring 2013 brings new drama of the YFZ and UEP being wrested from control of the FLDS in general and Warren Jeffs in particular.

While the YFZ  repo action by the State of Texas was a bit of a surprise, and its action looks to clear most if not all of the FLDS from the State (save assorted prisoners and their various visitors).

The UEP action has been simmering for years but has finally came to the end of its road as a tool used by Warren  to bat people around with.

General Discussion #81 – Ringing in 2013

•December 25, 2012 • 305 Comments

Continued from General Discussion #80.


General Discussion #80 – Utah Supreme Court rocks FLDS

•October 3, 2012 • 425 Comments

“Jennifer Dobner – Reuters – 7:35 p.m. CDT, October 2, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters) -
Utah’s highest court, in a blow to the polygamous sect headed by convicted child rapist Warren Jeffs, refused on Tuesday to allow the church to challenge state control of a communal land trust once run by its jailed leader.
The decision by Utah’s Supreme Court upholds its own 2010 ruling that the three years the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints waited to challenge the state takeover was too long.
It also bars the case from being heard by other state judges.”
Read further:

General Discussion #79 – What Are You Doing About It?

•August 15, 2012 • 251 Comments

Continued from General Discussion #78.

A picture was discovered by the Mohave County Sheriff’s office in the school house.

This shows quite plainly that Warren Jeffs is still in charge of the group.

General Discussion #78 – Feds on the Farm

•July 3, 2012 • 311 Comments

Continued from General Discussion #77

See the Federal Suit here:

US Dept. of Justice Breifing on Lawsuit against Colorado City, Hildale, Twin City Water Authority, Twin City Power, etc. here:

“WASHINGTON -The Justice Department filed a lawsuit today against the town of Colorado City, Ariz.; the city of Hildale, Utah; Twin City Water Authority; and Twin City Power alleging a pattern or practice of police misconduct and violations of federal civil rights laws.”


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